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Subverse Walkthrough - How to Unlock Erotic Scenes and Defeat All Bosses


Subverse Walkthrough - How to Unlock Erotic Scenes and Defeat All Bosses

Subverse is an adult sci-fi action movie in which players have to conquer planets, assemble their own team, and discover intimate scenes with some of the characters. In this guide, you will find a detailed walkthrough of the Subverse game.

How to open the first intimate scene with Demi

To get started, you need to go through a little training. There are two types of game modes in Subverse - combat in open space in an aircraft and turn-based combat against enemies. Below we have discussed the main mechanics of these modes.

Battles in outer space

Each hero's ship has three types of attacks:

  • Main attack : the hero releases a large amount of energy charges (has no restrictions and recharge);
  • Additional attack : this is a unique attack that is tied to a particular hero (has a recharge time);
  • Dash : With such an attack, you can not only quickly move from one place to another, but also cause great damage to enemy enemies in a collision.

Also, your ship has health and protection bars. If they both go down to the critical level, then the ship will be destroyed. Try not to let this happen.

Once you have completed the training in the above mode, you will see the first intimate scene with an assistant named Demi (Demi). You can view the scene by clicking on the " Next » ( the Next ), or skip the scene by pressing " Continue » ( the Continue ).

How to open the first intimate scene with Lily

Turn-based battles

The second game mode is turn-based battles in which one of your crew members and three monsters take part. In each such battle, you must confront several waves of monsters. In the tutorial, you will learn how to move your fighters on the battlefield, as well as attack enemies.

To get the second intimate scene in the game, you need to go through the training in turn-based battles and defeat several waves of enemies. After that, you will have the opportunity to view or skip the intimate scene with Lily.

The more tasks you complete with already unlocked heroes, the faster you improve the Devotion parameter. For each new level of loyalty to the character you will be awarded 1 point "Pooter Points", with which you can open intimate scenes with this hero. For more information on how to unlock new intimate scenes in Subverse, we have described in a separate article.

How to protect the shuttle in the Subverse

After you find yourself on your ship and get to know the Pandora, your shuttle will be attacked by a large number of enemy ships. To protect it, you need to use your aircraft's weapon. First, repel attacks of homing missiles in time, then destroy enemy ships.

When the shuttle launches the electromagnetic pulse weapon, the inscription " EMP TIMER " will appear at the top of the screen and the countdown until it is activated. You need to leave the marked area before the timer reaches zero, otherwise your ship will be destroyed along with the enemy ships.

When EMP is inactive, try to stay as close to the shuttle as possible, avoid missile attacks and destroy enemy ships in time.

How to defeat Drilldildozer

In the second part of the battle you need to find and destroy the boss in time - the ship "Drilldildozer". Finding a ship won't be a problem. Focus on the blue arrow that appears around your ship. When you find the boss, then you need to destroy three main parts of his ship.

First destroy the right and left engines, then the main part of the ship. If you fail to do this before he gets to your shuttle, the mission will fail.

How to start the first Subverse story act

Once on the captain's bridge, you can navigate your ship, visit your subordinates and talk to them, as well as open the Pandora menu, where you can purchase and view available intimate scenes. To access the Pandora's menu, go to the Captain's Quarters and click on the bed on the right side of the screen.

To start the first Subverse storyline and continue completing missions, return to the bridge and click on the main computer in the central part of the room. This will take you to the Prodigium Galaxy menu. Now only one of them is available to you, in the upper left part of the screen (Dragon Nebula).

Each galaxy has several solar systems with their own planets. At this stage in the Dragon Nebula galaxy you have access to the Aratus solar system. Move here and examine it.

As we noted earlier, in each system, you will find several planets. You need to study these planets (by pressing RMB) and complete the tasks available on these planets. Tasks are divided into two types (we described the game modes above), as well as events. Events become available automatically, and you just need to find a planet and complete an event in order to receive a reward.

How to get a new character Killi (Killi)

Killy is a stunning one-eyed demon with a real tail. To add this character to your team, it is enough to study all the planets in the Aratus solar system. When exploring the last planet "Svyatogor" Killy will become available to you automatically.

Features of Killi

Killy can participate in any game modes as the main character. During battles in open space, Killy uses the additional ability "Shotgun", which deals huge damage to enemies and strongly knocks the hero's ship back. This attack is great for fighting a lot of enemies.

In turn-based battles, Killy is inferior to Lily in that she does not have ranged attacks and cannot attack enemies at a distance. To inflict damage, Killy will have to come close to the enemy on the battle map.

How to access intimate scenes with Killy in the Subverse

Once you get Killi in your crew, you can explore other solar systems. In total, you need to complete 80% of all available missions in order to fight the final boss of the first act. Below we have described all the solar systems, planets and tasks that you need to complete to activate the final battle.


In this solar system, you will find four planets:

  • Svyatogor : here you can find the character Killi, no other quests are available yet;
  • Helvetoria : on this planet you have to fight several waves of monsters in turn-based combat;
  • IC-277 : On this planet, you have to fight several waves of monsters in turn-based combat;
  • 2018-17A : Battle in open space awaits here.


In this solar system, you will find five planets:

  • Aextiolva : visit this planet to complete the event and receive 25 credits;
  • Olba : on this planet you have to fight several waves of monsters in turn-based combat;
  • Mysterious Asteroid : on this planet you need to fight several waves of monsters in turn-based battles;
  • Enna : a battle in open space awaits you here;
  • Respia : On this planet, you have to fight several waves of monsters in turn based combat.


Here you will find nine different planets:

  • Dallick's Station : just explore this planet;
  • Aerniacreus : battle in open space;
  • Leaspirus : turn-based combat
  • Nyilos : turn-based combat
  • Ospiria : turn-based combat
  • Asteria : empty planet
  • Holbaius : battle in open space;
  • Panto : battle in open space;
  • Joxur : turn based battle.


You need to scan five planets in this solar system:

  • Bredessaura : you will find 75 credits;
  • Veptia : battle in open space;
  • Treni : empty planet
  • Indomitus : battle in open space;
  • Ommalix : turn-based battle.


There are five planets available for exploration in this solar system, but to fight the boss, it is enough to inspect only two of them:

  • Tauri's Hammer : you will find 25 credits;
  • Sarturis : battle in open space.

If you explore all the planets described above from different solar systems, then after completing the last task, Demi will transfer you to the Alcesimus system , where you can fight the boss of the first act.

How to defeat Tibold's Battleship

Since at the moment there are only two characters under your command, we recommend using Lily in the battle with Tybold's warship. This is due to the fact that Lily has a special ranged attack, while Killy has a special attack - this is a kind of "shotgun". The latter will not be as effective in combat as the boss will try to break the distance with your ship. In any case, it's up to you.

In battle, try to continuously attack the boss, as well as dodge his shots and asteroid debris flying by in time. From time to time, the boss will hide from you, and instead of him small enemy ships will appear on the map.

When you defeat the boss, you will have access to an intimate scene with your new subordinate - Killy. As usual, you can view it in the Pandora's menu, or skip.

To be continued...