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Outriders is "done", but DLCs could still continue the story

Outriders is "done", but DLCs could still continue the story

 How things will continue with Outriders after the release is currently unclear. Now developer People Can Fly has commented on possible DLCs and their scope in an interview.

From the beginning it was planned that Outriders would be released as a “finished” game. Now it was released on April 1st. Although there are no known plans for the future, the developers have never ruled out that it will continue. Most recently, we reported that Outriders would get DLC if the loot shooter was a success .

What's new After the release, developer People Can Fly spoke again about the future of Outriders. Now, for the first time, there is information about what one or more DLCs could look like.

Where does the information come from? The developers spoke to Forbes in the person of Bartek Kmita, Creative Director, and Piotr Nowakowski, Lead Game Designer. You can read the full interview on the website. (via )

We summarizes the most important statements of the interview for you.

DLCs ​​would be "significant expansions with their own stories"

What the developers say about DLCs: When asked about the future, the developers repeat that they have never ruled out further content on Outriders. And the way it looks, People Can Fly already has an idea of ​​what future DLCs would look like if the desired success were to materialize.

If DLCs come, players can hope for extensive expansions with their own stories. Literally it says:

We never said we would let the game down [after release]. While this is not a game-as-a-service, we definitely bring more to the Outriders universe if the players want it. We have so many more stories to tell and a lot of ideas that we want to try but that we couldn't fit into the main game. So we would be happy to create more content in the future. Everything we would do would be in the form of a significant addition with our own stories.

Bartek Kmita, Creative Director of People Can Fly (via Forbes )

Kmita doesn't give any details, but that suggests possible story extensions, maybe even with new classes?

What is Outriders currently offering? As of now there is an extensive story campaign in Outriders and the expeditions that are waiting for you in the endgame . 

How likely are DLCs? It's hard to say right now. In any case, Outriders is a huge success on Steam. For example, the release of Marvel's Avengers was more than tripled, with over 100,000 concurrent players in Outriders, compared to just 28,000 in Avengers. (via Forbes

The servers didn't take this particularly well and collapsed every time on the first three evenings.

So the success may have taken the developers by surprise.

Demo played longer than expected

What else was said? Among other things, the interview was about things that were already known from the demo, the numerous loading screens, a possible increase in the level cap. Here is the summary:

  • You were surprised how much time people spent with the demo. One would have expected that the activities would be repeated so often in the full game, but not already in the small demo version, in which only one chapter was playable.
  • Kmita justifies the many loading screens with the fact that they wanted to prevent players from spreading too far across the maps. You want Outriders to be played together. The cutscenes were built in for technical reasons.
  • It is not yet clear whether there could be an increase in the level cap, similar to what happened in Borderlands. But you think about it.

It is still available and lets you play the first chapter of Outriders. There you can try out all four classes and then even transfer the progress into the finished game.

Are you already through with Outriders? Would you like extensions? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments.