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Best Minecraft Seeds 1.16.5 (April 2021)


Best Minecraft Seeds 1.16.5 (April 2021)

We give you a list with the best seeds for Minecraft that we have found for this month of April 2021, both for experienced users and for beginners.

With the arrival of April and the good temperatures, we also have a new cast of seeds for Minecraft, a series of worlds that will allow you to live unique experiences and from which we have selected those that we consider the most curious.

It could be said that the fun in Minecraft is infinite, and with this, thanks to this, we can try different seeds in case we are looking for worlds for beginners, for advanced users or with a particular biome to know how to exploit it.

So we offer you a list of the best Minecraft seeds as of April 2021 , where you will find the corresponding seed number and a brief description about it.

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.16.5 (April 2021)

Seed: 1673084316808196417

Coordinates: 50, 50

We will appear at the entrance of a town much longer than normal that has 20 buildings and occupies more than 300 blocks. If you go northwest you enter the Jungle Biome with a temple at coordinates -700, -750. There is also a desert with a village at coordinates -750,150.

Seed: -4514910935906246725

Coordinates: -50, 50

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.16.5 (April 2021)

We will appear on a large survival island connected with the mushroom biomes and it also has a village with a resurfaced shipwreck. We have a skeleton dungeon under Mushroom Island at coordinates -13, 56,131. There is also a zombie dungeon just below the village at coordinates -219, 26, 96.

Seed: -7865616449849762231

Coordinates: 150, 200

As soon as you appear, go southeast to coordinates 1300,600 to locate a village that is next to a jungle temple located at 1250,850. Just below the temple you will locate a complete fortress at coordinates 1200,750.

Seed: -5355361032005128509

Coordinates: -100, 50

You find a double dungeon just below where you appear, albeit very deep at coordinates -150, 11.80. Then at 50, -300 there is a taiga village where you can find a multitude of tools.

Seed: 5149497532123199246

Coordinates: -200, -50

You will leave in a town that is located very close to another that occupies a large part of the Ice Biome at coordinates -200, -200. You can also locate a basement igloo north of the frozen town at coordinates -750, -450.

Seed: -5208358476057223905

Coordinates: 150, 50

We locate a portal of ruins near where we appear, where we can reach a block suspended in the air above the lava pool. This is a seed for experienced users.

Seed: -689331058265012895

Coordinates: 50, -50

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.16.5 (April 2021)

We will leave in an area of ​​destroyed savanna in the middle of a large number of villages at coordinates 50.50; -300,100; 50, -200; -450, -400.

Seed: -8869075918072220932

Coordinates: 100, -50

In this seed we will find three towns in different biomes and with a multitude of resources that you can obtain in each of them with great differences. You can locate the towns at coordinates 100.50; -100, -250; 150, -250.

Seed: 2820300547915392669

Coordinates: 250, 250

We will find several towns, desert pyramids and jungle temples. The towns at the coordinates 200, 150 and 50, -350; the desert pyramids at coordinates 50.50 and 50, -150; and the jungle temples at coordinates 250,300 and 600,150.

Seed: -566892635798499783

Coordinates: 50, -150

You will appear in an icy Biome near a snowy town at coordinates -350,100. If you go a little east you will see a mansion in the forest in the Ice Peak Biome at coordinates -650,300.

Seed: 7136985008119621098

Coordinates: -50, 50

You will appear on a completely abandoned island surrounded by icebergs, but if you go to the other side of the icebergs there is a swamp and also a continent that can provide you with the resources you need.

Seed: 3130814206415723290

Coordinates: -50, 50

We will leave in the Flower Forest Biome in a unique environment with jungle and wooded hills. You can also locate a nearby jungle temple at coordinates -150, -300 and a village with a ruined portal at coordinates -350, -200.

Seed: 1559046889430352282

Coordinates: -150, 50

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.16.5 (April 2021)

Right where you appear, if you start going down to the lower levels, you will find a double dungeon that spawns skeletons and zombies at coordinates -209, 24.78. South of where you appear you will locate a town with a desert temple at coordinates -350,250.

Seed: 9028011435663759868

Coordinates: 200, -250

When you appear you will see two villages in the Taiga Biome at coordinates 350, -150 and 550.50. You will also locate an exposed fortress below a survival island at coordinates -1200, -800.

Seed: 28794881985340363

Coordinates: 50, 50

We will appear in an area of ​​destroyed savanna with a village with buildings generated on top of the hills. It is another level only for experienced users because we are going to have to build structures to be able to succeed.