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Walkthrough Lust from Beyond - game guide (18+)


Walkthrough Lust from Beyond - game guide (18+)

A detailed walkthrough of all the story chapters of the erotic horror action Lust from Beyond

Before launching Lust from Beyond , you will be prompted to choose one of two options. In the first case, you can turn off any censorship, and then you will be shown all the "charms" of male and female bodies, and in the second - activate censorship to hide the strawberry. It's up to you, and it doesn't affect the plot or the development of the game.

Press LMB several times to get the creature that Theodore needs. Take the only way through the gloomy corridors, move in the direction of the light and soon the prologue will end.

Walkthrough Lust from Beyond - game guide (18+)

Chapter 1 - Queen of Pleasure

You will find yourself in Amanda's room. Explore everything around and then pick up the mask lying on the makeup table. You can immediately put it on, after which you will be asked to leave the room. Walk past the two people to the left until you meet the priest Theodore. Chat with the man to transfer the creature to him, as well as get some new goals. The point boils down to inviting each person to the ritual hall.

Without leaving the second floor, search all the rooms and find a living room in which the Sheckley twins are playing chess. Chat with the Siamese twins and then head downstairs. Three people will stand near the stairs - Ephraim, Juliet and Jonathan. Amanda will automatically ask them to go to the ritual room. In the dining room you will find Sabinian. Talk to him and inform him about the beginning of the ritual. Finally, go up to the second floor and go to one of the rooms near the break room where the Sheckley twins were. Here you will find Mabel. Chat with the girl, support her and follow to the ritual room. Take the goblet from Theodore's hands to complete the first chapter.

Chapter 2 - Victor Holloway

After the introductory words, you will need to collect an order for a certain influential lady. To get started, turn into the nearest door, where there is a utility room with many books. Examine the center shelves to find an order sheet and a list of items. Mrs. Hudson needs a coin, a figurine, and a book. Exit here to the main hall of the antique shop and immediately study the stands on the left. There will be a figurine of a deer. Fortunately, all interactive items in the game will be highlighted. Go to the opposite wall from the place where the figurine was, and look for a book on the edge on the shelves. Go to the door on the right and look into the curbstone on the left. There will be a case with an old coin.

After collecting all three items together, go to the store counter, where the box is. Apply each of the three items to her, and then take away the mobile phone from the counter so that the hero will contact Mrs. Hudson.

After talking with her, you need to prepare for a romantic evening with Lily. But first, close the store: all windows have blinds, with each blind's control at the right edge of the windows. Finally, there is a latch on the door. After that, exit the store to the main house and go up to the second floor. You can look into the bedroom and search the cabinets. One of them contains a masturbator. Go to the back room, the living room, and go to the kitchen corner on the right. There is a lighter on the kitchen table, and two glasses can be found on one of the shelves suspended from the wall.

After that, go to the table in the living room, light a candle and place two glasses by the ice bucket. Then examine the cabinet by the window, which has a box with colored rings on it. Look at the bottom of the cabinet for a clue to the first puzzle. So, you need to apply this hint to the box, and then put the objects in the desired colored frames. Moving objects between the rings is pretty easy. To get a mermaid, combine a girl and a fish in blue frames, a centaur - a man and a horse in green frames, and place a dragon in a red frame. The box will open and you will receive a key.

Use it to open the door in front of the living room, go to the workshop and take a guitar (a gift for Lily) and a bottle of wine. Go back, place the guitar on the stand, and place the bottle of wine in the ice bucket. In the same workshop there is a package with rose petals. Scatter them at the entrance to the living room, as well as in two places in the corridor on the second floor. All is ready! As soon as you complete each step, Lily will appear. Chat with the girl, then go downstairs and search her backpack lying on a chair under the stairs. Take their mediator's pocket, bring the girl into the bedroom and watch a lengthy cut-scene.

The hero will move to the world of Lust-Ga. Search the room, take the metal ball and insert it into the pedestal at the opposite end of the room. Walk forward through several corridors and go downstairs to a spacious clearing. Now there are no enemies here, but soon they will definitely appear.

Search this place. There are two pedestals: one of them requires a metal ball, and on the other is the tablet of the Omniscient. Inspect it from both sides, starting from the back, so that the symbols light up. This will decode the message. After reading it, start looking around the area. Go to the passage to the side of the tentacle and at the end of this path you will find a room with a metal ball. Take the item and go back. Place the ball on the pedestal to open the passage behind it. Move there, go upstairs and walk along the narrow parapet. Jump down into the ruins where the first piece of the sculpture lies. Pull the lever on the block to slide it forward. To the right of this block, in the back of the screen, there is a niche in the wall with the second fragment of the sculpture. All this is nearby. Return to the block and pull the same lever again (the lever on the back side will simply slide the block, and you will have to go up again for the pedestal with the ball). The block will move a little further. It has a staircase. Climb up it and pick up the third piece of sculpture lying in front.

As soon as he collects all three fragments, the first monster will appear on the location. I don't know about you, but I quickly ran past him. If this does not work, bend down and try to act covertly. You need to return to the room where the metal ball was found. A few steps before it on the left hand there will be a locked gate with three points for the fragments of the sculpture. Place them in the cells and go through the opened gates. Keep driving until the nightmare is over.

Chapter 3 - The Stranger

You will find yourself in Blikmoor, where all subsequent events of the game will develop. From now on, several toy clowns can be found. They should be placed in a toy theater near the main intersection, behind a black car. More details about all the clowns will be discussed in a separate guide to Lust from Beyond. But I will describe all the clowns that I can find on the first playthrough of the game.

To begin with, turn around and go to the beginning of the city to find on the left the boxes on which the clown is standing. Then follow into the city and at the first crossroads leave to the right. On the right, there are two doors to residential buildings, and between them is a small alcove with a shelf on which a clown stands. Go further through the city and you will see a fence on the left. This small terrace is important because there is a telephone on the wall of the house. It will still be useful to you. In the meantime, listen to the sounds of bass, go in the direction of amplification and find the third clown.

Get out of here. The door to the front of the Fresh bar is closed. Walk to the left of it, and after a few turns, look to the left for an arch leading to a residential courtyard. Go there and get to the door to the office of Dr. Karl Austerlitz. Interact with the door, then pick up the torn announcement with information about the doctor. Unfortunately, there is no phone here. Walk back and go to the bar door with a lilac, shimmering FRESH sign. Examine the note hanging on the door to know that the key is hidden in the pot. Look up and see the same pot. Pick up a metal pipe from the ground and hit it on the flowerpot above the front door to the bar. When he falls and breaks, pick up the key and open the bar door with it. Go inside and immediately examine the pile of wooden boxes to find a clown. Climb to the second floor, exit to the balcony and go left.

Walk down from the bar and return to the courtyard with Dr. Austerlitz's office. There is a gateway to the right of his office. Use a screwdriver on it and go downstairs, where there is a poster with an announcement about the doctor. There is a phone number. There is a locked door on the left and a table with a clown next to it. Go back to the FRESH bar, walk from it in the direction of the beginning of the city and look at the terrace on the right. There is a telephone on the wall. Interact with him. The hero will say that he needs a coin. Return to his car, look in the trunk and take the coin that was prepared for Mrs. Hudson. Return to the phone, use Austerlitz's coin and announcement, and then click on the tube to talk to the doctor.

After talking with the doctor, return to the intersection with the black car and enter the hotel through the door on the corner, on the side of the main road, not the toy theater. Go to the front desk and chat about all topics with Denny. Take the key to room 207 from the counter. You will receive an oil lantern. There is a staircase to the left of the reception desk that leads upstairs. A little further from her, on the wall, is a telephone. Call Lily to let her know that you are doing well.

Climb to the second floor, go deeper and use the stairs to climb to the third. At the very end there will be number 207. Open it with the previously obtained key, interact with the alarm clock on the curbstone and go to bed. When you wake up at night, go to the floor and head towards the stairs to chat with Denny. Return to your room and close the door behind you. On the latch.

Pull the wire out of you and then look around. On the pedestal is the tablet of the Omniscient. Examine it from different sides to activate three seals. Read the text. Move the only way along the corridor until you fall down. Walk left from the mysterious figure until you find a wooden door. Interact with the girl, and then go through the door.

Chapter 4 - Shadow over Blikmoor

When you wake up, you will hear a knock from behind the door. Quickly open the window, get out on the parapet and follow the left, until the next window leading to the next room. Use the C KEY to activate stealth mode. Go down to the first floor. You can not act secretly. Examine the entrance doors, which will be locked. Go to the front desk and read the note on the cabinet under the wall. It says that the tools were left in room 108. Look at the shelves on the right, where the keys to all the rooms should be. Find the key to room 108.

The pursuit will begin after you. Run to the second floor and follow the same end of the corridor as on the third floor when you visited your room. Room 108 is opposite a door similar to 207 on the second floor. Examine the room and take the bolt cutter. You can immediately open the chest next to it, using a new tool on it. Inside are a bandage and two jars of sedative pills. Go to the sleeping bed with the woman's corpse and take the hand lying on the curbstone.

Exit room 107 through any door and run to the door by the stairs. There is a lock on it that can be cut off with a bolt cutter. Go to the room and watch the video. The main character will succeed from the pursuer.

After loading, go to the balcony through the double door, climb over the pallets and boxes on the left, get to the next ones and run across to the roof of the building on the other side of the street. Press LMB several times to go upstairs. Move up the fire escape to the left as the chase has begun again. Continue running along the rooftops, follow the visor and climb inside the building through the open window. The next enemy will appear here. Get out to the balcony on the right, go upstairs and exit to the rooftops through the door on the left. There will be no visible escape route on the next roof. Move along the roof and look down to notice a wooden plank. You need to jump on it! Jump down even lower to the visor on the right and move around the perimeter until you find a white door. Take advantage of it. In the room to the right, there is a jar of sedative on the shelf.

There will be an enemy at the top. Run around it at the cost of one HP cell (and it may be possible not to lose it), follow even higher and along the corridor to the left. Climb out onto the balcony, left and right, down from the roof. Cross over the iron bridge and climb up the metal steps opposite. Jump down and run across the red board to the building window. Inside it, the hero will fall through a hole in the floor.

Chapter 5 - The Scarlet City

Pick up the knife. From now on, you can fend off enemies. Use the "1" KEY to get the knife. Hold RMB to prepare for an attack, and hit enemies with LMB. Go outside and examine the poster hanging on the wall opposite. On the left you can find a clown figurine. Move left to return to the streets. All of them are now teeming with opponents, but despite the presence of a knife, remember that direct confrontation is an extreme measure, and you will not go far on this.

To get to the new part of the city, run to where you found an advertisement with the doctor's phone number. There will be a grate with a lock on the right. Cut it off with a bolt cutter, move to the right along the street, avoiding enemies. You can even go for a run, as you need to enter the theater building with tall columns. And as soon as you click on the door, the download will begin.

A little further from the bartender's counter on the right hand there is a cabinet that you can move. Do so, and then open the door. As soon as you pass into the hall with the piano, go to the room behind the counter, cut the lock from the chest and take the sedative and the bandage. Go to the main hall through the far door until you hear the voice of a certain Rhea. She knows Victor!

Listen carefully to her instructions, as you will have to do what the woman asks for. Otherwise, after the expiration of the time, the psychopath will incite one soldier of the Scarlet Lodge on Victor. If something happens, fight off him with a knife and use bandages for treatment. So, the first thing to do is light the lantern and go to the stage. Go to the end to find a lever that allows you to lower the crucifix down. Do so. After that, go to the two wooden screens in the center of the scene. Move the one closer to the auditorium forward, and the other back. You have completed both required steps.

But Rhea won't stop there. Now you need to find a key, light censers and candles. To begin with, run down from the stage and examine the corpse behind the boxes near the locked door. Here you will find the key to the balcony. Climb up the seats in the auditorium and open the far left door. Move even higher. Turn right and search the balcony for a spotlight. Turn it on to light up the scene. Move to the other side and examine the box on which there is a matchbox and three matches. This is not enough, so examine the balcony and find two more matches lying on the railing. After collecting five matches and turning on the spotlight, return to the stage, set fire to two candlesticks and three censers. For all this, five matches are enough!

After the next speech of the psychopath, remove the body part from the crucifix, go down from the stage and move the red curtain to the right. A container for "waste" will appear ahead. Throw a body part there and return to the crucifix for the next one. This is how all four parts of the body of a person crucified on the cross must be attributed in turn. After that, the cut-scene will start and you will see the administrator Denny.

Go down behind him into the basement and lower the lever on the left at the entrance. Continue down the hallway. There will be a door on the left with several white arrows. It is locked. The door on the right is similarly closed. Gas will be supplied to the basement soon. Don't try to do anything, Victor will pass out anyway.

Chapter 6 - Doctor

Chat with Karl Austerlitz. When you find yourself in Lust-Ga, move forward along the slope and along the corridor deep into the complex. Go left at the fork. Study different fragments of memories. Jump down, go to the crossroads. There is a geometric figure on the stand on the right. Examine its luminous points to decipher the Tablet of the Omniscient. A little further there is a pedestal for a metal sphere. The corridor opposite is teeming with tentacles, so head right. Keep moving until you find another element to improve the main character. Choose what you want to improve.

Having done this, move on and climb up the platform on the right. Don't forget to avoid the tentacles! You will soon reach a platform that is controlled by several levers. Pull the middle lever on the right and then the right corner lever to move the platform to the near right corner. Follow the platform to the right and you will see a block here. Similar to the one that was moved when looking for pieces of sculpture. Walk around it and pull the lever to slide the block onto the platform. You will have to pull the lever twice. Then move the platform so that it is in the far left corner when looking at the pit from the side of the levers. The operation of this platform is intuitively simple. Remember that it moves in the right direction until it hits an obstacle. So slide it to the far right corner, to the left, toward you toward the controls, and to the left. Squeeze the block lever to slide it towards the ledge and then head up the side stairs. Here you will find a disk. Move the platform again (it is already possible without the block) to the right near corner, go along it to the closed door and install the disk. The way is open!

Move through the tunnel and look for a metal sphere behind it. On a stand nearby is a book that you had to find. Go back to the platform and use the levers to move it in the direction of the block left in the left corner in order to pick up a piece of the sculpture. Examine the block. Unfortunately, there is no lever on the back, so you won't be able to move the device. Go back a little and find enemies in the hall. Go down the slope. The enemy will climb on you, so shortly before the low, jump off to the right. Use the green slab to restore health points. You can bend down and act stealthily. Go around the huge hall around the perimeter, counterclockwise. There will be a light tunnel a little further from the healing slab. Go there. Head left to the metal sphere device you saw earlier.

Thanks to this, you will release a flying insect, which also glows. Follow him through the tentacle tunnel. Stay in the light and the tentacles won't touch you. Follow through the blue tunnel, go down and touch the glowing dot to return to the theater hall. Place the book on the stand on the stage and try to leave the theater.

Chapter 7 - Welcome to our ranks

When you wake up, look around the room. There is a sedative in the drawer of the table. Talk to the masked girl who introduces herself as Mabel. You will also learn that the information needs to be clarified with Sabinian, who is waiting in the library. Exit the room. You can go up to the attic by the stairs on the right, but there will be a locked door. Go downstairs and go to the library, where Sabinian is waiting for you. It is on the ground floor, to the right of the front door of the house. Talk to him about various topics.

Take the key from his hands, climb the stairs back and open the door on the right (with the key). Climb even higher. On the way, you can inspect a two-headed statue, into which you need to insert something. Walk left along the corridor to the room where you woke up as Amanda at the beginning of the game. There is a note in the drawer of the bedside table. Move the painting on the wall, above the curbstone, take any phone and contact Lily.

Go downstairs and go to the front door where Amanda and a couple of fighting guys are standing. She will ask to bring pills. Climb to the second floor, go right and open the door to the left of the rest room. This is the bathroom, and the Sheckley twins are sitting on the toilet. Chat with them, open the door of the cabinet hanging above the sink, and take a bottle of pills (penicillin). Go downstairs and go to the room to the left of the front door where Jonathan and Bobby are sitting. Give Jonathan the pills.

Return to Amanda's room on the third floor and examine the bookshelves on the right hand. On the lowest shelf is a skull. Take the item, go down the stairs leading to the second floor, and interact with the statue with two heads along the way. Place the skull in it. Take the figurine from the cache. This is the first of four figurines hidden in the house. All figurines should be placed on a stand between the break room and the toilet. A dagger is hidden inside this case.

Return to the ground floor room where Bobby and Jonathan are seated. To Bobby's right there is a drawer with a painting hidden inside it (in a drawer). Take this picture, and then follow to the front door, where there is a chest with Victor's things on the floor. Take all the items. On the right there is a bench with a curbstone inside. You can click on four plates. You must activate them in the correct order. If there is nothing random here, then just click on the plates in the following order (number from "1" to "4" from left to right):

  • The second
  • Fourth
  • The first
  • Third

Otherwise, listen for how many clicks each plate makes when pressed. And click them in ascending order - one, two, three and four clicks. Take the bandage and read the information page to activate the Willard and the Sabinian side quest. Go upstairs to the second floor. The twins will scare you. Go to the break room and let Mabel tell you the tarot cards. Then chat with Sabinian, who will appear in the same corridor. Go to the third floor and look into Amanda's room at the very end. Examine various objects, including the statuette on the bedside table, as a result of which the girl herself will appear.

Chat with Amanda, and then follow her into the world of Lust-Ga. Talk to the girl on the other side.

Chapter 8 - The Path of Understanding

Follow Amanda until you find yourself in a large hall with two black columns. Keep following her and examine the door. You need to insert some object. Go to another corner and go upstairs. There will be a crystal at the end of the path. Take the item, go back and insert it into the door opposite Amanda. Let the girl go ahead and you follow her. At the end of the path there will be a pit with a missing bridge. Follow the girl across the bridge until you see tentacles blocking the path forward. Roll in front of them into the corridor on the right. At the end of the path there will be a luminous column around which an insect flies. There is nothing you can do now. Return to the corridor behind the bridge you came from. There is a glowing spot there. Interact with him to stock up on energy, return to the flying creature and charge the column standing nearby. The creature will fly over to her. Charge the column near Amanda so that the flying creature will follow. Look into the tentacled hallway. There is another column there. Charge it from a distance, and the creature will fly there. Follow the trail to protect yourself from the tentacles. From the column you can turn to the right, where there will be another source of energy. And above there is the tablet of the Omniscient. Transfer the energy to the next column, follow Amanda and go down to the pit to recharge. Climb back up and create a bridge by applying energy to the crystal on the other side. Transfer the energy to the next column, follow Amanda and go down to the pit to recharge. Climb back up and create a bridge by applying energy to the crystal on the other side. Transfer the energy to the next column, follow Amanda and go down to the pit to recharge. Climb back up and create a bridge by applying energy to the crystal on the other side.

Eventually, you will stop in front of a pedestal that requires a sphere. Go back a little and turn into the corridor on the left. Open the bud and take the orb. Replace it. If desired, a healing plate can be found a little further than the sphere. Talk to Amanda in the next room. Walk right and get energized. You need to go to the corridor on the left, but when you move past the glowing tower, the character loses all energy. Workaround required! To do this, lure the creature to a huge red bud near Amanda and finish it off on the spot with a knife blow. To stop the creature, stand at the glowing tower, and then kill. As a result, a pink bridge will appear at the top. Get energized, go upstairs and walk across the bridge. Go to the end and jump down to the glowing creature. Energize the next column and follow. Do the same with the second column and head into the light. Pick up the crystal from the niche in front and head left. Jump down, return through the passage where the metal sphere was inserted, and place the crystal in the door on the right.

Continue after Amanda and then reach the gate. Interact with them and watch the cut scene. End the chapter with Amanda.

Leave Amanda's room, enter the bedroom on the right and get another phone from the safe to contact Lily again. Talk to the doctor and Jonathan.

Chapter 9 - Kidnapped

Leave the room and find a man with a smoking pipe in the corridor. This is Eframe. After talking with him, examine the grandfather clock standing a little further. Open them and take out the picture. In the lounge on the second floor, you can chat with the twins. Look for Mabel in the ritual room. Then Theodore will appear. Jonathan will appear at the stairs. Listen to him and look for the second statuette in the curbstone near the railing on the second floor. In Mabel's room on the second floor, on the pier there is an open box with Tarot cards. Examine all the cards to find a key under the bottom. Use this key to unlock the chest in the corner and take Mabel's herbs. This is an additional goal. Go upstairs to the third floor and chat with Amanda, who is sitting in front of the mirror. Go downstairs and talk to Jonathan. Go to your room on the third floor, next to Amanda's bedroom,

Go down to the second floor and chat with the twins. You will receive a key from them. Their bedroom is on the third floor, next to Eframe. Siamese twins are depicted on the door. On the left is a chest with a four-digit combination lock. A bandage can be found in the cabinet. There is a sedative in the bedside table. Read the letter on the next bedside table. There are masks on the wall. Examine each of them and find the numbers on the inside. These will be the numbers 197, and the latter will have to be picked up manually. But this is not difficult. Just turn 197 and spin the last reel. As a result, the code will be 1971. There is a mask inside. Take her, go outside and chat with Amanda. Go down to the first floor and talk to Jonathan, who is waiting at the front door.

Chapter 10 - Eden Dungeons
When Jonathan opens the door, follow him. There is a first aid kit on the shelf to the left. Going down below, listen to Jonathan and lower the lever located behind. Hide inside the "Iron Maiden" on the right. When Jonathan says, go outside. Follow him, follow the only way and you will see Denny. Go around it and find yourself in the boiler room. There is a diamond in a niche in the far corner. Take the item and talk to Sabinian.

Go back. You can read the to-do list on the table by the corpse that Danny was fiddling with. Climb back to the door with three holes. Exit into the corridor and go right. Open the far door (the sides will be closed) and move the red curtain to the left of the table. You will see a multi-colored flower. The principle of the solution is that you can select a pair of petals, and then press the center button, swapping them. Open the desk drawer to see a clue. These are two pictures - red and blue. The scissors should be drawn horizontally, and the blue drawing vertically. The answer is in the screenshot below. There is a second diamond inside.

If you pull back the other curtains, you will find a hidden room with an enemy. Kill him and read the note on the table. You will unlock the Death of a True Father side quest. Return to the central corridor and go to the dining room with a long table. A portrait of a man with two holes hangs on the wall. Place two diamonds in them. Go through the secret corridor to the room with the corpses. Walk to the right, pick up the first aid kit and go down the steps. Watch out, there are enemies here!

Go down to the very bottom and look for a grate that you can open. Find a stand with a brush in the back room. Take the brush, which will close the grill. Thus, you need to find a way to deceive the mechanism. Exit into the corridor and go to the far end to find a room with monitors. There is a key on the table on the left. There is also a note there. If the executioner attacks you, hide in the room with the brush, closing the grate behind you. Return to the main hall and head through the tunnel to the left. Careful, as there will be more cultists there, including the woman on long stilts. Climb the steps and open the door with the cross with the key found in the TV room. Go out the door after killing the enemy and pick up the brush. Go back to the brush you saw earlier, take it and put the brush from the dead man in its place.

Run to the main hall, go upstairs and move along the bridges to the far corner to find a rope attached to the wall there. Now there is nothing to do with it, but there is a staircase on the left. Climb it to return to the very top. Walk along the wall to the left and open the door with another cross. Move the cabinet towards you so that you can go further along the bridge. Do this and jump down at the place where the railing is destroyed. You will find yourself at a corpse with a handle. Take the item and place the handle in the rope mechanism on the wall just below. By the way, there is a first aid kit near the same place. Use the handle to lower the corpse with another brush in your mouth. Take her.

It remains to find the third brush. Remember the note from the TV room? It depicts "faces". Walk to the right of the mechanism with the handle, to the "Iron Maidens". Slam them with the doors in the following order:

  • Twice the door on the "Iron Maiden" with a smile
  • Once on the "Iron Maiden" without a smile
  • Twice on the same "Iron Maiden" with a smile

A third brush should appear in the chamber on the left. Go back to the very beginning, to the door with three holes, and place three brushes on them. Go into the room and read the letter lying on the table to the right. You will unlock the Birth of the Scarlet Lodge side story. Take the key lying on the table in the center, leave the room and go to the right, to the door with the same symbol as on the key fob of the last key found. Open it, go forward and meet Lily, who will betray Victor.

Chapter 11 - Dancing in Red

Exit into the corridor and go to Rhea and another cultist. Move the red curtain to their right and interact with the girl to move to the world of Lust-Ga. Go upstairs, go to the pit and get energized from the glowing symbols on the left. Create a bridge by applying energy to the crystal above, above the pit. Go to the other side and study the next tablet of the Omniscient. Continue along the red corridor, up and you will find yourself in a hall with columns. If you pull the lever, the far door will open, but on many columns something like a motion detector is installed, and the door, having spotted Victor, will instantly close. Therefore, first, go to the far right corner and pick up the sphere. Turn around and go to the far right corner in the opposite direction. There will be a closed passage. Apply a sphere to it to create a workaround. Pull the lever again, go left, even more left, go around the column, go to the center and forward to the door. There is not a single detector on this path.

Follow the path up, charge with energy and apply it to the symbol to the right of the place where the bridge is missing. Continue upward, charge again from other glowing objects and use them on the symbol on the pillar to the right of the place where the bridge is needed. Move on until you return to the real world.

After waking up in the cell, pick up the key from the wooden box and free your hand. Take the revolver and cartridges from the table. To the left is a bolt cutter, with which you can open the chest and return all your things. Use the "1" and "2" keys to switch between knife and revolver. Go upstairs to the corridor where there was a door for three brushes. Head in the direction of the door you opened with the last key and look to the right to see Austerlitz dancing. Go through the room with the corpse on the left, into the corridor, to bypass the locked grate and find yourself in the room with the corpse left by the doctor.

A boss fight will begin. I recommend saving your revolver rounds for this moment. So, the enemy will chase you, trying to hit with a powerful club. There are gas pipes on the sides of the room. You need to lure the enemy to these pipes and shoot at them (or stab them if you didn’t follow my advice). The escaping gas will temporarily stun the boss, and you can run up to him and inflict several knife blows. Repeat until you win.

After the victory, go back and go to the room behind the door to which you applied three brushes. Chat with Austerlitz and decide his fate. Listen to Jonathan, follow him and follow the corridor where you were trapped. Enter the bedroom with Lily, who plays the guitar. Watch the cut-scene.

Chapter 12 - Initiation

Chat with Mabel. You can take the sedative from the cabinet on the right Go outside and follow to the ritual room. Chat with Amanda. When Jonathan appears, chase him. Go down to the front door and talk to the man. Then decide what to do with Jonathan - kill him or spare him. Amanda is coming soon. Six months will pass.

Take away the mask lying on the curbstone to the left of the bed. Go downstairs and chat with Theodore. Walk behind the curtain, undress by interacting with the chair on the right, and then walk up to a man or woman. Then get dressed and try to leave. Natalia will stop you. Outside, chat with Theodore. He will give his key. Go up to the second floor and open the room of Theodore opposite the ritual hall. Search the drawers and you will find a clue with three rings in one of the drawers. Go down to the first floor, go to the front door and turn into the room on the right. Between the two shelves there is a stand with a box. Use the note from Theodore's room on this box. You need to rotate the rings so that each has exactly the same number of points as shown in the center (Roman numerals). According to Theodore's hint, there should be four dots above V. So on the right you need to add another one. At the bottom, where II, place two separate points, and on the left (IX), six and three points. After that, talk to Mabel, go to the room opposite and listen to Eframe.

Chapter 13 - Trinity Hall

Go up to your room to start a new chapter. Climb the stairs near the room and open the door to find yourself in a room with many different devices. Move the closet, go down to the first floor and look for the portal to Lust-Ga in the room to the left of the entrance door. Move there.

There are two passages. Go to the left and look for the image with ribs on the left. Move the ribs by clicking on the LMB. You will need to insert some object here. Climb up and jump into the pit. Slide the unit by pulling the lever. Pick up another lever to the left of the huge creature. Move the block to the left and deeper into the screen, towards the ledge with luminous dots. Get energized by climbing this block. Find another block and insert the lever into it. Move from the aisle to open it towards the red creature. It will follow you. Lure him into the corridor with a red bud and kill him. A bridge will be created at the top. Go back and again go past the pulled back ribs. This time, when you go up, you will be able to overcome that very pit. Pull out the blade, go back and insert into the hole behind the ribs. Walk forward to Amanda. Watch the video.

Chapter 14 - Ugro-Ekna's Mask

After picking up the drawing, go up to the third floor and visit Amanda. Talk to her. Go to the attic room and chat with Mabel. Go downstairs, talk to the twins and Efraim. Open the cache under the stairs and take half of the mask, cartridges and a revolver from the chest. Return to Amanda's room and interact with her. Then enter Lust-Ga.

Take the only way around the tentacles. There will be a locked passage ahead. If you go up the slope to the left, you can find another door that requires some kind of object. Apply the drawing that Victor made on it. You will be able to rotate parts of the door. Periodically look at the drawing and check what you get. Go further, to the right along the slope and pick up the tablet of the Omniscient, lying at the three statues. Follow further, into the passage ahead and select the next improvement for Victor. Exit the room and head right.

There will be a huge door ahead, it needs a key. Walk to the left of the door and pick up the sphere. There is also a red bud nearby, near which a creature should be killed. Return to the main hall and find a beam of energy to the right of the door. Charge it up. Look up over the door and shoot the stem to send out sparks. After this, the creatures will begin to haunt you. Go to the bud and kill any creature to create a bridge at the top. Climb up there and cross the bridge. Find a round slab in the niche on the left. Jump down and place it on the center door.

Kill two enemies and head left, past the glowing tower. There will be another area ahead. Take the item, pay attention to the bud and go back. Climb up the slope where you haven’t gone before. There will be a device with three positions. You can install two found spheres, but the necessary one and the third one. Be sure to go around this lift and pick up the crystal item. Go back through the door, which was opened with a round slab, turn to the right, where the monsters were lured, and use the crystal object on another door to create a detour. Recharge with the energy that you lost when you walked past the glowing tower. Lure the monster through the newly opened door to the red bud and kill it. Return to the central room with the creatures and go up the slope. Now there are two bridges (the second is further on the niche, where there was a round slab).

Jumping down, look in the second passage from the right for glowing points that give energy. If not, be sure to charge. On the high ground in the room where they jumped from the upper corridor, there is a third sphere. Take the item, turn around and see a pit. On the opposite, on the right, there is a crystal. Apply energy to it to create a bridge. This will bring you back. Run down the slope again to the place for the three orbs and place the last one. Shoot the bud inside the elevator to send out sparks. The floor will open. Return to the room with the creatures and lure one of them with you, across the bridge, into the room where there are glowing points to charge with energy. The third bud is also located here. Kill the monster to create a bridge. Exit the room and follow the passage ahead where there is another pit, this time with a red plant bridge. Read the Tablet of the Omniscient,

Return to the central room with the creatures. Look for the portal to the right of the door, from where monsters come to replace the killed ones. To the right there is a wall with a ladder, as on movable blocks. Climb this ladder to the ledge and you will see a bud. Lure a creature behind you from the room ahead, where there are also glowing dots with energy. Kill at the bud to create the third bridge on the main rise. Now run to the very top and take the mask. Leave this place using the portal.

Chapter 15 - The Queen's Wrath

The Sheckley twins will meet you here. Exit Amanda's room and read the note on the cabinet in the room to the right. Inspect all floors of the mansion, and when you hear a scream, go up to the second floor and go into the opened ritual room. Theodore will be here. Talk to the wounded Mabel at the stairs of the second floor, and then read the notes in her room on the pier. If you want to save the girl, go to Theodore and tell her that she is wounded. He will give the key. Go upstairs to the attic, take the vials of medicine and hand over to Mabel.

Return to Amanda's room and go through the portal. Move forward the only way and go into the opened passage (it was blocked by ribs). This will get you to Amanda. Avoid highlighted areas on the ground, otherwise you will receive damage. Use your energy to create a bridge that leads to the gate ahead. Destroy the bridges where Amanda is standing. To do this, you need to shoot crystals. When Amanda stands on the bridge under the bud, shoot him to send sparks, and then destroy the bridge by hitting the crystal. When Amanda disappears again, start destroying the bridges on the left and right. It is necessary to destroy under two bridges, over which there is no plant! After that, Amanda will stand on one of the two remaining bridges with plants, and you can shoot at them to weaken the girl's defense. And then destroy the bridge

There is a healing platform in the corner of this hall. Use it and move into the narrow passage nearby. Go down to the pillared hall, turn right and get energized. Get out of here, go right and look for the tablet of the Omniscient in the niche. Follow in the opposite direction and charge the crystal on the left to create a bridge over the pit. Amanda will attack Victor again.

Shoot her with a revolver, and when the girl disappears, hide behind any column. She will start throwing orbs. These spheres must fall into each of the four columns. After that, continue to shoot at Amanda when she jumps down until you destroy the mutated cult. Energize from the central platform, find the missing bridge on the side and apply the energy to the crystal on the other side, to the left of the bridge. Get out of this place and get to Amanda. Here you must either agree with Amanda and open the gate, or refuse. In any case, the epilogue will begin. Or straight from sleep or from an antique store.

Epilogue - Return to Earth

Move forward, create bridges using energy, and read the information on the tablets of the Omniscient. Follow even higher, and when everything is over, go to the gates and open them.

If you killed Amanda, you will find yourself in an antique store. Examine Mrs. Hudson's new order. Find the snuffbox on the left where the deer figurine stood. Look for another figurine to the right of the front door of the store, and a collection of coins on the curbstone at the door leading to the residential building. Put everything in a box and call Mrs. Hudson. You will immerse yourself in memory. Move the only way, then thickets of pleasure. When you get bored, go back up and watch the final video.