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Genshin Impact brings the 2FA option to protect your account - this is how you activate it

Genshin Impact brings the 2FA option to protect your account - this is how you activate it

 In Genshin Impact there is a new option for protecting your account with two-factor authentication. We shows you exactly what this option does and how to activate it.

Why is? Recently, Genshin Impact added a new option to the game, two-factor authentication. This feature can protect your account from being accessed by unwanted intruders such as hackers.

What kind of function is that? Two-factor authentication is a widely used protection mechanism for accounts. This takes effect, for example, when you log in from a new device. A query code will then be automatically sent to your email address stored in your account.

Why is that so important? Through the Genshin Impact gacha system, players often spend a lot of money buying Primogems and unlocking certain characters.

It is particularly bitter when your own account is hijacked by hackers. In the past there were problems with hacked accounts (via ), so the feature was eagerly awaited by some players.

Activate 2FA in Genshin Impact - Here's how

This is how you activate two-factor authentication in the game: You can do this manually in the game by changing the settings.

  • Opens the settings in the game
  • Go to the options tab "Account"
  • Open the user center and connect with your mobile phone

Is the feature available on all platforms? While the PC and mobile versions have direct access via the miHoYo account system, there is a little detour for PlayStation players.

You can register your PSN account yourself for two-factor authentication via Sony. This works through the official website:

If you suspect that you have been hacked, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the website:
  • Log in with your account
  • Click on "Previous Devices"
  • Erase all devices that seem suspicious to you and are not yours
  • Change your password

Do I have to activate 2FA? No, the function is optional. However, it is still recommended, as there have been problems recently. So you should play it safe.

The 2FA function has been requested by numerous players because of the problems. Some even threatened a boycott (via ).