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Subnautica: Below Zero - How to unlock a blueprint and build a Shrimp suit?


Subnautica: Below Zero - How to unlock a blueprint and build a Shrimp suit?

This guide will show you how to build a suit by opening a blueprint for it. The shrimp costume is a very important vehicle you can have, especially if you want to explore deeper areas.

The shrimp costume requires you to scan several fragments before you can unlock its blueprint. Each of the fragments can be found in different places where you need to find one part, scan it, and then look for another until you have scanned everything.

How to unlock the shrimp costume blueprint

To unlock the blueprint, you need to scan the fragments of the shrimp suit scattered across four areas. Every time you spot a white shrimp suit, scan it to collect a piece of the blueprint. Areas where you can find fragments of a shrimp costume:

  • Coppa Mine: Inside the mine, where thermal spiers lead to the entrance. Make sure you have enough upgrades to dive into the cave at this site.
  • Mercury II: You can find several suit fragments inside the ship in the bay.
  • Phi Excavation Site: You can find some fragments at this excavation site next to the Alterra site.
  • Zero Outpost: Look for fragments at this facility in Alterra, near the service station.

How to assemble a suit

When you have enough fragments, you will need to head to the mobile bay to create a shrimp costume. The materials needed to make the suit are a battery, a computer chip, a plasteel bar, and enamel glass. Use the materials and blueprint to create your own costume.