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Walkthrough Castle Flipper - game guide


Walkthrough Castle Flipper - game guide

Detailed walkthrough of all Castle Flipper levels: search for chests and notes, how to unlock all pieces of furniture, tools in the workshop and so on

Go to the fenced-in area and turn right to examine the notice board. Remove the sheet from it (key E ) and click on SPACE to confirm. Then open the list of tasks (key Q ), select the next mission and accept on the same SPACE key.

Ruined camp

You need to collect 50 pieces of garbage, repair a palisade in 6 places, a fence in 7 points, fix a warehouse and cut down two large trees. To get started, run over all the glowing points to see clues. Then we will tackle the tasks one at a time.

To cut down two large trees, you first need to find them. It's simple: trees grow in the far left and right corners of this territory. Approaching them, hold TAB and select the ax. Confirm your choice with LMB and cut down the trees with it. Cut the fallen tree trunks into three logs. And then through TAB select the hammer and destroy the remaining stumps. Only then will the trees be considered cut down.

To repair the warehouse, stand at the beginning and look to the left. You will see a canopy with columns. Three of them are missing, but there are green holograms in their place. You need to install three posts here. All of them are lying here, along the left edge of the fenced area. Pick and place them on the E keys.

To fix the fence, go to the right side of the village. There is a small fence around the carts, and there are no 7 short boards in it. Short and long boards lie a little further. Pick up short LMB and place them in the required positions marked in green ( E key ). You can pick up three boards at a time. If you need to remove boards from your shoulders, press RMB .

Next, you need to repair the palisade. You can climb to the left and right sides of the palisade by the stairs to the left and right of the entrance. But before that, be sure to grab 3 long boards on your shoulders. Place them on both sides of the palisade (six in total), and the task will be considered completed. Select "Stay" when you are congratulated on completing the mission.

Next, you need to collect the trash. Usually problems arise with him. 22 pieces of garbage are in the main building in the center, another 28 are scattered around the yard. In total, I managed to find all 50 pieces of garbage. This includes broken barrels, chairs, boards, heaps of hay, fragments of pots, and so on. Anything that is lying on the floor or ground and stands out from the environment. Be sure to collect both small and large piles of hay (cubic). Huge or oblong bales are not collected.

Chests :

  • Go to the far left corner, bend down and make your way through the hole in the rock. This will reveal the first chest. Inside - 1000 gold.
  • To get another chest, go back to the start and look left. There will be a staircase leading to the palisade. Climb up it and move to the very end to find a large cube. To break it, use TAB and select the hammer. Hit the cube, and then open the second chest. Inside - 1000 gold.

Notes :

  • The first one is on the table under the warehouse shed, which you must repair (set 3 posts).
  • Look for the second on three barrels on the same left side, in the direction of the passage in the stones and one of the trees.
  • Enter the central building and remove the note hanging on the pedestal.
  • The last note is next to the second chest. Read above.

Reward : 1000 gold and 200 gold as a bonus if you collect and complete all tasks.

Own piece of land

You need to remove 33 pieces of garbage, scrub 4 spots, destroy the cart and shop (0/2) and demolish the house (0/10). Garbage is the easiest way to collect - all of it lies at the entrance, under the notice board and under the central shed. Press T to open the skill tree and unlock the Watcher's Eye. Now, by holding Z , you can briefly highlight debris and stains that need to be wiped off. The cart has two spots, two others - under and on the notice board. Also, smash the central building, the cart and the bench behind the notice board with a hammer. The task is completed!

The kingdom is calling!

Take a new task from the bulletin board. You need to build 1 trebuchet, put 3 tools in place (in the box), remove 13 pieces of debris and 2 spots. And also, if you wish, find 3 notes. With "Caretaker's Eye", you won't have any problems with debris and stains! Open the main building on the right and find all the trash there. There are both spots on the walls. By the way, in order to quickly wipe the spots with a broom, in addition to LMB, move the mouse up and down.

One of the three tools (chisel) is on the shelf of the cabinet, where are two notes, and the other (wooden hammer) is on the barrels in the far corner. Approach each, move the cursor and hold LMB . You will see a selection, hints will appear. Go to the toolbox in the same building, to the right of the cabinet, and hover over it. The instrument you have taken should fit perfectly inside. Confirm the decision by clicking on the LMB again. The third tool, a screwdriver, lies on the box, where the note is. Only a note is on the upper small box, and a screwdriver is on the large box below it, at the very edge.

To build a trebuchet, you need 17 planks. There are six outside, and 11 more inside the building. Take three pieces and place them in their respective positions.

Notes :

  • In the building with garbage, on the distant cubic boxes, there is the first note.
  • Another note is in the same building, on the bottom shelf of the cabinet.
  • The last note is next to the previous one, the shelf above.
Reward : 1000 and 200 gold bonus.

Building a small house

You need to build your first house. To do this, you will have to make 3 parts of the foundation, 1 door, 4 parts of the roof, and then change the appearance of the house. Also, 3 pieces of furniture of your choice should be installed inside. And also 2 chests are hidden in this location.

Go to the construction site, click on I , open the "Buildings" tab and select "Houses". You will see on the right a list of all available items. Pick a 25 gold foundation (in the first position) and set it in a circle in three places. Open the same menu and select the 50 gold walls (second position). Install four pieces. Then you can simply press the number keys, focusing on the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen. Press "2" for the walls and "3" for the door. Install one door. Then use the "4" key to select the walls with windows and place them in the three remaining places. Use the "5" key to select the roof and build it. On the "6" key, select and set three windows, to "7" - one door.

Then press the TAB key , select the left menu "Modify" and point to wood (you have no stone). Interact with the walls of the house to build them (press LMB ). Also click on the walls under the roof. By the way, when installing the roof, you, like me, could make a mistake and put one part wrong. Destroy it with a hammer, select the roof again and rotate the mouse wheel so that it fits perfectly into place. After that, enter the house and build the last 4 parts - the floor (via the "Change" menu). Buy and install any bed, wardrobe and cabinet in your home. This is all done through Menu I , Bedroom. Take your time to leave this place, as you can find 2 more chests.

Chests :

  • Stand in front of the entrance to the constructed building. Walk around it and go forward behind the village to find a small lake. On the bank on the left is the first chest (1000 gold).
  • Stand again facing the entrance to the constructed building, but this time go to the right. There will be a well on the right hand. Walk past him to the outskirts of the village and look for a lone shed with hay there. Go around the canopy and from the back you will find an open opening with a second chest (500 gold).
When you're ready, press ESC to leave this place.

Reward : 3000 and 600 gold bonus.


After the assignment, you will return to the mission "Your Own Piece of Land". Build the same house as in the previous mission, and then look into the workshop from the side. Here you can rename the kingdom, open new furniture (first buy, and then collect a simple puzzle), and also change the banner. Remove two new tasks from the board. By the way, spending money on new furniture is optional. It will open automatically if you continue to go through the levels of the game, collecting all the notes and chests.

Cleaning time
You need to get rid of 42 pieces of debris and 5 stains. And then - put one bed and one wardrobe on the second floor. You also need to remove old stumps and trees (0/3). First, walk around the house and cut down three dry trees without leaves. Don't forget to use a hammer to break the stumps. If you wish, you can cut down other trees to collect wood and additional gold. Collect debris in front of the entrance, remove the stain and go inside. Clear the first floor, go up to the second, destroying the fallen cabinet (with a hammer). Remove all debris and all stains. Climb even higher and do the same. It is on this, the last floor, that you need to install a wardrobe and a bed. Buy the cheapest to save money!

Reward : 3000 and 600 gold bonus.

Yes, captain

In addition to debris and stains, you must get rid of 5 old trees, repair the ship, steering wheel, deck, catch 8 mice and fix 3 chairs. Also, 4 chests and one note are hidden at the location. Let's take care of trees, or rather, stumps. Take a hammer and destroy them. They are all located next to the building. Remove the boards from the windows and go inside. Remove debris and stains on all floors, remove planks from interior windows. In total, after leaving the building, you should have 53/86 debris and 6/10 stains removed. In addition, there are two balconies on the penultimate floor of the building. On the one that is open, there is a key on the table. You need it! On the other balcony, which is opposite (open the door slightly), there is a chest. Finally, three chairs need to be repaired on different floors of the building. Through the TAB menu, select "Repair" and pressE when interacting with chairs. Install four legs and hit each nail twice.

Now move towards the ship. Collect trash along the way. Clear the main deck by picking up all the trash and catching 3 mice (by a trivial LMB interaction ). In the captain's cabin on the left, which is opened with a key, look for the only note on the level. Exit here and pick up the sticks lying near the stairs. Go up and place them on the steering wheel. There are three other sticks under the same steering wheel. Install them - the helm is repaired!

Then go down to the hold, collect the last debris and clean up the spots. Catch the remaining mice. Collect thin planks and place them on holes in the floor on the main deck. All boards are either on deck or in the hold. You also need to pick up larger beams and put them on the walls of the ship - on the main deck and in the hold. One of the beams is behind the cabin where the note was. By the way, above I cheated a little. Apparently, the nourished cabin is at the very top, but there is nothing in it.

Chests :

  • Look for the first chest behind the nearest building. It contains 500 gold coins.
  • Another chest is located on the balcony of the penultimate floor of the same building. It contains 1000 gold pieces.
  • When you get to the ship, move to the captain's cabin on the left. It opens with a key from the house (see above). Exit through another opening and turn left to find a chest. It contains 1000 gold pieces.
  • The last chest is in the same direction. Exit the cabin and climb the stairs above to the helm. Opposite there is another door, and to the right of it is a staircase. Climb it and you will see a chest with 1000 gold.
Reward : 7000 and 1400 gold bonus.

Useful lesson

You need to collect 120 damaged items, as well as optionally find 2 chests. First, walk around the courtyard and destroy all the stone benches, flower beds (large and small), one well, wooden buildings, a tub by the barn, a table and chairs made of wood. If done correctly and cleared the courtyard, progress should be 35/120.

Next, you need to inspect all buildings with the exception of the main building. In the house in the near left corner there are 3 destructible objects, in the house in the far left corner - 24, and in the house in the far right corner - 8. In total, by this moment - 70/120. Look for the rest of the destructible objects in the courtyard (flowerpots) and inside a large building. Search every floor. Note that the cookware may sit on the wall shelves raised high enough that you will not notice them the first time. You can also destroy chandeliers, brooms, curtains. In general, at this level, there are approximately 123-124 destructible objects, that is, there is a certain reserve.

Chests :

Look for the first on the balcony of the house in the far right corner of this territory. Inside - 1000 gold.

The second chest is located in the niche of the main building. To get to the storage room, go to the courtyard and move left. Look for a separate door. Inside - 500 gold.

Reward : 3000 gold and 600 bonus.

Building a new house

First, set up a 15 unit foundation. Then build walls, windows and doors. Then use the roof pieces of 100 coins to build it up completely, and then use the "CHANGE" menu to finish the house with wood. You can finish the ceiling while standing inside the house. Everything is simple enough. But the usual parts of the roof will not work, keep that in mind!

Reward : 3000 gold and 600 bonus.

On the road to power

You need to build a regular house and rent it out. Immediately I advise you to build a house consisting of 6 parts of the foundation. After doing it all, hang up the RENT sign... Interact with her to see potential tenants. You can rent a house to any of them, even if you have not met all the requirements. However, the more requirements are met, the higher the rent for the house will be, and the more likely the customer will not refuse to pay for it altogether. I decided to satisfy the requirements of one of the clients, and as a result, the payment increased from 17 coins to 85. Also, keep an eye on the "Damage" indicator. It indicates how likely and how often the client will break something in the house. But you have to fix it. Finally, if there is a “crown” marker on the furniture icon, then you should buy furniture with the same marker. Be careful with this! Look for shelves, chairs and tables in the kitchen, cabinets, cabinets and beds in the "Bedroom" section.

Reward : 5000 gold.

Expansion of the territory

Returning after all these tasks, you will see the AREA sign . It will allow you to expand your territory. You can buy three expansions for 4000, 10,000 and 20,000 gold respectively. If you have money, feel free to do it right now! In addition, the Quarry and the Lumberjack's Hut will become available. To get to them, go in the opposite direction from the main entrance to your territory. At the quarry, use a hammer to break the stones and then pick them up with your bare hands. For each broken cobblestone, you will receive 3 stones. Come back here after each assignment. The same with the lumberjack's hut - chop 3 trees that grow in the courtyard of the hut, and return after each task.

Become a master of your craft

You need to complete the construction of the castle - 0/73, collect all the trash and remove the old stumps. The last two tasks are as simple as possible. There is also 1 chest on the territory of the castle. To open it (1000 gold), turn around at the beginning of the level and go along the long corridor to the gate. Look for the chest on the right.

To get started, open the building menu and go to the castles (in the same place as the houses). Choose the third wall for 50 gold and place it in the four places the game points to. In general, this is a fairly simple task. Place the parts that the game points to (see what is highlighted in the castle). There shouldn't be any problems. Note that there are walls with both one hole and two. Choose the appropriate ones. Everything is on the castle menu.

Reward : 3000 gold.


All debris and all stains need to be removed here. You are also asked to light 9 torches, repair 3 pieces of furniture, and catch 4 mice. And there are 7 notes hidden in the dungeon! To get started, select the torch from the tool menu and light all the torches along the right wall, one in the indentations to the left and right, and one more to the right and left of the spiked chamber. Find two notes on the right, one more on the left, and a fourth inside the spiked chamber. There is also a bunch of keys hanging there. Pick up all debris and remove stains. Among the debris, there are barely noticeable insects, and a cobweb below and above when moving along the corridor. Repair two stools by selecting the appropriate tool and interacting with the square wood panels. Pick up the two spiked panels and place them on the torture chair to repair it. use the keys to unlock the two cameras along the previous corridor, to find the last three scraps, 4 mice and the last trash. Gold bars (1000) are hidden behind the barrels in the nearest chamber.

Reward : 4000 coins and 800 bonus.

Returning to your own land, you will find a new building - the market. Here you can exchange resources. For example, 1 stone costs 100 gold, and 1 wood costs 50. Use if necessary.

Need a carpenter

Remember how you destroyed a bunch of objects in one of the previous tasks "Useful Lesson"? So, now these very objects will have to be returned. Look for flower beds in the "Garden" section, plants. Then visit each building and install items from two sections - "Kitchen" and "Bedroom". Moreover, you can choose absolutely any chairs, even stools. Forms don't matter. If the green hologram disappears, then you have installed the correct object. Absolutely all 45 objects are located on this territory. Next, pay attention to two exits from the castle. Use the right one, where there are more flower beds. Walk forward along the path. She will go to the left, up a hill with another castle. You go to the large stones on the right and find the entrance to the cave with the first chest (500 gold).

Climb up to another castle and follow the road to the left to see a blockage on the road. Collect trash, break logs with an ax, destroy a cart and other trash. So you clear the way, which is what you need on assignment.

Go to the large castle on the hill. Absolutely all the garbage is hidden here. There are 14 garbage items in the castle courtyard, the rest is in the interior. Enter the tower in the center of the courtyard, climb to the very top and take 1000 gold from the second chest. Remove the trash and open 40 windows. Some windows won't open. But in fact there are more than 40 openable windows.

As for changing the appearance of the fence, walls and buildings, we are talking about the first courtyard, where you previously destroyed objects, and now they are restored. So, select the Modify tool, hit the walls of the courtyard perimeter, the fence near the big building, and every building in that courtyard. Unfortunately, I never found the last chest.

Reward : 10,000 gold and 2,000 bonus.

The holiday was a success

First, get rid of all debris and stains. It exists both outside and inside buildings. There are three rooms in total. Deal with the first one. There is something behind one of the walls. Go in the opposite direction, go upstairs, go out to the shallow balcony and lower the lever on the wall to the right. Return to the corridor and see that the cache has opened. There will be the only chest on the level and the first note, as well as a bunch of keys. Use stone blocks to repair holes in the walls. They are everywhere. The cobblestone will be useful for repairing the fountain in the yard. All three parts of the fountain are located in this courtyard, not far from it. Lifting statues and pieces of furniture is optional, but desirable.

To plant the lawn, use the Modify tool and select the desired grass. Plant trees through the build menu, Garden section. There are steps to the right of the fountain that need to be repaired. There is a second note on their railing. In the building with the throne, on the throne chair itself is the third note. Use the Z key to look for spots and debris.

Reward : 10,000 gold and 2,000 bonus.

After this task, be sure to go to the skills section (key T ) and spend all points to unlock all abilities. There should be enough of them. The button at the bottom left allows you to reset all skills for 2000 gold coins.

Ice fortress

Go to the right, to the red point, destroy the bench, open the inventory and put another bench in its place. Go left from the main entrance to another part of the castle. Remove the debris and open the first chest (1000 gold). The main gate is closed, but on the same side as the chest, there is another passage along the castle. Climb the stairs and find yourself inside. Search all rooms and repair almost all walls on the first floor. Pick up trash, fix two stools, remove cobwebs and stains. Follow the steps into the corridor opposite the place where you entered, and you will find a wall that needs to be demolished. Do it with a hammer. The wall will be marked with a red marker. Behind the wall there will be debris, stains and the only note on the level. In the same room with a note, in the right corner there is another destructible wall. In the story, you don't need to destroy it, but do it,

In the main hall, under the very ceiling, there is a stain and a destroyed wall. To get to them, open your inventory and build scaffolding. You can build them on top of each other. Also, place the stairs from your inventory to the scaffolding. You have an unlimited number of these items. So there shouldn't be any problems with fixing the walls.

In the back room behind the main hall, a wall needs to be repaired. And at the very end there is also a descent leading to the basement. Go there, bend over and make your way under the wall. Open the third chest (1000 gold) and catch five mice. Follow the carpet to the kitchen. Here you have to fix two stools, which I wrote about above. Look under the ceiling and you will see a ledge. The fourth chest (500 gold) is hidden there. The ladder to it is broken off, so create one scaffolding block with a ladder from below, go up and jump to the broken off ladder.

Return to the basement where the mice were found, and in the far left corner, look for a hole in the ceiling. Go up the stairs there to get to the locked room. Repair the table here, open the last chest (1000 gold) and collect all the trash. It remains to visit the room where the note was and light the fireplace. And I also did not say that there is a staircase to the right of the door that leads to the gate. Climbing up it, look next, on the left, for a lever that opens the main gate. Everything seems to be.

Reward : 20,000 coins and 4,000 bonus.

This was the last assignment. Go to Build Mode, Miscellaneous and select the throne from the Other menu. He will be in the first position. Install it anywhere and interact. To become a king, you need to build a castle, accumulate 50,000 gold, rent out 10 houses (and build them accordingly), and so on. Everything will be written when interacting with the throne.