So you can create your own Telegram bot in a couple of clicks


So you can create your own Telegram bot in a couple of clicks

The use of bots on the Internet is something increasingly widespread, especially when you have to perform certain repetitive tasks or you want to offer a certain service that requires total dedication, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that we hear the term more and more and that its use is more common, especially in customer service and social networks. If you are one of those who uses Telegram on a daily basis, surely on more than one occasion you have interacted with a robot of this type. However, you may be considering creating your own bot for Telegram.

Perhaps it is something that can give us a lot of respect at first, especially if we are not programmers or have enough knowledge to be able to program and create a bot from scratch. However, nowadays there are certain tools that are available to anyone and that allow the creation of software specially designed to carry out certain tasks independently through the Internet.

What is a bot and what is it for

Although if you are considering creating your own insurance that you will know perfectly what it is, it is worth remembering that a bot is a software or computer program capable of carrying out certain repetitive tasks over the Internet and that it usually has a certain intelligence to do it. can behave as if it were a human.

The utilities are many and varied:

  • Web crawler : used by search engines to navigate the Internet following all the links that it finds on the webs and that can be analyzed according to established rules to position content, etc.
  • Publish automated content : Some bots are also used to publish content in an automated way on a website or social networks and not have to be aware of the moment, day and hour in which we have to make a publication.
  • Monitor a website : For years, this type of software has been used to monitor web pages and be able to be aware of their performance and results at all times.
  • Sending emails : Another great utility is to be able to send mass emails without having to do it manually.
  • Chat assistant : It is undoubtedly the most widespread use today. They are based on artificial intelligence and are capable of holding conversations with people almost as if they were a human.

This type of software is also used for other tasks with worse intentions, such as carrying out certain brute force attacks, distributing spam, etc.

Focusing on the use of this type of program such as chat assistants, also known as Chatbot, we are going to show below how to create a bot for Telegram without the need to know how to program or have certain computer skills.

Different ways to create a bot for Telegram

In this case, the truth is that the messaging application makes it quite easy for us, since it  offers the possibility of creating a bot with the help of its own BotFather robot. It is a bot available in any version of Telegram, desktop or mobile app, and that is responsible for controlling other bots or even creating your own. For it:

  • We open the application of the messaging application on our desktop or mobile device.
  • We open a conversation with @BotFather , we can do it directly from this link or perform a search.
  • Click on Start to start the conversation.
  • Next, we will be shown a list with all the commands available to interact with BotFather.
  • As we can see, the command to create a bot is / newbot .
  • Therefore, we will use this command by giving it a name and a username .
  • Telegram will automatically give us a token or authorization code. This code is necessary so that you can use the Bot API of the messaging app.

Our bot can have a profile like any other user of the messaging application, pudiéndole give the name and user name that we like (completed in bot) and even add a profile picture, description, etc . Once all this is done, the next thing is to configure the behavior of this and define the commands to which it will respond and in what way it will respond. It is important that we test the robot well before anything else to verify that it behaves as we want before including it in our channel or Telegram group.

Other online assistants or mobile apps

Along with the option that we have just mentioned and that Telegram officially offers us, we find other online assistants that will help us, and a lot, when creating our own bot.


It is one of the most popular and used alternatives. The creators themselves indicate that more than 100,000 bots have already been created with this tool and more than 2 billion messages have been sent. As with BotFather, we can search for Manybot in the application's search engine, click on the Start or Start button and create a new bot in a few simple steps. In this case, the command to use is / addbot and we will only have to follow the instructions to complete the process.


It is an online service with which, as we can see on its official website, it is possible to create a bot in just one minute. Among its main functions, it should be noted that with Aradbot we will be able to create software capable of sending messages periodically, sending several messages at once, to one or more users, it allows including certain buttons with different actions, statistics, etc. On the official AradBot page we can find several video tutorials that will allow us to quickly become familiar with the use and qualities of the bot, as well as to know the steps to follow to integrate it into Telegram.


It is another option when creating a bot, since it is an assistant that will guide us in all the steps to follow to achieve our goal. It has a lot of options to choose from to provide certain capabilities to our software, we can even access many more if we choose to use the paid version, although with the free version we will almost certainly have more than enough.


We did not want to miss the opportunity to mention this app, available for Android devices , which allows us to create a bot from the mobile. As it also has a web version, it is possible to access it from the browser of an iPhone without any problem.

Now, it is important to know that the free version of this app allows a maximum of 1,000 responses per month. Therefore, if the interaction is much greater, we will have to consider the option of buying the paid version or looking for another tool.

Its operation is very simple, and an assistant will guide us at all times to create our own bot. As we can see, the app itself will link with BotFather, so the integration with Telegram is complete.

The best bots

Let's take a look at some of the best bots out there right now to take advantage of on Telegram.

  • YouTube ( @Youtube ): here we can find the YouTube videos that we like the most to be able to watch them.
  • Games ( @gamee ): some games to play on Telegram.
  • Wikipedia ( @wiki ): to search for what we need through Wikipedia.
  • URL Uploader ( @uploadbot ): with this bot we can download any Telegram file from its URL.
  • Feed Reader Bot ( @thefeedreaderbot ) - This is a feed reader very similar to what Feedly does. We will follow a maximum of 10 websites, channels or profiles.
  • PDF Bot ( @pdfbot ) - Multitask with PDF files.
  • Download videos : with these bots we will be able to download videos from the different social networks. Facebook ( @fbvideo_bot ), Twitter ( @TwitterDownloaderBot ), Instagram ( @getmediabot ) and YouTube ( @converto_bot ).
  • Download music  ( @vkmusic_bot ): we can download any song we want.
  • Podscast Bot ( @Podcast_bot ): here we can listen to the podcast we want within Telegram.
  • Stickers ( @sticker ) we can find the best stickers and emojis to use in Telegram. This way we will give a special and particular touch to our conversations.
  • Movie synopsis ( @imdb ): the best place to find out what a movie is about, actors, director and everything else relevant is IMDB. Well, so we can see it, but without leaving Telegram.

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