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Smart Vikings correctly label their boxes in Valheim - with a new mod


Smart Vikings correctly label their boxes in Valheim - with a new mod

In Valheim you are constantly collecting raw materials and a well thought-out storage system can save you a lot of time. A new mod brings a container into play that shows you at a glance what and how much is in a box. That can save you a lot of nerves and frustration.

Epic battles, magnificent views and exciting adventures make the survival hit Valheim a really good game. But logistics is also an issue and correct warehousing is an absolute must if you want to have fun at your base. But this is often not that easy:

  • You have to plan a lot of space for storage boxes when building the base
  • The storage system should be sorted and traceable
  • Every item must be quickly accessible and accessible

The requirements pose challenges even for experienced base builders and every new item that is added through progress in the game world can mess up the fragile logistics of a well-stocked Viking household.

We shows you a small mod that is very helpful for item storage and turns the typical chaotic storage in Valheim into a feast for committed order pickers.

Valheim Mod: Item Drawers with a clever storage container

What is the mod doing? With the Mod "Item Drawers" you get a new container in your construction menu, which you can build for 10 precious wood. The new storage box comes with helpful features:

  • You can only pack one type of item in
  • The items in the box can be displayed on the container
  • The number of items is also displayed
You can only put one item in the box, but you can see beforehand which item is in the box and how much of it you have stowed away. If you only organize a storage room with these boxes, then you never have to rummage through all your boxes hectically and easily to look for the remaining resin for a few quick fire arrows.

The user "Steal107" thanks in the comments on the mod for this useful tool and shows how a complete storage room with the "Item Drawers" boxes can look like:

A perfectly stocked warehouse - simply heavenly.

How does this work? In addition to providing a better overview, the mod boxes help you with quick access. You don't go into the box, but do everything using shortcuts that either store or remove items:

  • You store items in empty boxes via your toolbar
  • When you interact with the box, you get a stack in your inventory
  • Alt (left) + Interact - Takes out only 1 item
  • Shift (left) + Interact - Put all items from your inventory in the box
  • Alt (left) + Interact - If the container is empty, delete the item so that you can store another one

You can see your items better and can get them into your inventory faster. A strong mod that saves a lot of time and nerves.

How do I get the mod? The modification is listed on and you can download it via the mod browser. You can find the direct link here: