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WoW: Level up from level 50 to 60 and "quasi afk" - that's how it works


WoW: Level up from level 50 to 60 and "quasi afk" - that's how it works

With a little trick you can level in WoW: Shadowlands without really looking. A Reddit user has now found out.

Slowly but surely, most players have seen all of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands content. But the next patch is still a long way off, as the 9.1 Chains of Rulership update is likely to be several months away . Some people want to level a second or third character. But that eats up time and is laborious.

With a simple method it can be leveled "on the side". This is where pet battles are really useful.

How does this work? The Reddit user Pochmannn has published a small video in which he shows a very simple but effective level method that hardly needs any attention. It is about the pet fight against Nachtzahn (Nightfang) in the Ardenwald. The pet fight takes place at coordinates 40/64. A single fight only takes 20 to 25 seconds and is over extremely quickly.

The best way to fight is with an "iron star". The pet can be found in the Blasted Lands, but it is also often offered in the auction house. Make sure your asterisk has a high attack value for the combo to work. In battle you use:

  1. Wind up (1)
  2. Charging (3)
  3. Wind up (1)

Nachtzahn should be able to do that with a single attack. Then heal your pet with a bandage and start the fight over.

Since Night Tooth is an elite pet, it can be fought an infinite number of times.

How much XP does that mean? The exact amount of XP gained per hour varies. This is about the level of the character and fluctuates between 185,000 and 210,000 experience points per hour.

Leveling from level 50 to 60 takes approximately 12 hours using this method.

Is the method particularly quick? No, it is by far not the fastest leveling method, but one with the least effort and very consistent. You don't have to actively fight, accept quests or even travel around the world. You can spend almost the entire duration from level 50 to 60 here as long as you can muster enough pet associations.

Who is it for? This is worthwhile for everyone who wants to level their character to level 60, but doesn't want to put a lot of energy into it. Since this method is very stupid and simple, it makes sense to watch a series while you comfortably level the character on the second screen "at the same time".

If you don't feel like “real” leveling and prefer to be showered by a series or a movie at the same time and still want characters at level 60 at the end, this method could be ideal.

Do you use such methods to comfortably level a twink? Or do you prefer to be fully involved and pull it off faster?