PlayStation 5 FAQ - How to turn on 120Hz, make your console main, and more


PlayStation 5 FAQ - How to turn on 120Hz, make your console main, and more

The PlayStation 5 differs significantly from its predecessor both in functionality and in the design of the dashboard (interface). Some features of the system have to get used to from scratch, while others are not at all obvious. In this article, we have collected answers to frequently asked questions from new users.

How to properly shut down your PS5

There are several ways to turn off the PlayStation 5: using a gamepad or by pressing a button on the case.

  • From a gamepad. Just press the PS button once to bring up the control panel. Then scroll right to the end and select the shutdown icon.
  • From the console. You need to hold down the power button (bottom or left button, depending on the position of the console) until the console emits a second beep. If you release the button after the first beep, the console will go into rest mode, and not turn off.

You can understand that the console is turned off by the light indicator: if it goes out, then everything is done correctly. If the indicator is orange, the console is in rest mode. In idle mode, you can charge your controller from USB and download games and updates.

How to disable a gamepad

To prevent the gamepad battery from draining while you are not using it, you can turn it off. The easiest way is to set up automatic shutdown when idle. Go to settings, then "System" and "Energy Saving". Select "Set time before controllers turn off" and set the desired time. We recommend setting the minimum value - 10 minutes.

You can also disable your gamepad from the control panel. Press the PS button and select Accessories, then Wireless Controller and Power Off. There is another way - just hold down the Options and PS buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

How to turn off the backlight

The backlighting of the console cannot be turned off, since it has not only a decorative function, but also informs the user about the state of the set-top box.

  • blue - the console turns on, but if blue is on or flashing when the console is running, then this signals an error in operation;
  • white - the console is working, but if white blinks when the console is running, then this signals an error in the work;
  • orange - the console is in rest mode;
  • red - the console is faulty.

In addition, there is a backlight on the gamepad. It consists of two zones: a lightbar and a player indicator. You cannot turn it off either, but there is an option to lower the brightness. Go to the console settings, then "Accessories" and select "Controllers". Here you can set the brightness of the indicator: bright (standard), medium and dim. If the backlight bothers you, set the minimum value. In addition, the setting can be accessed through the control panel. Press the PS button and select Accessories, then Wireless Controller.

The backlight color of the controller and console cannot be changed at will. The console color depends on the current state, and the gamepad color depends on the game settings, for example, a lightbar can signal the character's health level.

How to mute the sound on a gamepad

The built-in speaker, which was introduced back to the DualShock 4, can add a lot of variety to the gameplay. Developers often use it to enhance the effect of presence: radio messages or other sounds can be played through the speaker. But this is not always appropriate, so the sound of the gamepad can be turned off.

Go to settings, then "Accessories" and select "Controllers". Adjust the volume to the minimum by moving the slider all the way to the left. In addition, you can turn off the sound of the gamepad in the game settings, if provided.

How to mute the microphone

When the microphone is active, vibration and triggering are reduced to a minimum. If you do not need it, then it is better to keep it off. This can be done by simply pressing the corresponding button on the gamepad, which is located under the PS button. The orange backlight comes on.

You can also mute the microphone in the settings so that you don't have to do it manually every time. Go to settings, then "Sound" and "Microphone". Set the microphone status when logging in and starting a chat.

How to set 120Hz screen mode

With the new HDMI 2.1 interface, the console supports 4K video output at 120Hz. However, for this you need to have an appropriate TV or monitor. In addition, only select games support 120fps:Nioh Collection ,Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition ,Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War ,Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 and some others.

Go to the settings "Screen and video", then "Video output". Set all parameters to "Automatic". Note that in the console menu, the video output will still be at 60Hz. Now, already in the game, activate the 120 Hz mode and everything should work.

If your TV only has HDMI 2.0 but supports 120Hz at 1080p, then you can play too. Moreover, the loss in quality will not be critical, because most games support 120 FPS mode only at resolutions below 4K.

Can PS5 be connected to a monitor

Yes, as long as the monitor has an HDMI input and supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p, or 2160p (4K) resolutions. Please note that PS5 does not support 1440p resolution, which is now actively gaining popularity among users.

If the monitor is old and has only VGA or DVI inputs, then you can use adapters, but no one guarantees its performance in this case.

How to increase memory

At the moment, you can only install an external hard drive or SSD-drive. It can store and run PS4 games. The console also has an SSD slot, but it's software locked for now. The update is rumored to be expected in the summer.

Is it possible to connect an external drive

No, there are no official external drives for the digital version of the PS5. And the external drive for computers on the console will not work. But you can connect an external hard drive for storing games.

Can I connect a PS4 gamepad

Yes, but the PS4 controller only works for backward compatibility games. It cannot be used in PS5 games.

How to change the theme

This is not yet possible, but a system update that adds support for themes is likely to come over time.

How to see the total time in the game

On the start screen, click on the avatar and go to your profile. Go to the "Games" tab. Each card will indicate the time spent in the game. Please note that the title of the game may not be displayed correctly. To check this, select the line with the game and press the cross. A page with trophies will open, where the real name of the game will be indicated, for which the time was indicated.

How to make PS5 your main console

To be able to run digital versions of games without an Internet connection, you need to activate the console as the main one. Go to Settings, then Users & Accounts, Other, and then Console Sharing & Offline Play. Activate the function.

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