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SKIDROW Hacked Partisans 1941 - Game Was Protected By ADEROW Defense

 Hacking group SKIDROW today announced that they had successfully hacked Partisans 1941 . The game was protected by a defense - Aderow , which was created by one of Denuvo 's former employees , Christopher Glaber.

This is the second Aderow game to be hacked by Skidrow - the first was Cloudpunk last November. This protection works in a similar way to Denuvo and, according to Mr. Goldberg , is no less problematic to crack. It is likely that in this way Skidrow are preparing to take on Denuvo soon - at least there are no more uncracked games with Aderow left.

It is also interesting that the last open beta version of the game (which was almost identical to the release version) was not protected by anything, but a week later, during the release, the game was unexpectedly protected by Aderow. However, on release, the game was heavily buggy and did not work well, and now the latest version of the game with all the patches is hacked, so the hack definitely made sense.

SKIDROW Hacked Partisans 1941 - Game Was Protected By ADEROW Defense

Partisans 1941 is a tactical action game with survival elements that will give you the opportunity to join the partisans during World War II. Players will not only have to fight for their homeland, but to wage an incessant struggle for survival and make very difficult moral decisions.