Mass Effect: kill or save the rachni queen? All decisions & consequences - Legendary Edition


Mass Effect: kill or save the rachni queen? All decisions & consequences - Legendary Edition

In the very first part of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition we encounter the species Rachni . And a short time later, after we met her for the first time, we are given a choice . But how should I behave towards this insectoid species? Should I save the Rachni Queen or should I destroy her and her brood once and for all?

In this guide we clarify the possible consequences of your actions . So if you are even vaguely unsure which path to pursue with the Rachni, then these tips may help you.

Rachni in Mass Effect

One advance: Remember that your decisions regarding the Rachni dramatic impact on Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 have. So it is important that you decide early on where you want to go with the rachni.

First encounter : We meet the Rachni queen for the first time on Noveria in “Mass Effect” . With Commander Shepard and his team, we make a detour to Summit 15 to find the Asari matriarch Benezia . After locating them on our mission in the special facility, we come across a surprising discovery. A rachni queen lives.

The Rachni Queen in captivity

A 1,000 year old rachni egg was recovered and the deadly rachni became at the summit 15 of the bred Binary Helix company to use for an army. Wanted that the whole venture apparently backfired. We meet the Rachni for the first time in this section on Noveria and they cause our team many problems. After all, we don't want to let go of this dangerous species into the galaxy. Or does it?

So it is surprising that we find the Rachni Queen just like that in a tank and are given the choice. Because although we just had to fight against some rachni, the queen here seems to be more harmless than we initially thought.

Decision: Release or Kill Rachni Queen?

Now we can kill or even free the Rachni Queen on Noveria and both decisions have an impact .

But we must first realize something: The Rachni are by no means a willless, haphazardly killing species. The Rachni at Summit 15 only kill because they were separated from their queen. Rachni cannot exist without their mother's "song", which eventually drives them crazy.

But that does not apply to the rachni associated with their queen. And the Rachni are sentient, thinking beings. So can we erase them?

You have the choice: kill or free Rachni?

Release the Rachni Queen : So if you her, the Queen will flee into the wilderness of Noveria. She promises that she will find a quiet place to live, that she be indebted, and that she will tell her descendants about Commander Shepard.

Kill the Rachni Queen : If you her, the Rachni will do something to get out of this situation. However, it does not help her and Commander Shepard activates the acid tank, which ultimately kills this queen.

Either way, the Citadel Council is not happy with your choice , as always. Having fought the Rachni in the past, the council is concerned that you have released them. And on the other hand, the council makes a comment and asks whether humanity takes pleasure in the practice of genocide.

Rachni in Mass Effect 2

In “Mass Effect 2” it is only a small appearance, but the Rachni queen appears in the sequel . However, that only happens if you have n't killed them.

On Illium you will meet an asari at the starting point

When you have killed her , you will hear a message that there was "no evidence of Rachni clones" on Noveria. So the work of the Binary Helix is ​​swept under the rug.

When you have freed her on Noveria, you will meet an asari on the asari planet Ilium who is not what it appears to be. She brings us a message from the Rachni Queen.

In this message we learn that the Rachni Queen is fine and she once again thanks Commander Shepard for his help. In addition, she assures that she would help with the rising darkness, "the drying up of the chants". The Rachni anticipate the Reaper threat that lies ahead of the galaxy.

Rachni in Mass Effect 3

In “Mass Effect 3” you finally get to know the consequences that are based on your actions in the first part . Because the Rachni Queen actually has an impact on the finale.

If you let her live, the Rachni Queen will be captured by the Reapers . But the Rachni can withstand the indoctrination of the Reaper.

Once again we are given the choice of whether to save or kill the Rachni Queen.

Decision 2: Release or kill the Rachni Queen again?

If you choose to free the Rachni Queen one more time , the Rachni will help you destroy the Aralakh Company .

But be careful! This could be a krogan team led by Grunt . If you want to save Grunt, you must have carried out his loyalty mission in "Mass Effect 2" in order to receive his corresponding loyalty. Otherwise reason will be killed in this decision.

The Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 3

Alternatively, you can leave the Rachni Queen to her fate . But what happens then?

In any case, you do not have to fight her, she decides to indulge in the "silence" and let the chants fall silent. It is believed that as a result, the Rachni queen dies after being overrun by her children. But in the end we don't get to see that.

What if I kill the Rachni Queen in "Mass Effect"? If you already killed her in the first part, there is actually another Rachni queen at this point . But it is an artificial species of Rachni created by the Reapers .

If the Reaper rachni help her to escape, she will reveal herself to be untrustworthy and will bring back the rachni she sacrificed. If you leave the Reaper Rachni behind, however, she will react differently than the real Rachni Queen.

That would be the worst ending to the Rachni story , so to speak , because she first yells at Shepard and then attacks him with her children. Remember, this is not possible with the real Rachni.

What is right or wrong?

Which also leads us to the conclusion . If you save her, she will become a powerful ally in the war against the Reaper, but be careful! In the case of the 2nd rescue, this can have unforeseen consequences and cost the life of a beloved comrade.

Or you decide to kill them from the start. However, this leads to the appearance of the cloned Rachni queen. And you don't want to have these as friends or enemies. Either way, she turns out to be an extremely bad ally.

So in the end it could be said that there is only one right way to go, but you have to take responsibility for your actions. You have got to know all the consequences in this help. So what would you choose?

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