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Elyon: So you can improve and strengthen your character in the new MMORPG


Elyon: So you can improve and strengthen your character in the new MMORPG

The new MMORPG Elyon should appear in the west in 2021. We reveal how you can strengthen and improve your character.

How does character development work in Elyon? The new MMORPG relies on an interesting system made up of 3 different components:

  • There are rune stones that give you bonus attributes and special effects
  • You can unlock additional skills and bonuses via the skill trees, which are called “Mana-Awakening” in the game
  • With a special artifact system you can directly influence how your skills work

With this system, two players should be able to play the same class but be able to interpret it completely differently.

In addition, as usual for MMORPGs, there is an equipment system with equipment in various rarities - white, green, blue, purple and gold - as well as various sets and set bonuses.

Runestones bring you general bonuses

What are rune stones? Runestones give you additional bonuses when you add them to your equipment. Depending on the level of your character and the equipment, you can even unlock new skills. You can choose a bonus for each rune row.

There are 7 types of rune stones:

  • Attack (red) - offensive
  • Control (orange) - mass control
  • Fate (yellow) - effect chance
  • Support (light green) - ally support
  • Protection (blue) - defensive
  • Awakening (purple) - High Risk, High Reward
  • Balance (gray) - Has no runic attribute, but has general usage
Runestones bring you general bonuses

How do you unlock the rune stones? You can put runes in your equipment. Depending on which runes you use, you will activate the corresponding effects.

Skill trees can be combined as desired, but it never goes down

How do the skill trees work? As soon as you reach level 35 and complete the quest “Blooming Power”, you will receive the “Mana Awakening”. These are basically well-known skill trees.

There are 3 starting points for Mana Awakening:

  • Fling (red) - Mainly increases damage and reduces cooldowns
  • Mentality (green) - Focuses on energy recovery and attribute enhancement
  • Agility (yellow) - Reduces the cost of dodging, dashs, and other effects

At the beginning you have to decide on a starting point and can then follow the path. In the middle there is then the option to switch to the other branches. However, you can only move on the same level or upwards. Once a direction has been taken, it never goes back down.

This is what the skill trees look like in Elyon

Skills can be changed completely - this is how it works

What are the artifacts? With the help of the artifacts you can influence and change every skill. The abilities have four different variations that completely change them.

The skills get an additional effect like stun or dash, hit more targets or even become a ranged attack.

You can activate the different variations in different ways:

  • You learn the basic skill and the first variation while leveling
  • The second variation can either be bought or unlocked via quests
  • The third customization has different ways to be unlocked depending on your ability
The different variations of a skill. However, only one of these effects can be active.

Can builds be saved? Yes. You can see the save function at the bottom right of the screenshot. You start with a slot and additional storage slots can be unlocked with in-game currency. However, the price doubles with each additional slot.

By the way, if you want to take a look at the runes and skills in advance, you will find a Google Doc here with only information from Korea translated into English,