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Guide for newcomers to Resident Evil Village: how to get money, navigation, why you need meat, how to expand your inventory


Guide for newcomers to Resident Evil Village

On the site you can already find detailed guides for passing Resident Evil Village . In this article, we have collected some tips that will allow a beginner who is not familiar with the series to navigate the game.

How to get paid, Lei

How to get paid, Lei

The local currency drops from common enemies, but most of all you will receive it for the sale of treasures and crystal objects of varying degrees of coolness. They drop from bosses and mini-bosses, these are the most valuable items. Less tough - from ordinary enemies, but very rarely.

How to get paid, Lei

Also in the game there are four pieces of multi-colored skulls, hidden behind riddles, similar to the layouts of the "estates" of four minions of Mother Miranda. To activate the puzzle, you must first find a ball that is somewhere nearby on the location.

Treasures, in turn, differ in rarity, pay attention to the description. There are also compound ones. Individually, the elements of such a treasure are inexpensive. But if you find all the parts and put them in your inventory, you can hit a big jackpot.

You can also sell unnecessary weapons and meat. But the latter is strongly discouraged!

Why do you need animal meat and how to increase the characteristics of the character

Why do you need animal meat and how to increase the characteristics of the character

Do not make other people's mistakes. Don't sell meat! After the Dimitrescu castle, you will start to see fish, birds and animals. After killing the animals, you can collect their meat. Although it takes place in your main inventory, collecting it is very important. It can be used to create dishes in the Duke's camp kitchen that will permanently improve physical characteristics: a strong block, a fast run, a large supply of health.

However, you will see the animals before the appearance of the kitchen itself. It opens after killing a mischievous doll near the house on the cliff. After that, the Duke will begin to prepare for you a chorba with pork and pilaf with poultry and meats. Until then, try not to touch the fauna of the village. Their habitats will still be marked on the map and you can return to them.

Why you don't need to go through the game at maximum difficulty right away and how to properly prepare for the most hardcore mode

This tip is not for hardcore players, but for casual players. Village is short enough. You can easily run it in 8-10 hours. Explore all locations on normal difficulty and enjoy the story. And most importantly, try to pump the guns as much as possible and modify them. You need to download the trunks from the Duke for Lei. You can modify the arsenal by buying attachments from the same merchant, or by finding them at the levels.

For your efforts, the bonus store will open the "infinite ammunition" modification for the gun that received all the improvements in one complete campaign.

With this mod, you can go into hardcore mode. It's also a good idea to unlock Chris's army guns and knife in the bonus store. They will be sold for a penny from the Duke after the start of a new passage. And if you take the time to knock out SS ranks in all stages of The Mercenaries mode, you will get a lightsaber at your disposal!

How to use the card

Captain's Council. But the map in the game is really very informative and convenient. If you find all the objects in the room, then the place on the map will be colored blue. Do you see the red areas? That means they missed something. If you can't see what exactly you missed, take a closer look at the ceiling and walls. Something can shine on them. Shoot the shiny point and get the treasure. For example, there is a statue with a shield in the center of the village. If you look closely, there will be a characteristic shine on the shield.

Also on the map are marked the places where you need a master key to open the lock, wells with jewelry and consumables, boxes with very valuable awards and habitats of animals for hunting. In short, the card is cool. Don't forget about her.

Don't forget about the block

Don't forget about the block

No matter how many cartridges and no matter how cool guns are in your inventory, some enemies manage to be one step away from you for the inevitable bite. Do not forget about the block at such a moment. It will reduce the amount of damage taken and save a first aid kit. The advice is valid for all categories of enemies. Although in the case of giant werewolves with metal mallets, it is still better to try to run somewhere to the side or stun them with stun projectiles.

The block, like other characteristics of Ethan, can be pumped through the Duke's kitchen.

Invest in suitcases

Ethan's arsenal will grow as the game progresses. You will also need to carry animal meat and all sorts of grenades with mines. The bottomless box from the previous part is no longer in the safe rooms. Therefore, try to immediately buy a larger suitcase from the Duke. The first one will cost you 8,000 Lei. In the course of the passage, larger models will appear in the merchant's catalog, do not miss them either.

Barrels that no longer stand up to competition with their steeper counterparts, feel free to sell to a fat man. Help out the extra Lei. But keep in mind that to unlock the mod for infinite cartridges for a particular gun, you need to completely pump and modify it.

Remember to use the environment

You can save ammo by luring enemies into traps. Red barrels can be blown up, bags of flour can be used to stun (you need to shoot them when the enemy is nearby). If you need to buy time, see if there is a barricade nearby. All interactive elements in the game are highlighted in yellow, and at the beginning they will give you a thick hint of what is needed in the game.

Don't ignore the mines

Mines are indispensable when you need to get rid of a large group of enemies or lay siege to a strong mini-boss. If they do not kill, then they definitely stun the enemy, allowing you to inflict shots on the head from the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. Plus, they take up less space than a hand grenade launcher along with ammunition for it.

Also, mines will be very useful for the end of the game, when you get to the factory. There you will be awaiting enemies with only one vulnerable point and a large amount of armor on the body. However, the mine allows both to inflict damage (it miraculously passes, despite one vulnerable point), and to rip off the enemy's metal vestments.

Inspecting items in inventory

The mechanics are understandable for seasoned Resident Evil players, but may not seem obvious to beginners. To solve some of the riddles that allow you to go further in the story, you need to study the received item.

To do this, go to the inventory menu, select the "Subject" section. After that, select a suspicious item from the list. A window will open in which you can twist the object in all directions. Having picked up a suitable angle, an action button will appear, which will allow you to open or pull something out of the object. Voila! Hidden object received.