So you can have two Telegram accounts on a single mobile


So you can have two Telegram accounts on a single mobile

Telegram is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp and a messaging application with all kinds of interesting functions such as bots, the possibility of creating channels, etc. And another advantage is that you can have two Telegram accounts at the same time on the same mobile. You can use multiple phone numbers in both the iOS and Android app.

The multi-account in Telegram is available on both Android and iOS so you can have up to three different numbers or two, for personal use and professional use. You can have two Telegram accounts at the same time if you have both numbers and have access to them to verify them once they send you the confirmation SMS. You do not have to install anything special, any third party application or any mod that modifies the app . In WhatsApp this cannot be done unless you change your phone or do some special trick. It is incorporated into the application itself and it will take a few minutes to configure it and always have it at hand.

Set up two accounts

The only condition to have two or more Telegram accounts is to have as many phone numbers as you want to register in the application. You need to have the numbers you want to register and follow a few simple steps to do so. Once you have it, you can switch from one to the other whenever you want.

You don't need to keep both numbers in time but you do need to have them. That is, when configuring the two accounts you need to have two SIM cards or access to two different numbers. You do not necessarily have to have them entered on your own mobile. You can have two numbers on two different devices but use both accounts on the same mobile with the same Telegram app and to switch from one account to another whenever you want. It is very comfortable, it is easy and the steps you must follow to add or configure two accounts are the following:

  • Open Telegram
  • Go to the three lines in the upper left corner
  • Click on " + Add account " under your username
  • A new screen will appear
  • Choose a country (to know the phone code of the country)
  • Write your phone number
  • Click on the arrow to go to the next step

Once you have two Telegram accounts at the same time on the same mobile you can change them from the menu on the left whenever you want, going from one user to another depending on how you want to see the chats of one person or another, depending on how you want to use it personally or professionally. For example, something especially useful if you want to manage a work Telegram account to use a channel in which to send information, for example.

It is very similar to when you change your account on Instagram or Twitter, but it is advisable that you always pay close attention because carelessness that causes us to talk to someone from the wrong account is frequent . You can repeat the process as much as you want, there are no limits, you can open one and the other whenever you need regardless of whether or not you have the number linked to your phone or have it on another device.

Telegram without phone number

The question we ask ourselves is: do we need to have a SIM card inserted in the mobile phone if we want to register that phone? Not necessarily. You will need to have the SIM card at hand when you go to start the session or register since you will receive a code that will arrive as a chat within Telegram or, you can choose, as an SMS. It can be on the phone where you are registering it or another that you have on hand and want to add.

Once you have added the phone number and logged in, it will remain registered until you log out or uninstall Telegram so you will not need to have that SIM card if its only use is for Telegram. That is, you can have a prepaid card if you want to have a professional Telegram account of your company and you can use it on any mobile you have at home to check the verification code on your usual smartphone. Once you have it added to the Telegram accounts, you can leave it in a drawer.

Of course, keep in mind that if you close the session, restart the mobile or format or delete or uninstall the Telegram app, you will need to access that phone number again. You will not need the prepaid card or the phone as long as you keep the session open but if, voluntarily or involuntarily, you uninstall the app or "delete data" you will have to repeat the process of the previous paragraph again and link the two numbers from the beginning . With its corresponding verification code.


You also won't need people to find you by your numberand you can do it through a username that you can register. This will make it easier to dictate or write this alias (it can be your company name, for example) than to dictate your complete phone number. You can have a username for each of the Telegram accounts if you link it to a company or simply if you want friends to find you but without having your phone. It is usually common in cases of dating applications, for example, where we avoid giving the phone but we need a "chat" to communicate with our new friend. Telegram allows us to use this username precisely to maintain our privacy and privacy. In addition, we can change it as many times as we want by following a few simple steps from the application settings.

To do this, simply follow these steps:

  • Open Telegram on your mobile phone
  • Go to the three lines in the upper left
  • Tap on the profile you want to modify in the case of having two profiles on the same smartphone
  • You will see your photo, your number, your username and your bio
  • Tap on username as you see in the screenshot
  • Change it to the one you want, with a minimum length of 5 characters

As you can see in the image, you can use letters from "a" to "z", numbers from 0 to 9, underscores ... And with a minimum length of 5 characters.

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