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Walkthrough NieR Replicant - game guide

Walkthrough NieR Replicant - game guide

 Detailed walkthrough of all NieR Replicant story missions and detailed boss fights guide

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At the beginning of the walkthrough of NieR Replicant, you will be taught the controls. I didn't bother with the gamepad and continued to play the keyboard and mouse. I suggest remembering a few basic keys:

  • LMB and RMB are your basic attacks, standard and heavy, respectively
  • Shift - roll and accelerate
  • SPACE (Space) - jump
  • Q and E - magic attacks
  • F - interaction with someone or something
  • CTRL - lock
  • A useful trick - in some places you need to jump over large pits. Use the keyboard shortcut SPACE , SPACE and SHIFT . This will double jump and dash forward.

Fight the first opponents. Do not pay attention to how quickly the level is pumped. All this is nonsense, and soon you will have to start all over again. The next point - use various dark abilities at the moment just for the purpose of familiarization. At the end, a battle with a boss, a huge Shadow, awaits you. As soon as the enemy kneels down, hold down the Q key and wait for the maximum charge to accumulate. It will not be possible to destroy all the hieroglyphs at once, so you will have to repeat it again. But as long as you hold Q , time slows down, so you can make it.

1412 years later, the village

Chat with your sister and follow the passage on the left. Leave the house and run forward. On the left you will find the first mailbox. In the game, such boxes are used to save progress. Head towards the red cross to find a building on top of the cliff. Look for an office here and chat with Popola. You will receive a map of the region and 1000 gold.

Advice . When you first visit a location, only a black spot is shown on the large and mini-map. Therefore, it is important to get hold of a map of the region as soon as possible in order to simplify its exploration and search for resources. You will receive cards in the story, for completing side quests, but it is much easier and faster to buy them from local merchants. Moreover, they are inexpensive.

Go downstairs and talk to Yona. Go outside. You need to find some lamb in the Northern Plains. “Red X” is a plot marker indicating which direction you need to move in order to continue the plot line. I also recommend picking up any glowing objects lying on the ground. The village is not worth visiting for now, but I will say one thing - all the characters you are interested in are marked with various icons. Gray circles are ordinary NPCs with whom you can throw a couple of phrases and nothing more.

Follow the "cross" to the Northern Plains, climb up the canyon and see sheep and a couple of goats. You have a great function that allows you to whistle and call animals to you. Press ESC , select Orders, Animals and Call. I recommend killing all the sheep and goats. Press F to collect meat and other resources from them. Defeat some shadows and return to the village. Give mutton (3 servings) to the merchant to unlock all shops in the village and receive 600 gold.

You need 3 healing plants. I found them at a location under the trees, but you can buy them from a merchant from a regular shop (to whom you gave the mutton) - 100 gold per plant. By the way, here's an example for you why you should think twice before selling resources - medicinal herb costs 100 coins, but when you sell it you will receive only 20. Go to Popola, pass the herb, return home and talk to Yona.

The next morning, visit Popola again and take the assignment. Go to the Northern Plains and kill the Shadows. Use the mouse wheel to lock onto the target. Use CTRL to block, but it's much easier to RMB to interrupt any Shadow attack with a hard hit. After the victory, return to Popola, then go home and examine the bed on which Yona was sitting. Go back to Popola, then go to the eastern gate and examine the path to find Yona's ribbon.

Move through a new location, killing goats and collecting various resources. Never miss anything that glitters. All resources will come in handy sooner or later. Eventually, you will reach the Lost Temple. Go inside, search the side rooms. Break wooden boxes to collect different resources. Move up the stairs. There will be a wooden box with a map on it. Upstairs, examine the locked door and go right along the corridor. Break all the boxes. At the farthest there will be a bronze key. Go back and open the door. Defeat the shadows and open the next door. Kill the enemies in the next room and run up the stairs. Go to the side rooms, destroy enemies and find a rope ladder to climb higher. There will be another one ahead and a box in which a new weapon is hidden - the Nirvana Dagger.

Climb higher and higher, passing through the side rooms, and go outside through a huge door. Follow up the bridge, use a double jump. Upstairs, move along the destroyed corridors and look for a box that needs to be moved to the wall with a broken staircase. Soon you will come to a large door, behind which will be Yona. Defeat the first Shadows and then attack the barrier with the book. Until it collapses. Grimoire Weiss will join you.

From this moment, magic attacks are available to you. A mana bar will appear in the upper right corner. It is restored automatically while you are not using it. Fight the Shadows while Weiss is talking to you, and then the first skill, Dark Blaster, will be unlocked. Hold E to shoot Shadows. In the end, you will have to fight two large Guardians.

First use RMB to attack them with powerful blows, and periodically hold CTRL to block attacks. All attacks are easily recognized and blocked. If any Guard is hiding under the barrier, attack the other. Also, you need to avoid the Guardians' attacks. Before such a lunge, the guard begins to yell. Be prepared to dodge to the side. As soon as one of the Guardians falls, run up to him and attack with a blaster, holding E. This is the only way to decrease the scale with hieroglyphs! This will unlock the dark spear. Use it to attack (hold Q). Continue to dodge enemy attacks. Avoid fiery orbs. You can no longer get close, but attack from a distance with the help of the Dark Spear. If the enemy falls and hieroglyphs appear, run up and hold E to attack with a blaster. After the victory, run to Yona and watch the video.

Eagle's Nest

Chat with Yona, go outside and move to Debole. Then chat with Popola and make your way to the Northern Plains. The bridge has been repaired on the left. Go through it to find yourself in the Aerie location (Eagle's Nest). Move forward through the tunnel and kill enemies. The rock ahead has two stairs. You need to climb the one on the right, cross the bridge and climb higher to the house of the head of the village. Talk to him and go back. If you wish, you can go down another staircase and explore the entire location in order to kill each enemy and collect all the resources. In any case, now you need to go back.

You will face Kaine. Fight her. I recommend running back and using the Q key for a magical attack. At some point, your common enemy will appear. Attack the monster using magic attacks and melee weapons. In close combat, you can attack the enemy only when he is from below. Hit his huge paws. But it's much easier to use the Q key to launch magic spears.


Go back. Talk to Popola and Yona, then visit the tavern in the city and follow the marker to the Northern Plains. Walk forward and jump down from the ledge to the many Shadows. Defeat all opponents, and then climb up the stairs to the destroyed part of the metal bridge. This path leads to the junkyard. Once there, go forward and enter the building on the left to meet Jacob and Gideon. Jacob will ask you to get 3 titanites for him.

Go outside and head left to the robot factory.

Here you will have to fight with two types of robots. You are interested in robots with red eyes, since it is from them that titanite will fall out. Fight opponents and move through the doors with blue lamps over them. Doors with red lights won't open! Also, the lifts are not working now. In one of the corridors, you will need to move the cube to the ledge. use the Q key as often as possiblebecause robots with electrical discharges are very dangerous. As soon as you collect 3 titanites (and also study the entire location, which I recommend doing), go back and talk to Jacob. It will upgrade your standard weapon. From this moment on, you can enhance all types of weapons at Jacob. Each weapon can be enhanced three times. For each new level, as, in fact, for a specific weapon, specific resources are needed.

Jacob will give the activation key for the lifts in the factory and ask you to find his mother. Return to the factory. The first lift is nearby. It leads down to the basement at level B1. Also on the main level in the middle of the location there is a fork. One of the doors leads into a corridor, behind which there will be a second elevator. On it you can climb to level 2F, but there will be a dead end. Thus, go down to B1 at the beginning of the location. Kill enemies and move deeper. Then ride the cart along the rails. Destroy the red orbs in close combat, and you can shoot enemies with a dark blaster by holding down the E key. After arriving in the distant room, kill all opponents. Then, as before, use the bombs. Pick them up and blow up wooden obstacles. There are two obstacles, and one of them will be on the other side of the mine. When detonated, take a running jump in the direction of the ledge,Space ”,“ Space ”and Shift .

After a few rooms you will find yourself in a huge hall where you need to fight the boss. It will be a large robot with two huge legs. First, dodge his lasers. These will be three different attacks, but you can dodge any. Just remember the sequence. Basically, the lasers themselves do little damage. While dodging, you can use the mouse wheel to lock the target and hold E. This will allow you to shoot at large vulnerable spots on your arms. Then the hands will alternately try to crush you. After the hand falls down, you can attack it in melee. Then repeat the actions, dodging the lasers, and hit the hands again. As soon as the health scale is empty, you will have to destroy several robots and turrets. But their safety margin will be less, so you can safely shoot from a blaster. Finally, you will have to empty the boss's health bar again. This time he will launch homing missiles. Run away from them. And when the enemy opens its mouth, grab the bomb and throw it inside. The laser emanating from the mouth will not touch you if you stand on one of the edges of the location, to the left or to the right of the head. After three hits with bombs, the battle will end. Go through the door and examine the woman's corpse. Pick up a perfume and after loading, talk to Jacob and Gideon.

Return to the village and chat with Yona. Then talk to Popola. On the second floor of the Popola library, you can find another room with trophies received for killing bosses. You can also take a side task from the girl. As part of it, you need to install a book on the east shelf. You can take a few more side quests inside the village. One of them is given by an old man sitting near a shop of general goods. So, as part of the quest, you need to defeat the boar. Be sure to do this, after which you can ride any boar in the game world. This will speed up your movement.


Go fish in Primorye. You can kill the boar along the way. Also help the guardian who was attacked by demons to get new weapons. Move to Primorye and look for a mustachioed man marked with a "cross" on the pier. Talk to him to get a fishing rod and bait.

Together with these objects, move along the marker through the cave to the shore, where you need to fish. When fishing, cast your line and wait. F. Key When the float is under the water, pull the line towards you. After fishing out the fish, return back. An old lady will stop you on the way. If you agree to help, go to Primorye and enter the post office in the city. There is also a mailbox nearby that allows you to save. Take the letters from the worker for the old woman and Popola. You can go to the back room and move the boxes so that there is a passage from above. Behind it there will be a room with a black pearl (valuable item). Take the letter to the woman. She will be at the top of the lighthouse. For this you will receive 1000 gold. Then return to the village and hand the fish to Yona. The next morning, visit Popola to give her a letter and receive a new assignment.

To be continued…