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Walkthrough Paradise Lost - game guide

Walkthrough Paradise Lost - game guide


Walkthrough all levels of Paradise Lost and solve puzzles

Paradise Lost is a game about wandering in a giant German bunker. The scale of its locations often boggles the imagination, not allowing you to really navigate exactly where you are. In addition, there are often puzzles in the game that can take a long time to solve. If you have any difficulties with the passage of any moment of the game, then use this guide.


After the introductory video, you will find yourself in a bunker. Go down the stairs and wait a couple of seconds in the dark. The main character will take out a lighter and you can continue on your way. Move further along the corridor until you come across a desk.

A white circle above an object means that the object can be interacted with. Press LMB to pick up the note and then E to read it.

In addition to these buttons, you can also use the Shift key to peer at objects.

To the right of the table is another room with a note and a descent into the depths of the bunker. We read the second note and go further along the corridor. Walk until you get to the white point.

The character itself will begin to interact if you get close enough. We make our way through the cabinets and watch another cut-scene. In it, you can select an answer option using the mouse wheel.

We continue to move until the next fork. Ignore the red button in front of the hero and turn right. We pass to the end of the room and find the switch.

We pull it by moving the cursor to the lower arc.

The serena will turn on immediately after that. We return to the previous room and interact with the panel.

Press the bottom button and turn off the siren. We return to the fork and press the lit button.

An elevator will drive up to the platform with a button. We sit down in it and pull the lever. When the elevator stops, exit and interact with the drawing on the wall.

We go around the elevator on the left side and jump down to the trains.

We get on the train and go through the carriage. At the end of the car we go out onto the platform and get on the next train. In the left carriage, you need to open the suitcase, which is shown in the screenshot.

We watch another cut-scene, and then we leave from the other end of the car. Next, we climb the stairs to the structure in front of us. Inside, we first pull the far lever.

And then for the one closer to the door.

We leave from the other side of the booth and climb onto the descending platform. Now we need to rotate the lever located at the end of the platform.

The platform will lower and we will find ourselves in the snow-covered depot. We pass to the place of collision of trains and we make our way between them, keeping to the right side. When the hero tries to open the door of the carriage, we will be thrown into the past, to the exit from the shelter. Here we move forward for a while, until we return to the present. We pass between the cars and go up to the platform with the number 01. On the left is the car of Greta Mühler, you must not visit it, so you can immediately go through the turnstile on the right.

On the right side of the hall are rows of benches with suitcases. Examine them and get the document.

Then turn around and go into the room with filing cabinets. Use the device in the corner of the room to stamp the paper you find. You will now be able to go through the gate at the end of the hall.

Put the document into the reader and move on. An elevator will be waiting for you at the end of the hall. Go into it and click on the panel with buttons. The elevator will immediately get stuck and then the next level will start.


We leave the elevator and move along the corridor. Then we go into the radio room and press the flashing button.

The door to the hall with the drawings will open in front of us. We pass to the end of the room and go into the next room with a huge screen. There is nothing interesting in this room, so we immediately pass on to the study with the exhibits. You can inspect the exhibits, or go straight to the gate, which will open as soon as you approach it.

As soon as you leave the room with the exhibits, the door will close behind you and you will find yourself in complete darkness. Move to the lighted pedestal with the microphone and interact with it.

After you say something into the microphone, a certain woman will answer you and tell you that she is stuck in one of the rooms of the refuge. After the conversation, the girl will open one of the doors of the complex for you and you can move on. Go along the corridor, and then go down the stairs. A small puzzle will be waiting for you below. To get started, go down to the recess in the floor and talk to the locked woman through the microphone.

She will ask you to pull a small lever. We turn it, and then again we talk with the woman. The girl will knock out the door with a rocket, and you will be able to go further. In the next room, go to the panel shown in the screenshot and press the top button once.

The mechanism will deploy the car to you. Go through it and get to the end of the room. When you reach the dark steps, keep to the right side. At the top you will find an iron staircase. Climb up it and go through the complex of rooms. In the last one, you will find a computer. Interact with him and talk to the locked woman again. From the dialogue with her, it turns out that she is in another control room. The woman will ask you to find the control tube in the room. Move away from the computer and remove the control tube from the filing cabinet.

Plug the tube into your computer and listen to the recordings from the past bunker. After that, go to the elevator to the right of the computer and go down to the forge. Reach the dead end and talk to the prisoner of the bunker again.

The girl will offer you to jump into the pipe, since this is the only way further. Come to the edge and jump down. This concludes the second level.

After getting out of the water, move along the pipes. Soon you will come to the underground beach. Climb the steps up the mountain. At the top, you will find a manor house. Enter it through the slightly open window.

Go to the left wing of the building and go up to the second floor. On the second floor, go to the back room and take out a card with a blue light from the table.

Use it to open the door to the right of the stairs. In the locked room, you will find another computer. Walk up to him and interact with him. A female voice will contact you again. After a short dialogue, go down to the first floor and open another locked door.

Once in the large hall, go to the room on the left and take a bottle of water and a rag from the tables.

Go up to the second floor of the same room and wipe the camera, letting the locked woman see you. Then leave the room and go into the far right door of the corridor. Walk through the mannequin room and exit at the end of the large hall. After that, turn right and enter the only open door. Find a microphone in the room and talk to Eva. After a little dialogue, leave the room by going through the door hidden behind the curtain.

Go up the floor and pick up one of the control tubes. Use it to control the computer behind the curtain. Talk to Eva through the computer. The girl will dissuade you from playing the control tube, but you can still do it. When you're done with the computer, exit the building through the doors on the left. Make your way across the destroyed bridge and go into the tunnel. Here you will find another panel with buttons and a microphone, however both of these devices will be inoperative.

Move on. Jump off the platform onto the running conveyor. The hero will lose his balance and fall. At this point, select any of the dialogue options as quickly as possible so that Eva stops the conveyor. Then get down from it and go further along the corridor. Soon you will stumble upon another microphone. Eva will not be able to answer you, but you should still talk to her. After interacting with the microphone, the door to the garden will open in front of you. Walk through the two greenhouses and open the huge door that leads into a dark corridor. This ends the third level.


Walk to the end of the tunnel and exit to the fourth floor. Pick up the portable camera lying on the table to the right.

After hanging the camera on your jacket, go to the grate at the other end of the room. To the right of it is a panel with the serial number of the door. Look at him and Eva will open the door for you. After passing through the opened tunnel, you will find yourself in an overgrown part of the bunker. Climb over the fence in the place shown in the screenshot.

Once on the other side of the fence, go to the old German prison. To proceed further, you will need to find an unused pass. You can get it by opening the cell doors in the central room. The only unused pass is in the room on the far right.

We take it away and go to the elevator at the end of the room. We insert the pass into the reader, get into the elevator and go downstairs. You can inspect the floor, or immediately move to the exit from the building. Eva will warn you by saying that you will not find anything good here. Regardless, you can still ask the girl to open doors to unexplored rooms.

After leaving the building, go down the stairs to the small settlement. Eva will report that she grew up here, and also asks you to perform the ritual. For him you will need a sacred item and a sacrificial animal. The animal is in the room behind the wall in front of the idol.

The sacred item is in the hut to the right of the altar.

Take both items and throw them into the cauldron in front of the altar. The hero will utter an allegedly profound phrase, and the ritual will end. Eva will thank you for performing the ritual and you can leave the place by following the path behind the idol. After that, turn left and go to the chair with the album. Then go up the steps to the door with a picture and go into it. You will find yourself in a room with another computer. You cannot interact with him, so immediately go through the next door. Go through the graveyard. Sooner or later, you will stumble upon a grave with the name of Eva. After telling Eve about this, climb the building in front of you. Eva will begin to close the windows in front of you, blocking the path forward. Continue climbing the stairs. Once on the roof, go to the glass pipe and jump into it.

The glass pipe will turn out to be an elevator shaft. Climb into the elevator through the top cover and exit by squeezing through the elevator doors. Next, go to the room with monitors and insert the portable camera into the computer.

Review another computer entry and then return to the elevator. It will start functioning again and you can go to the floor below. Get down, exit the elevator and activate the spare generator by turning the lever to the right of the elevator. Then go down to the door behind the lever device and go to the next room.

There are three doors in front of you. You can only open two of them, as the third simply won't have enough power. You don't need to open any of these doors to move forward. All you need to do is go down the stairs near the right door. At the bottom, you will find a small tunnel. Climb into it. This concludes the fourth level of the game.


Exit the tunnel and walk along the pier.

Get on the boat and row. In the middle of the crossing, you will see another cut-scene from the past. When it ends, swim to the opposite bank and go up to the large device. Inside you will find Eva. After talking to her, you can make two choices.

  1. Disable or not disable Eva. If you turn off Eva, then she will die, but she will be grateful to you. If you decide not to kill her, then she will try to improve the situation in the bunker.
  2. Leave or stay. If you stay, the bunker will stabilize. If you leave, then everything will remain as before.
If you want to watch different endings without going through the whole game again, then copy the save in advance, since the game deletes the save after the final splash screen.

This concludes the passage of Paradise Lost. If during the passage of the game you have encountered difficulties that are not described in this guide, then most likely you just need to wait until the desired section of the game is loaded or restart the level.