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Ubisoft Announces New Game for The Division - You can now register for tests


Ubisoft Announces New Game for The Division - You can now register for tests

In a comprehensive blog post, the developers at Ubisoft have commented on the future of Tom Clancy's The Division . Part of this future will be a new Free2Play game. And it doesn't stop there.

What the developers say: As emphasized in the post, a large community has been built up over the past few years with The Division and The Division 2, which is now to be supplied with new content.

In addition to working on The Division 2, other projects were also looked at. This includes a new game: Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland.

What is the Heartland Division? So far, information about the new game is rare. What is certain is that it is a Free2Play game in the division universe that is produced by the Red Storm studio.

The developers emphasize that it will be a standalone one that will be equipped with its own setting and its own view of the division universe. Prior knowledge from the previous parts should not be necessary.

When does Heartland come out? The Heartland Division is expected to be released in 2021/2022 for PC, consoles and cloud services. If you want to start earlier, you can register now for any tests.

To do this, simply log in to the official registration page (via Ubisoft ) with the Ubisoft account and then select the appropriate platform. You can choose from PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Once you have done that, you end up in the pot of possible testers. You should then receive further information by email in due course.

Heartland isn't the only new addition to the Division universe, though.

The Division is growing with film, books and mobile offshoots

What's next? In the announcement, the developers speak of further projects that will expand the division universe. A clear timeline shows what the universe is to be expanded with:

In addition to updates for The Division 2, a book, a film and a mobile game are planned.

This includes, for example, a division film that is being produced in collaboration with Netflix . Here one has certainly been able to land big names: Jessica Chastain (Golden Globe winner) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man: Far From Home) are said to be on board as portrayals.

The Division is also getting a mobile offshoot. However, the developers do not want to comment on this in more detail until a later date.

A book that will begin right at the end of The Division 2's story is also being planned.

Last but not least - and as previously known - The Division 2 will also receive another update in 2021. There is supposed to be a new mode in there as well as new methods of leveling up the agents and tinkering with variable builds.