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Here is a trickster build for the endgame of Outriders after patch 1.04


Here is a trickster build for the endgame of Outriders after patch 1.04

One of the most popular classes of Outriders is the Trickster (German: Assassin). We shows you a build with which you can get through the endgame expeditions of Outriders without any problems and achieve challenge rank 15.

This is the assassin: The special property of the class is the manipulation of space and time. This allows assassins to teleport, slow down enemies and weaken them additionally.

With the right combination of equipment, weapons and skills, a deadly and lightning-fast machine can be assembled with which you can only butcher your way through the endgame.

The YouTuber NickTew has presented a build that shows one of the strongest build variants for the assassin. This is also adapted to the armor bug that came to light with patch 1.04 . We'll show you what you need for the build.

Assassin Build - Skill Tree, Skills, Equipment

Assassin Build - Skill Tree, Skills, Equipment

You need these perks:

Gun trickery (x4)
  • Increases weapon damage at close range by 15%
Trump card
  • Increases armor penetration by 10%
Probability of death (x3)
  • Increases weapon damage by 8%
Mastery: Shotguns
  • Increases shotgun damage by 15%
  • Increases the chance of enemies dropping shotguns by 20%
  • Reduces the cooldown of mobility skills by 15%
Devastating firepower
  • Activating Deception Abilities increases weapon damage by 35% for 8 seconds
  • Reduces the cooldown of Deception skills by 15%
Unexpected end (x2)
  • When attacking opponents from behind, weapon damage increases by 20%
Bounty hunter
  • Increases weapon damage against elite opponents by 15%
Strange growth
  • Enlarges the magazine by 50%
Expert: shotguns
  • Increases shotgun damage by 12%
Cold calculation
  • For every enemy at close range, weapon damage increases by 8%

The skills of the assassin build

The skills of the assassin build

  • Hunting Fever: Choose an enemy and teleport behind him. You will receive an energy shield.
  • Time Rift: Creates a shock wave that levitates enemies in mid-air for 3.5 seconds and also causes weakness.
  • Turkish bullets: You get a magazine with anomaly-charged bullets that increase your damage and ignore resistance.

Weapons, armor, mods

The YouTuber uses these weapons: The main weapon of the build is the legendary shotgun, which appears in numerous builds and is one of the most popular weapons in the endgame of Outriders.

Due to the item restoration, which went differently than planned , he even got this shotgun as a Godroll. With the rank 3 mods “Fortress” and “Dark Sacrifice” one of the most powerful damage combinations is possible in Outriders.

Fortress gives you a damage bonus of 43% if you come above a certain armor value. Dark sacrifice continuously draws life from you until you only have 50% of your life points. But there is a permanent bonus of 75%.

The missing life points can be easily restored through the damage you cause. This is a very risky style of play, but if you move properly and react quickly enough, you should be able to survive.

Alternatively, instead of Dark Sacrifice, we recommend the Rank 3 Mod rampage. This does not take any lives from you, but it also allows a strong damage bonus when you kill opponents. When it comes to your second weapon, you have virtually free choice.

NickTew uses these armor mods: One of the most important pieces of armor is Ugake Otarah's legendary hood. That brings you a rank 3 modification Immediate Reload. This mod refills your magazine every time you teleport with the hunting fever skill.

That makes maintaining your treacherous bullets easier and you almost never have to reload.

  • Eagle Eye (Rank 3): Increases your weapon damage if you kill an enemy while aiming through your sights. Can be stacked up to 3 times.
  • Shotgun Ammunition (Rank 2): Increases shotgun damage by 10%
  • Captian Hunter (Rank 3): Increases your weapon damage against elite opponents by 25%
  • Protective Death (Rank 2): Increases your armor if you kill an enemy while aiming through your visor. Can be stacked up to 3 times.
  • Long Range (Rank 1): Triples the range of the skill.
  • Pain Transmission (Rank 3): 10% of weapon damage and 30% of anomaly damage are transmitted from one enemy to another.
  • Immediate Reload (Rank 3): Your magazine will be refilled every time you teleport with the Hunt Fever Skill.
  • Individual distance (rank 2): Increases your damage at close range by 15%
  • Ammunition bargain: If you kill opponents while malicious bullets are active, you will get 20% of your ammunition back.
  • Bloodlust: Kills increase weapon damage. Can be stacked up to 3 times.

As attributes, you should rely on bonus weapon strength, cooldown reduction and damage at short range.

You can see what it looks like in action in NickTew's video. There he demonstrates the build in the star grave expedition:

With the build, he not only manages to complete expeditions at challenge level 1, he even manages times of around 3 minutes. So you can grind through the endgame really fast.

The style of play could cause problems for some, however, as you can't take much damage from enemies. The assassin's shield, which can be constantly built up by hunting fever, helps, however.

The Outriders armament system is currently also bugged. The error does not seem to occur to the same extent for all players. Keep this in mind when making similar offensive builds.