Discord: How to share the screen of your Android or iPhone mobile

Discord: How to share the screen of your Android or iPhone mobile

 How the integration of this feature affects Discord for Android and iOS mobile devices

Discord is one of the most used alternatives for video conferencing, broadcasting, gaming groups, teleworking and other online communication actions. In the desktop version, the possibility of sharing the screen with Discord already existed and that is why this application has been a benchmark in the Internet messaging and communication sector for a long time. 

The ability to share the screen from a mobile device with an Android or iOS operating system has long been requested by users. To solve the absence of this functionality, it was necessary to make use of other applications that allowed us to link the screen of our smart device to a computer, to later be shared within our chat rooms or through a server created in Discord .

Well, since December 2020, it is already possible to use this interesting function from the Discord application on mobile devices. To be able to use it, it is necessary that the version of the operating system of the device in question is of a certain version or later. In the case of Android, the necessary version is v48.2. For iOS, the operating system used by Apple products such as iPhones and iPads, the required version would be iOS 13.

How the integration of this feature affects Discord for Android and iOS mobile devices

Discord has long become one of the best voice systems to communicate between users, especially within the realm of 'gamers'. However, the use of this application is also quite widespread on a business level. The integration of the screen sharing feature for mobile devices will be an additional positive point that could boost the growth of users in Discord, since the use of messaging and communication applications is much more widespread on Smartphones than on desktop computers for reasons of comfort.

To make use of this new functionality that has been imported from the PC version and that is also one of the ones that people like the most for its possibilities to stream or record videos, it will be necessary to carry out a series of simple steps. In this guide on how to share screen in Discord with mobile devices we explain everything you need to know about how to activate this function and its features on both iOS and Android.

Share Android screen with Discord step by step

The process to share the screen of our mobile with the Android operating system through Discord is quite simple. If we are used to using the application we can do it in a very intuitive way. In the latest update, a button is available that allows us to go directly to the function from the calls themselves. However, we are going to list the steps one by one so that you do not have any problems when using this application and its new functionality.

Description of the steps to follow

  1. The first step would be to download the application from the PlayStore , if you don't already have it. In case you have it installed for a while, it will be necessary to update it , since if it is not possible that the option that we are going to show below will not appear. Once installed / updated we will simply have to start it and with this the login or registration window will be shown.
  2. Once we have entered our login or registration data, we will arrive at the main application window. In it, our contacts will appear in the center and on the left the servers to which we belong. With the green '+' button on the left we can access new servers, but to share the screen we need to have an active call. To add contacts if you do not have them, you will have to click on the icon with the person with the raised arm in the menu below. This will take you to the next window where you will have to enter the username of your contact.
  3. Once the contact has been added the next step is to simply initiate the call . To do this, you will have to click on the contact itself and the chat window will open. In it you have a top menu that has an icon of a phone, to make voice calls, and another of a video camera, to make video calls. In both cases it is possible to share the screen, but the button to do so is displayed differently.
  4. In any case, all that remains is to press the screen sharing button, which is the mobile icon with an outward arrow. The system will ask you for confirmation of access and a message will appear congratulating you on using the functionality. With that you would have already successfully completed the steps to share the screen on an Android system.

Share iPhone screen with Discord step by step

The steps to follow to share the screen on iOS devices are the same as on Android since the interface is similar. However, these steps that we have seen above are useful once we have installed and configured the application. As for the method to use Discord screen sharing on an iPhone or iPad, the following should be noted:

  1. The application to be installed from the official store, the App Store.
  2. Most importantly, to share the screen on an iPhone you first have to do a previous step. It is about making a configuration on the device itself so that it does not give us problems when sharing the screen with Discord or any other messaging application.
  3. For this we would go to the configuration menu or 'settings' of our iphone. Then you will have to click on 'control center' and finally customize controls.
  4. Once there we will have to look for the option 'screen recording' or record screen. We will give the green '+' button on the left and with that we will already have the function activated internally.
All that remains is to enter the Discord application and follow the same steps as for Android devices. That is, log in, add contacts, start a call and press the icon that allows us to share a screen. 

Uses of screen sharing on mobile

Being able to transmit the signal from our screen to another user through our mobile is an inexhaustible source of possibilities. In general, this function is associated with the world of video games, since the 'gamer' group is the most popular among users of the Discord application. The services offered by the application and the possibility of creating and configuring Bots to perform specific functions make Discord a widely used tool for creating groups in which to share information and games.

The possible use of this new integrated screen sharing function on mobile devices goes, as we say, far beyond the 'gamer' world. In the field of commerce and companies it is also widely used. The possibility of creating private groups and the amount of additional functions it offers allows this application to be also well taken into account by a wide group of businesses and professionals from different sectors.

The ability to share screen on Android and iOS joins the other functions and the best Discord bots offering the user a complete environment through which it is possible to share text, images, video and voice with other users. In the current era in which streaming services are so fashionable and people consume so much content online, it is very useful for any user, whether for hobbies or entrepreneurship, to use these means to get in touch with their user community.

Specific functions of the mobile version

The mobile device version of the Discord app is different than its desktop version. This is why screen sharing has recently been implemented. However, there are other options that allow us to use Discord from an Android or iOS device and that are different from those of the computer program.

These own functions are mainly focused on taking advantage of the distinctive characteristics of smartphones such as having two integrated cameras. For this reason, from the mobile version it is possible to change the camera that is being used through the icon that is shaped like a camera with an arrow and two points. It is also possible to perform a selective 'mute' using the icon button located in the bottom center of the screen. In this way it is possible to mute and unmute the microphone during the call. This can be quite useful if we are sharing a screen and we do not want our broadcast to contain specific sounds.

In short, the update that allows the screen sharing function in the Discord application for mobile devices is an open door for this well-known program to continue to gain in terms of utility and continue to grow and be a benchmark in the online communications sector .

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