Remove notifications from "Your contact has joined Telegram"


Remove notifications from "Your contact has joined Telegram"

If you have Telegram, you will know that it is one of the functions that does not interest us and that bothers us the most: the notifications of contacts who join Telegram. They are common, every day there is someone new who installs the messaging app and you receive a notice, a chat is automatically created for you to talk to that person. Luckily, you can disable notifications for contacts who join Telegram if they are annoying to you.

They can be useful if you want to gossip, at specific times. If you want to know who mistrusts WhatsApp or Telegram is installed because of some fad or a political party that asks to use this app. But generally they are annoying and unhelpful notifications.

Notices on Telegram

The "bad" thing about these notices is that it is not simply a notification that appears on your mobile phone to alert you that someone new is in the app, but rather that a new conversation is created for you to talk to that person who, generally, gives you same. We usually have more than 100, 200 or 300 contacts on our mobile phone and receiving a notification on Telegram with a new chat open every time someone arrives can be uncomfortable and unnecessary. Generally, we do not want to talk to most of the people they tell us about or if we want to talk, we will take care of creating a conversation ourselves. But we don't want our chat window to fill up with notifications from people who have joined.

This is especially annoying in some cases: a privacy notice appears on WhatsApp and you receive 10 or 20 notifications from contacts who have joined Telegram, for example. Therefore, luckily, we can deactivate these notifications of contacts that join Telegram. It will only take a few seconds to do it.

Disable new contact notifications

The first thing you will have to do is open Telegram on your mobile phone and touch on the three lines in the upper left corner of the screen that will take us to the settings. In the new drop-down section that has opened on the left, tap on "Settings" to open the application settings and remove these annoying notifications when a contact joins. Once inside settings, look for the "Notifications and sounds" section.

Here we will find the following subsections:

  • Private chats
  • Groups
  • Channels
  • Vibration
  • Ringtone
  • Globe on icon: On / Include muted chats / Count unread messages

  • Notifications in the app
    • Sounds in the app
    • Vibration in the app
    • Preview in the app
    • Sounds in chat
    • Importance

    • Events (edit)
    • A contact joined Telegram
    • Pinned messages
    • Etc

    If you have read all the previous sections you will know which one we are interested in: in the "Events" section we can deactivate the switch next to the "A contact joined Telegram" indicator. This will allow us to avoid having chats on the screen when someone downloads the application if we are not going to talk to that person but we will continue to receive notifications.

    Delete the chats and log out

    Even if you delete notifications or conversations, previously opened chats may still appear. That is, since you follow the previous process, new notifications of contacts that join Telegram should no longer appear. But your previously created chats are still there with those who have joined until you've taken the plunge. You just have to press and hold all the conversations and tap on the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the app. Confirm with "delete" and they will disappear until you want to have a conversation and open it.

    If they continue to appear, log out of Telegram and log back in.

    • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner
    • Click on your name or "Settings"
    • In the configuration section, touch on the three points on the right
    • Tap on "Sign out"
    • Log in again with your phone and verification code

    Remove notifications

    Removing notifications completely from your phone will not allow these notifications to disappear, simply that your phone does not "ring" or that you do not receive the notification on your mobile. But they will still appear as chats or conversations when you open Telegram. Even so, if you want to bet on this method you can do it through the mobile settings.

    On Android, the steps are simple:

    • Open your mobile phone settings
    • Look for the "Applications" section
    • Tap "Applications" again if there are multiple options or menus
    • The full list of apps and games will appear on your mobile phone
    • Search Telegram in the list or with the search engine
    • Here a series of settings will appear (Notifications, permissions, data usage ...)
    • Choose the first one: Notifications

    Once here, we have several options: We can choose to silence by type of notifications or we can touch next to the "Allow notifications" switch so that all of them disappear. Move this button to stop receiving notifications from Telegram if you are not interested.

    How to know if a contact has Telegram

    Once we have muted the Telegram notifications, how can we know if someone is in the application or not? Well, in the same way that you do it on WhatsApp, neither more nor less. You will not know exactly if a person has installed the app at a specific time, but you can know if they have the app installed or not.

    Just go to the messaging application, access the chats section and touch the pencil button that you will find in the lower right corner of it. In this button we open a new conversation, a new message. Just click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and look for the contact you want to check that they have Telegram and that you can talk to them. Once you have checked it, you have the option to open a normal, individual chat, or open a secret chat.

    Sort by connection

    You can search using the magnifying glass or also, from this section, you can sort your Telegram contacts according to who has connected less time ago. That is, you can order them so that those who are online appear first in the list and those who have never connected will appear at the end, scrolling. Generally, if someone has deactivated the account, has blocked you or has not been connected for a long time, we will find the message “Ult. been a long time ago ” . That may mean that you have a Telegram account but have the app uninstalled, so your messages may not reach you until you activate or open it again.

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