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The creators of Ghost of Tsushima are working on a "spectacular multiplayer game"


The creators of Ghost of Tsushima are working on a "spectacular multiplayer game"

Sucker Punch, creators of Ghost of Tsushima, would have already started the development of a new multiplayer project that has received its first rating.

The creators of inFamous have revalued their brand as a development studio within PlayStation Studios thanks to a great job with Ghost of Tsushima , the PS4 exclusive that hit the market less than a year ago.

Samurai and the open world have won over millions of gamers and earned the studio praise from all walks of life. For this reason, practically since the arrival of Jin Sakai's adventure, each of the developer's movements has been observed with a magnifying glass. 

A few weeks ago, it emerged that the studio was looking for a new screenwriter / writer for "an open world game," sparking rumors about a sequel to its latest hit. Given that Ghost of Tsushima has sold 6.5 million copies , it would not be surprising the interest to continue with the formula of feudal Japan, but a new job offer has revealed another project.

Sucker Punch has published a new vacancy very different from what we have seen so far. The company is looking for a network multiplayer programmer to join its team. Here's the job description: Our talented multiplayer designers create incredible team play experiences, and you'll be instrumental in bringing that creativity to life in spectacular multiplayer gameplay.

Spectacular multiplayer game. Of course, that's getting to the point. This has already caused quite a few speculations and questions. Is Sucker Punch developing a new IP? ¿ Could be working on Ghost of Tsushima 2 and in this multiplayer game ? Could it be that this project is linked to the samurai sequel?

The creators of Ghost of Tsushima are working on a "spectacular multiplayer game"

Of course, nothing can be known at the moment, what is clear is that there is something simmering in the study. We will have to wait to find out. The news comes just on par with having known Sony's plans with some of its most important studies .

Source: Games Radar