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Among Us: AmongUsMenu (2021.4.14s)

 The game: Among Us

Category: Cheats → Cheat mods

Author: v0idp, fix by osomegamer

The size: 1.23 MB

Among Us: AmongUsMenu (2021.4.14s)

AmongUsMenu (2021.4.14s).

New working cheat for Among Us. A unique cheat with good functionality, the developer has collected all the necessary functionality and combined it all into one cheat. There are settings for the game, settings for the player, and more. Surprise your friends or random players, have fun with free hacking on AU. The cheat is completely updated and works on the latest version of the game Among Us.


Show menu - DELETE

Show radar - INSERT

Show console - HOME

Repair sabotage - END

Archive password: 123


- Normal (Normal.dll) Inject

it using whatever injector you have. The "resources" folder must be in the same path as the dll.

- Version (version.dll)

Will be automatically loaded by the game itself if the dll is in the game directory. Make sure the folder "resources" is included in the same path as the directory with the game.

Associated files: