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Mods make Valheim a real role-playing game, with real loot and 6 classes


Mods make Valheim a real role-playing game, with real loot and 6 classes

With mods you can bring new content to Valheim that would otherwise not exist in the survival game. You can even turn Valheim into a completely new game - a role-playing game, for example. MeinMMO presents you 3 mods with which you get loot, classes and even quests.

What kind of mods are these? The three mods that we present to you here bring new content into the game. You can use them to explore various new aspects in Valheim that normally do not exist and that turn the survival game into an RPG. There are:

  • Loot and boss weapons like in Dark Souls
  • Quests like in Skyrim or World of Warcraft
  • Classes like in Diablo

You can install the mods individually or together. We recommend installing them together - so you have the full RPG feeling and can explore Valheim in a whole new way.

How do I install the mods? You can get all of the mods on the NexusMods website (via NexusMods ). There you will also find the Vortex client, a downloader from the website that makes mods easy to install.

Unique weapons for unique boss loot

What is the mod doing? Unique Weapons brings nine new weapons into play, all of which you can get as a recipe from the current five bosses. Each boss comes with at least one weapon of his own.

The special thing about the new weapons is that they have different attacks than the standard weapons. Some of them even have unique abilities or are entirely new types of weapons.

From Modern you get about two dragon skulls with the mod that you can use as fist weapons. As a special effect, you get frost resistance when you carry the main hand weapon. With their abilities, the weapons could even replace the best weapons in Valheim.

Unique weapons for unique boss loot

Where can I get the mod?

OdinPlus for quests and companions

What is the mod doing? With OdinPlus, the god Odin, who normally only watches you, gets his own place in the world. He's in a camp with some other NPCs and you can go there

  • buy new mead with special effects that cannot be obtained through fermentation
  • Accept and submit quests
  • level skills in a targeted manner
So the mod implements a real quest system, but also more powerful monsters that you have to hunt for. It also allows you to summon new companions, such as a wolf with a backpack or a controllable troll.

OdinPlus for quests and companions

Quest items can also be found in the dungeons of the world and the treasures that you can dig up become more valuable with the mod.

Where can I get the mod?

Valheim Legends for 6 classes in the game

What is the mod doing? Valheim Legends adds six classes to the game that you can choose from. Each of these classes has three skills that set them apart and make them unique:

  • Valkyrie with bulwark, stagger and jump
  • Shadowstep Hunter, Summon Wolf, and Mighty Shot
  • Berserk with frenzy, executions and onslaught
  • Magicians with fireball, frost nova and meteor
  • Druid with regeneration, root defender and tendrils
  • Shaman with tantrum, armor and impulse of mind

In addition, there are five new skills that expand the existing attributes and that are improved through the use of appropriate skills.

Where can I get the mod?

Addition: HD-Mod and music from Final Fantasy

What kind of mods are these? With two more mods you can increase the RPG feeling a bit. Coco's Texture Pack is an HD mod that allows you to replace the retro pixel graphics from Valheim with better-resolved textures.

Midgar-Valheim Alliance adds the soundtrack and sound effects from Final Fantasy 7, one of the most popular installments in the famous series, to the game.

Where can I get the mods?

The two mods are not necessary to turn Valheim into an RPG, but make Valheim look prettier and better. However, you don't need any mods if you just want to make Valheim more beautiful. The game itself offers the possibility to get more out of the optics.