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Swords of Legends: Everything about housing in the new MMORPG

Swords of Legends: Everything about housing in the new MMORPG

 The new MMORPG Swords of Legends Online (SOLO) offers an interesting housing system in which you can buy your own island and design an area there according to your wishes. We tell you everything you need to know about housing.

This is how you get your own house: In order to be able to use the housing in Swords of Legends, you must first reach the maximum level Student 1.

As soon as you have reached the maximum level, you will receive the quest “Residence in the clouds” via cultivation. You have to follow it to get your own island.

However, to buy your own island, you need 200 gold. When buying, you select one of the free islands, which are all the same size, but differ slightly in layout. The construction area for some islands is in the north, for others in the west, south or east.

What exactly can you do in housing?

  • You grow different materials that you can harvest at regular intervals. However, these materials only work for housing.
  • With these materials you can expand your fields, stone surfaces and also the warehouse and workshops
  • You can also use the materials to create houses, walls, decorations and plants, which you can then place on the construction area as you wish.
  • However, housing does not offer any playful advantages, such as materials for crafting or bonuses in the open world. It is primarily for your own pleasure.

Can you visit the houses of other players: Yes, if you interact with one of the portals related to housing (for example in Wolkenstieg, but also on your own island), you can activate the residence teleport. There you have different cloud kingdoms and islands to choose from.

You can also post your island as a code in the chat so that other players can teleport directly to your house with one click. All you have to do is open the Housing menu (CTRL + J) and click on “Share”.

This is how you get materials for housing

The procurement of materials plays an important role as the basis for housing. You have 2 options for this:

  • Cultivation in soul earth (2x on your island)
  • The cultivation in the soul vein (also 2x on your island)

In doing so, you each grow a material together with an element. The material determines which items you get when harvesting and the element brings an additional effect, such as 10% more material, faster growth or additional other materials.

What materials does soul earth bring? You can get the following materials from soul earth:

  • Tier 1 - gold fiber wood (lumber) and jade snow grass (ghost grass)
  • Stage 2 - Mulberry Wood and Green Silk Grass.
  • Unknown tier - night firewood and phoenix dress grass
What materials does the soul vein bring? Via the soul vein you get:

  • Level 1 - vermilion mine (metal) and dolomite (stone material)
  • Level 2 - Sea Gold Ore and Mysterious Stones
  • Unknown level - purple morning ditch and hundred color rock

How long does it take to grow materials? It takes 23 hours each time to harvest the material that you have sown. However, the time can be reduced by upgrading certain workshops or an equivalent element.

What do soul vein and soul earth upgrades bring? With every upgrade, new materials are unlocked and you get more material as you harvest. It is enough to upgrade soul earth or soul vein to get both fields to level 2.

Where do you get the essences from? While you can always grow the materials at no cost, you have to carry the essences with you in your inventory. You get these for various activities such as fishing, the treasure compass or as a reward for harvesting the materials on your own island.

This is how you get buildings with housing and place them correctly

Where do you get recipes from? You will find the research and production station on your island. There you can learn new recipes with the help of the “Handbook of the Spirit” and the use of “Cloud House Treasure Bills”. However, some recipes require a higher level of your residence.

We do not currently know where exactly the manual of the mind can be obtained from. We will update the guide accordingly. However, we always had enough of them in our inventory over the course of our season.

You can get the cloud house treasure bills by exchanging unnecessary materials for them. This can be done with the housekeeper of the residence (at the entrance portal).

Manufacture of objects : The manufacture of objects also works via the research and production station. There you can see all objects, including those that you have not yet learned. The materials from the housing, cloud house treasure bills and activity points are needed for the production.

You get the activity points for logging in and for completing cultivation tasks.

Placing objects: To do this, you first have to enter your construction area. There you then select “Build a home” and then land in the build menu. The most important there is the button “arrangement of objects”. There you can select and place objects.

Under “blueprint” you can also save your current house and then build something new. At the beginning you have a memory slot, but you unlock more slots when you upgrade your residence.

How many objects are there in housing? There are a total of 1,588 recipes including:

  • 20 different houses
  • Over 300 different walls, fences and gates
  • Over 50 different floor coverings
  • 20 beds and dozens of wardrobes, tables and benches
  • Several small objects such as plates, jugs or books for decorating the house
  • Dozens of trees, stones and other objects for landscape decoration
  • The possibility of digging a pond

In addition, there are other housing objects that you can buy in the shop for real money, including 2 large temples, but also various holograms and walls.

Tips and tricks for building:

  • Activate the grid if you want to build symmetrically.
  • When you place something, you can use the F1 or F2 keys to increase or decrease the size as you wish. This works for almost all objects, with the exception of houses.
  • With a click on “Only show stocks” in “Arrangement of objects” you will only see things that you can place.

What else can you set for housing? In addition to the area that you can decorate, you can also influence the weather on your island. To do this, you have to visit the housekeeper of the residence at the portal. It offers you the options:

  • Sun
  • snow
  • An alternation between sun and snow

There is also the “Melodies of Legends” on a mountain. You can use it to adjust the music on your island. Some pieces of music are even linked to dungeon bosses and are dropped by them.

Upgrade the residence

For some recipes and higher levels of soul earth and soul vein, you have to upgrade your residence. That costs material, but also requires other things, such as upgrading your workbenches or researching a certain number of recipes.

The upgrade always takes place via the “Upgrade” button in the upper right corner. This applies to both your residence itself and the various workbenches.

What is the maximum residence level? So far we have found recipes that require residence level 10. However, because the cultivation of the materials takes a long time, it should take a few months to reach this level.

The different workbenches and their functions

Basically only the research and production station as well as the soul earth and soul vein have an active function. The other workshops only bring passive effects.

This is what the Baigong workshop brings: the higher the level of the workshop, the more soul grass you can store. In addition, the growth time of grass is reduced (at level 2 by 2.5%).

This is what the millstone platform brings: the higher the level, the more stone material you can store. In addition, the growth time of stone is reduced (at level 2 by 2.5%).

This is what the workbench brings : the higher the step, the more wood material can be stored. In addition, the growth time of wood is reduced (at level 2 by 2.5%).

This is what the forge furnace brings : the higher the level, the more mineral can be stored. In addition, the growth time of minerals / metal is reduced (at level 2 by 2.5%).

This is what the warehouse brings : The warehouse increases the space for storing residential objects (i.e. the things that can be placed during housing).