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How to find all weapons and upgrades in Resident Evil Village


How to find all weapons and upgrades in Resident Evil Village

All weapons and upgrades for him in Resident Evil Village : How to Find the GM 79 Grenade Launcher, the M1851 Fighter Revolver (Magnum), and more.


You will receive a knife according to the plot. It cannot be improved by the Duke, nor are there any upgrades to it. You don't need to take out a knife to break the boxes, so you don't even need to put it in the quick slot.

LEMI pistol

This is the very first firearm that Ethan receives in the story. It is impossible to miss it.


  • muzzle brake - located in a briefcase next to the kitchen in Dimitrescu Castle;
  • large store - sold by the Duke.

Shotgun M1897

It can be found at the very beginning of the game, after Ethan is attacked by werewolves. In addition, the shotgun appears at the merchant or elsewhere if you missed it.


  • Sensitive Trigger - Sold by the Duke.

Rifle F2

Another almost narrative weapon. After you open the secret door, a passage to the attic will open. In the far corner of the attic you will find a rifle.


  • a large store - you will find it in the house of the violin maker, after you pick up the key from the house of the gardener Beneviento;
  • cheek rest - sold by the Duke;
  • telescopic sight - sold by the Duke.

M1911 pistol

When you need to raise the tractor with a jack and crawl under it, you will find yourself in a previously closed area where you will have to guess the safe code (070408). The gun will be in the safe. The weapon is automatic, so you can shoot simply by holding the trigger or LMB.


  • Large shop - can be found in a desk drawer in one of the houses immediately after you open the Moro Reservoir sluice;
  • Improved Handle - Sold by the Duke.

Shotgun W870 TAC

You will find the weapon in a small house in the Beneviento garden. After you defeat the boss and you will return back.


  • forend - in the shelter, where you can sail by boat after you get the handle and can lower the bridge near the lonely road;
  • Improved Stock - Sold by the Duke.

Revolver M1851 "Fighter"

It is located in Moro's laboratory, where you can get after passing the reservoir. At the mill, open the door leading to the laboratory.


  • long barrel - located in the operating room at the Heisenberg factory, which can be accessed after starting the backup generator;
  • drum - sold by the Duke.

GM 79 grenade launcher

The grenade launcher lies in a locked room near the red gate in the village. You can get there after Moro Reservoir, before you go to the Heisenberg Trials. A signed key is required. There are no upgrades for this weapon.

Shotgun SYG-12

Will be available for sale at the Duke after you find it at the Heisenberg Factory.


  • collimator sight - sold by the Duke.

V61 Custom submachine gun

Will be available for sale at the Duke after you find it at the Heisenberg Factory.


  • long barrel - sold by the Duke;
  • stock - sold by the Duke.

Samurai Blade - AW Model-01

Available as part of the Field Kit, which can be obtained with pre-order or in the expanded edition of the game. It has no upgrades and improvements.

Bonus weapon

Special weapons can be purchased from the bonus menu. After the purchase, the item appears at the merchant. The following options are available:

  • short-barreled machine WCX,
  • karambit (knife, does more damage),
  • semi-automatic pistol USM-AI,
  • assault rifle "Dragoon",
  • the killer pistol,
  • mini rocket launcher,
  • melee weapon "Argument".