Walkthrough Mass Effect Legendary edition- game guide


Walkthrough Mass Effect - game guide

Detailed walkthrough of the main plot of the first part of Mass Effect, helpful tips for fighting and solving puzzles

The first part of Mass Effect was released back in 2007 and is still considered an exemplary RPG in the setting of space fiction. Then the series was replenished with three more major games: a sequel with an improved combat system, a triquel that completed the history of the classic trilogy and a not very successful spin-off . At the end of 2020, it became known that Mass Effect 4 was in development , which will continue the plot after the final of the triquel.

If you decide to go through the first part of Mass Effect for the first time (or after many years), then we have prepared this guide especially for you. In this guide, we will remember which classes it is better to play for a beginner, and for which - for a veteran, how to stay in battle with different opponents, in which sequence it is better to go through the story planets (we will capture only the most important side missions on them), which choices to what consequences lead and much more.

Which class should you choose before starting Mass Effect?

There are 6 classes in total in the game and many consider the only one worthwhile - the Soldier. However, it seems so only to those who have not studied the role-playing system and game mechanics deeply, preferring to play it as a story-driven shooter.

  • The Soldier is the easiest class to learn. He quickly gains the ability to wear heavy armor, which allows him to use less cover. And although the Soldier does not possess most of the biotic or technical special techniques, he can always be supplemented by the appropriate specialists from the members of the squad. However, when playing as a Soldier, the passage turns into solid shooting and ignoring most of the possibilities in battle.
  • The Guardian is the hardest class to learn. It will not suit just fans of shooters and those who are still new to the mechanics of Mass Effect. When playing as a Guardian, you don't need to be on the rampage: leave the damage to the party members, and immobilize enemies yourself, erect power barriers, hack robots and control the battlefield in other ways. Improvise!
  • The Adept is the most controversial class. He is very weak in the first half of the game, when most of the biotic perks are not yet available, and in the second half, strong enemies appear, such as krogan or armored vehicles, which even a pumped adept can barely cope with. Only light armor is available to the adept, which forces him to sit in shelters for most of the passage.
  • The Scout is the best class for tactical support. His engineering special abilities not only weaken enemies, but also disable armored vehicles. And coupled with a pumped-over sniper rifle, you can control the entire battlefield from a secluded place.
  • The Stormtrooper is the best class for aggressive support. He prefers to use offensive biotic abilities and fires a bolt of projectiles at those who get close. The class is well suited for those who like to take the initiative, as when playing as a Soldier, but at the same time have several powerful combat "spells" up their sleeve.
  • Engineer is a controversial support class. He is good at weakening enemies by overheating weapons or reprogramming robots, and can also put up protective barriers and heal the team without panaceline (local first aid kits). However, he himself is poorly protected and can only wear light armor.
Summing up, we can say that the best class for the first passage of Mass Effect will be either the Soldier or the Scout. The latter is a little more difficult to play, but this way you will better experience the variety of the combat system. Also, the Scout is good for replaying, many years after the first.

And when you get a good grasp of the game, try the Guardian - this will force you to find completely new approaches to achieve victory, using to the maximum your arsenal of perks and actively commanding your party members.

Which is better to play: "Hero" or "Renegade?"

Unfortunately, in the first part of Mass Effect, this has little effect. So far, the game has only the beginnings of a karma system. If you commit ruthless deeds or are often rude in dialogues, then Renegade points accumulate, which only slightly changes the attitude of other inhabitants of the Galaxy towards you.

Also connected with this are two branches of pumping: "Persuasion" and "Intimidation". But they differ only in what Shepard presses on when he tries to persuade someone. If "Persuasion" is pumped, then the main character will be able to appeal to reason and common sense more often, which can sometimes help to complete the quest in a more favorable way. And if you have invested more points in "Intimidation", then Shepard will try to intimidate the interlocutor, instead of eloquently convincing. Unfortunately, in the first part, absolutely all important characters can be either convinced or intimidated. And there are no characters that can only be convinced, but not intimidated, or vice versa.

Based on all this, the difference when playing as a "Hero" or "Renegade" is rather cosmetic. It only determines how polite and diplomatic you are, without providing any non-linearity in the passage.

All allies in Mass Effect

In the first half of the storyline, Commander Shepard is joined by various specialists who he can take with him on missions. Shepard's squad can have a maximum of three people, including the commander. All allies are well-developed individuals with their own biography, character and specialization.

Next, we give a brief description of all possible members of the squad in the order of appearance on board the Normandy:

  • Kaiden Alenko. Human. A senior lieutenant in the Alliance military. Kaiden's class is guardian (support biotic). Suffering from headaches due to outdated biotic implants. Reasonable and balanced.
  • Ashley Williams. Human. Alliance Armed Forces Sergeant. Ashley's class is a soldier. Differs in special zeal in the service due to the failures of his grandfather in the war of the First Contact (when the earthlings first met another race). Hot-tempered, but kind-hearted.
  • Garrus Vakarian. Turian. Former Citadel security investigator. Garrus's class is a turian agent (analogous to the scout class for the player). He knows the Citadel well and has a large number of connections and contacts in the capital of the Galaxy. Cold-blooded and cruel. Believes that the end justifies the means.
  • Urdnot Rex. Krogan. Head hunter. Urdnot class is a krogan warrior (a mixture of stormtrooper and soldier classes available to the player). A real death machine. Possesses strong armor, a large supply of health, powerful weapons and has a good command of biotics. Hot-tempered, but reasonable.
  • Tali'Zorah nar Raya. Quarian. Pilgrim of the Migrant Fleet (combined fleet of the quarians). Tali's class is a quarian technician (analogous to the engineer class for the player). He is well versed in any technique, especially in spaceships. She is inquisitive and benevolent.
  • Liara T'Soni. Azari. Archaeologist and specialist in Protheans (an ancient extinct race that may have created the Citadel). Liara's class is an asari scientist (analogous to the adept class for the player). Knows how to work with information. Unpredictable by nature.


The passage of the Mass Effect begins aboard the Normandy. The main character is still only a senior assistant to the commander. After talking with the pilot Joker, the commander will call you. Go to the radio room, along the way you can get additional experience if you study a couple of active points (ship systems), talk to navigator Pressly and Private Jenkins. Nihlus will meet you in the radio room, and Commander Anderson will come a little later. Nihlus will reveal the true purpose of the mission. For more details, select clarifying phrases in the dialogue wheel - they are on the left side.

After talking with Nihlus and Anderson, watch the cut-scene. Your squad will land on the planet Eden Prime.

Eden Prime

The first mission is entirely linear and you won't get lost. But, before going forward, go to the character menu and spend development points for the first level. We recommend pumping "Persuasion" or "Intimidation", which will help in some plot dialogues during the quest.

Geth drones will attack you, one of the squad members will die - Private Jenkins. If you are playing as a Soldier or Scout class, then use a sniper rifle. To reduce the swing of the sight, you need to sit down. Use the closest cover to reduce the damage you take.

Interesting fact. Private Jenkins is a reference to Leeroy Jenkins , the famous World of Warcraft player- turned- meme.

After Jenkins' death, if you are playing Renegade, select the bottom answer in a conversation with Kaidan. And henceforth, all crude answers will be located at the bottom of the dialogue wheel. However, we remind you that, in fact, this has little effect.

A little further along the trail, you will meet Sergeant Ashley Williams. Her squad died after a sudden attack by the geth (sentient robots). With any choice in the dialogue, she will join you.

Next, you will encounter huskies - cybernetic zombies, which the geth create from people, planting them on special thorns. Like ordinary zombies, huskies prefer to run up close, but after that they explode, emitting a discharge of electricity. This disables your shields (energy armor) and deals health damage. Try not to let the Huskies get close by retreating or using grenades.

It turns out that the lighthouse for which you arrived managed to move somewhere further. Continue along the trail until you reach a research camp. After a simple firefight, pick the lock on the main building. You can do it manually or spend a uni-gel. The first option is preferable, since the uni-gel in the game is always in short supply. For manual hacking, you need to carefully move the arrow to the middle of the field, avoiding collisions.

Inside there will be a doctor and a person who may seem crazy. Listen carefully as you select the qualifying phrases on the left side of the dialogue wheel. From talking with people, you will understand that you need to go to the station and take the train.

The station will be close. Examine Nihlus's body and talk to the worker hiding nearby. Do not forget to ask him about everything he saw.

Next, make your way to the train control panel and sit on it. After a short cutscene, you will arrive at an area with a lighthouse. But before you go to him, you will have to defuse 4 bombs planted by the geth in 5 minutes. The first one will come across immediately - to unlock, solve the already familiar puzzle (to save the uni-gel, you can save it beforehand). The rest will be protecting the geth - direct your squad through an active pause so that they cover you while you get to the bombs.

After clearing the territory and defusing bombs, you can go to the lighthouse. Shepard will receive the signal from him and faint. Then he will wake up already on board the Normandy. After talking with Dr. Chakwas and Commander Anderson, exit the med bay, go up to the upper deck and talk to the pilot to travel to the Citadel.


You will find yourself in the office of the Earthlings' embassy on the Citadel - a giant space station that serves as something like the capital of the entire Galaxy. Unfortunately, only a small portion is available for research. Here you will find the first side quests, many of which can be completed right on the Citadel. But we will only touch on the most important ones related to the plot.

To open most of the rooms, you first need to get to the meeting with the Council in the Citadel Tower. The elevator to the Tower is located in the western part of the Presidium. Exit the office of the embassy and go there, referring to the in-game map.

When you take the elevator, go up the steps to the very end. Garrus will meet on the way. He's just about to retire from the local security service and will be able to join you later. But first - the Council.

The members of the Council did not have enough evidence to believe in the betrayal of Saren, one of their best agents. Garrus, whom you recently met, was doing a similar investigation and even argued with his boss, the head of security. It is worth finding him in order to join forces.

Ambassador Udina and Commander Anderson will advise contacting Harkin, a retired security officer. Harkin can be found at Cora's Lair bar. The bar is located on the lower level of the Residential Sectors northwest of the Lower Markets. You can quickly get to the desired area using the Citadel Express (something like an air taxi).

Saren's mercenaries will attack you at the entrance to the bar. Hide behind partitions and do not let enemies go around you (or go around them yourself). Don't forget about grenades, as well as about the special abilities of your comrades. After the battle, go to the bar (apparently, due to the loud music, no one heard anything).

Harkin sits at a table on the right in front of the wall. On the way to him, Rex will come across - he can also be taken with him on the ship. But for now, Rex is just leaving. Harkin will tell you that Garrus should be in a nearby clinic, and also mention the terrible secret of Commander Anderson. As always, try to find out the maximum from the interlocutor (if you have enough "Persuasion" or "Intimidation" points).

The clinic is located on the upper level of the Residential Sectors at the east end. Deal with the people who attacked the doctor with Garrus, and then ask the turian to join you.

The doctor will tell you that they came for her after the visit of a certain quarian who asked for asylum in exchange for information. Fist, one of the crime bosses, whose office is located in Cora's Lair, should know more about this. We'll have to go back to the bar. But Feist already knows about you and will put up a guard. Therefore, it is better to first track down that ferocious krogan Rex - he will only be happy to help.

You can find Rex by the elevator in the C-Sec Academy. Use the signs or the map to reach the Presidium and then the Academy, or use the Citadel Express. Rex quickly agrees to join - he is just carrying out an order to eliminate Fist.

The bar is suspiciously quiet. Come inside and be extremely careful. There are many enemies, and the location itself is round. In addition, some of Fista's fighters lurked at the top. Order the squad to keep a position at the entrance and lure enemies towards you or eliminate them from cover one by one.

Warehouse workers will meet before entering Fist's office. They are armed, but you can just tell them to find work elsewhere and they leave. If you are playing the bad guy, then choose another option.

Cope with the bodyguards and Fist himself will be easy. But Fist will also have time to activate the turrets - blow them up with a grenade or shoot them from cover.

After the fight, Fist confesses that he set a trap nearby for the quarian. You will have 4 minutes to save her. Pick up the optical disc with data from the floor and hurry. On the way, the people of Fist will try to detain you again. Make your way through them, run to the exit, then into the corridor and into the closed alley with a red light through the east door.

In the alley, you can quickly eliminate enemies with a grenade, or by asking one of the party members to use force. After the fight, talk to the quarian Tali.

After talking with Tali, you will again find yourself in the embassy of earthlings. Maintain a conversation between the quarian and the ambassador. During the conversation, it turns out that you now have irrefutable evidence against Saren. Ask Tali to join and head to the Citadel Tower for a new meeting with the Council.

The Council will finally accept the accusations, demote Saren and appoint the main character as a new SPECTRA from the earthlings. SPECTRUM is a special agent, subordinate only to the Council, who has free passage everywhere within the holdings of the Citadel in the Galaxy, and who is allowed to use any means to achieve the goal (thus the game legalized complete freedom for the player).

If you want, complete side missions on the Citadel, look for new ones, or immediately go to the docking area. You can get there through the SBC Academy by taking the elevator. Ambassador Udina and Anderson will meet you at the landing. It turns out that the latter is handing over the ship "Normandy" to the new Commander Shepard - you. In a conversation, you can choose any planet as your first goal, but decide where to fly in fact a little later.


The Normandy is now at your complete disposal. You can go to surf the Galaxy, but first you should thoroughly study all the compartments on three floors. Talk to everyone who works out. Remember 3 places: the Galactic Map on the top floor (allows you to pave the way), the med bay in the middle (there will soon be an important minor character) and the hangar on the bottom.

In the hangar, you can always find a quartermaster who sells good equipment. True, at the beginning of the game you will not have enough money, and it is better for the time being to use the trophies obtained on the planets. But relatively inexpensively from all merchants, you can purchase unique items that increase the maximum of first-aid kits or grenades.

After completing each story mission, it is worth making a detour around your comrades. They will share their thoughts on a recent assignment and sometimes ask for help. Rex will ask you to find the krogan family armor, Garrus will ask you to find the mad scientist who has eluded him. Ashley is just looking for companionship. Helping co-workers improves relationships with them, which may even lead to romance or continue in the next games of the trilogy.

Once you've examined the ship, head to the Galactic Map and pave the way for the Normandy.

Where to go next: Therum, Feros or Noveria?

Formally, from now on you can do whatever you like and freely explore the accessible part of the Galaxy. You can land on some planets in search of resources and various mysteries. But when you decide to return to the passage of the story, we recommend that you start with Therum. The last important crew member will join you on this planet. With him, the task on Noveria will be more interesting. However, we would advise you to fly to Noveria itself after passing both Therum and Feros, since in many dialogues a pumped conviction will be required.

Further passage in the guide is built in this order: first Terum, then Feros and, finally, Noveria.


Therum is located in the Tau Cluster of Artemis, in the Knossos system. Make your way through the Galaxy Map in the command room on the top floor of the Normandy.

Before the assignment, think carefully about who to take on the team. At the bottom there will be a scale of forces: biotic, technical and combat. To be ready for any situation, it is worth making sure that there is enough strength in all directions.

As with most story missions, the level map will be linear. However, try not to fall into the lava on the armored car. The car is controlled approximately like a tank from World of Tanks : the gas works in all directions, pressing sideways, you can turn, and if you move the camera back, the car will start moving backwards.

While moving along the road, try not to fall into the lava. On the way there will be armored vehicles firing missiles or powerful energy projectiles. At the last moment, you can dodge a rocket or projectile with a simple jump, but it will be safer to constantly stay in motion and keep your distance. While the main gun is reloading, use the machine gun.

There will be an outpost soon. It will not work to break through - the gates are closed, and too many enemies are shooting from the walls. But you can go to their rear if you turn into a side passage, before reaching the outpost.

Shoot whoever you can from an armored car, finish off the rest with a rifle. Open the gate by pressing the button in the outpost building. Return to the armored car and continue on your way.

Further enemies will be encountered. Remember the danger of missiles and do not substitute. Shoot vehicles from the main cannon and crush the soldiers or use a machine gun against them. Soon you will have to get out again - the passage will be littered with stones. However, you can try to squeeze through - some players succeeded.

Continue to fight your way through the ranks of enemies, but remember that you are no longer protected by an armored car. Yes, and your shields do not save much - opponents now act in full force (unlike the prologue). In battle, tactics will greatly help: remove subordinates from under fire and use abilities that weaken opponents.

Just before entering the mine, jumping geth-hunters and a huge walking tank Colossus will meet.

Send the team to the left so that they are not destroyed in a couple of seconds, and from the shelters, first shoot the soldiers running at you, then the hunters, and then you can take on the Colossus. To destroy the hunters, remember where they jump and shoot only one place. And from the shells of the Colossus you will have to run away the whole battle.

After the battle, go to the mine.

There is almost no cover in the mine and you will have to act quickly. The first enemies will turn out to be ordinary soldiers, but then drones will meet near the elevator. Do not try to shoot them with a shotgun or sniper rifle. Better use special abilities and shoot with a pistol or assault rifle. You can go around the corner from time to time.

After the battle, go downstairs, where you will find Liara - the last member of the crew. She is stuck in a force field. To disable it, you will have to destroy the enemies guarding the drilling laser, and then use it. Fortunately, there are shelters here that will help you escape from sniper fire.

On this mission you will need biotic abilities to deal with zombies. If your hero does not own them, then take the one who owns into the team: for example, Kaiden Alenko or Liara.

After landing, you will meet a sentry. He will tell you that the head of the colony, Fay Dan, wants to talk to you. They need help in the fight against the geth who have been besieging the colony for a long time. The conversation with the sentry will be interrupted by another Geth attack. But dealing with this unit will not be difficult (do not forget to use cover).

After the battle, go up the stairs. Geth will attack again, this time with hunters jumping on the walls. They can be immobilized with biotic forces, or shoot at one of the landing sites until the hunter returns there. The radar will not work, so look around carefully and do not miss the enemies in the rear.

At the entrance to the colony, you can get a couple of side quests that are performed in conjunction with the main one. Also a little further, near the houses, you will find a merchant. Behind the houses, near the tower, there is Fay Tribute and the head of the guard. Talk to them.

Fai Dan will tell you that their colony worked for the Exo-Geni company, whose office is located a couple of kilometers down the airway in one of the skyscrapers. Recently, however, the Getae came, destroyed the office and are now besieging the colony. Fai Dan does not know the reason for the attacks, but more information may be in the Exo-Geni skyscraper. However, the only way to get to the airway is through a tower that the Geth captured.

Go to the tower and destroy all the geth there. For the main task, it will be enough to cope with those on the upper floors, and for the side ones, you will have to carefully explore the basement. Either way, once you've dealt with the geth, head back to Fay Dan and then take the aero highway through the elevator in the tower. An armored car will be waiting for you on the highway.

Old familiar walking tanks and geth missilemen will meet on the highway. Approximately in the middle of the way, get out of the armored car and look into the shelter in which the Exo-Geni employees are hiding. Here you can take a couple of additional tasks and ask about the situation on the planet. Julianne Banem will ask you to find her daughter in a skyscraper. After the conversation, return to the highway.

Continue to the Exo-Geni office. Tanks and missile men will meet again on the way. Do not put yourself under the shells, remember about jumping, keep your distance and dodge, alternately firing from the guns.

When you deal with the enemies, drive up to the entrance to the building. You can try to destroy the first enemies inside without getting out of the armored car. But then you still have to go out.

Inside, be careful when you come across a geth tank lying on the floor. He will come to life if you search the container nearby. Jump out of the room and shoot him outside. Next, you will encounter a force field. We'll have to jump down to the floor nearby.

Next, you will meet Elizabeth Banem - Julianne's daughter from the asylum. Tell her that the mother is alive, she will give you a pass to the office, and then the varren - krogan dogs will attack.

Like most melee enemies, the best tactic is to immobilize with a biotic ability, or knock back and then shoot with a weapon.

After the battle with the Varren, head up the stairs. You will encounter a krogan trying to get information from a computer with a virtual assistant hologram. Immobilize it with biotics and shoot it, or freeze it with cryosurfaces (you need an upgrade for cartridges or freezing grenades).

When you defeat the krogan, approach the hologram. The assistant will read your card and decide that you are one of the employees. He will also tell you that the geth are looking for an ancient creature on the planet - the Thorian. It looks like it sprouted just below the colonists' camp from the start of the mission. Deactivate the force field from the computer and return to the colonists.

However, in order to get out of the building, you first have to get rid of the geth ship, which is caught on the outside. To do this, you need to go up one floor, get rid of the geth along the way, and explore the terminals near the ship's supports. It turns out that one of the pillars has just crawled under the airlock, which slams down abruptly when pressurized between 31 and 34 pounds.

On the west wall you will find the gateway control console. You need to carefully add pressure (1st, then 3rd and then 4th switches) until the number is between 31 and 34. Then start the mechanism. The airlock will cut off one of the supports and the ship will fall to the ground.

The force field will disappear. Get out of the building. Elizabeth will join you - take her to the hideout in the middle of the highway. Destroy the geth on the way, remembering to dodge the projectiles.

In the shelter, the former chief of staff will cause a scandal. If you have pumped "Persuasion" or "Intimidation", then it will be possible to calm it down. Otherwise, he will have to be shot (if the issue is not resolved peacefully, then the company will not help the colonists after your departure). One way or another, after that you need to return to the camp of the colonists.

Juliana will give you paralyzing grenade gas that will help immobilize the colonists without killing them. This is necessary because, as it turned out, the Thorian controls their minds, and now he has ordered them to protect his place of residence.

However, near the camp itself, you will encounter crawlers - the last stage of zombification. Such can (and should) be killed on the spot. Their demeanor is similar to Husks, but instead of an electrical discharge nearby, they pour poison on you, which damages your health, bypassing shields and poisoning.

Order your allies not to shoot the colonists and replace the grenade filling with gas (or don't do it if you want blood). Then let the zombies pass into narrow corridors, retreating in front of each wave, and throw gas bombs at the colonists. Colonists gather in piles, so grenades should be enough. But it will be possible to pick up more from the box near the tower.

When all the colonists have calmed down, use the crane to remove the obstacle from the descent to the Thorian.

Below you will see the Thorian in all his majesty. Suddenly, he will spit out an asari clone, which he has devoured and fused with his mind. After a short dialogue with the Thorian through the asari (the choice of phrases does not affect anything), the clone will attack you. Zombies will rush to help her.

There is little cover at the level, but you can try to retreat or hide around the corner. Immobilize zombies and try not to get hit by asari biotic attacks. After the battle, find the Thorian's node nearby and destroy it. Sometimes enemies will appear under the knot and its destruction at this moment can cover them all. But new ones will appear, including another asari clone.

The node, zombie and asari algorithm will need to be repeated five more times. Fortunately, the higher you climb, the more retreat opportunities you will have. True, sometimes enemies can start running from the rear - be careful!

When the last node is destroyed, the Thorian will fall. Now a real asari will come out of it. She will thank for the release and share the intelligence that she received from the Thorian, and he from the Protheans many thousands of years ago. This will help in unraveling the messages from the lighthouses.

After talking with the asari, decide what to do with her and return to the Normandy. Remember that important characters that you keep alive can then meet in the next games (or at least send a private message).


Before disembarking, you should take Liara with you - so the dialogues with Benezia (her mother) will become more interesting.

Try not to piss off the guards at the entrance to the complex. Your identity will soon be confirmed and allowed to go inside. However, you will soon find out that you need to go to "Top 15". You will need to get to the garage at the other end of the complex, but this requires an exit permit - the complex is closed due to bad weather.

The permission to leave can be given by the head of the station Anoleis. His office is located in the southeastern part of the complex. Go and talk to him. He will refuse to give a pass to the garage (even persuasion skills will not help). However, his secretary (the one who confirmed your identity) Gianna Parasini will hint that not only Anoleis has the pass.

You can get a pass in three ways: "help" the hanar merchant in the northeastern part of the station with smuggling, carry out the order of Lorik Kiin from the bar in the northwestern part of the complex, or at the last moment betray the secretary of Anoleis and hand her over to her boss. The first method is the fastest, but will give the least experience. The second and third are executed through one rather long branch.

  • Method 1 - obtaining a pass through a merchant. Go to the room upstairs in the northeastern part of the main hall of the complex. Take the smuggling mission, return to the docking lock and take the package. Take it not to the merchant, but to Anoleis. As a reward for solving the crime, the station master will give you a pass to the garage.
  • Methods 2 and 3 - obtaining a pass through Lorik Kiin. More precisely - the pass will be given by Parasini or Anoleis. But first you need to talk to the old turian at the bar. He will give a pass to his office, in which he will need to download data from his personal computer. You can get to Lorik's office by taking the elevator next to the garage entrance. On the way to the office and back, you have to shoot. Then talk to Parasini at the bar before contacting Lorik. Next, persuade Lorik to testify against Anoleis, who has annoyed everyone at the station, or just go to Anoleis himself and hand over everyone with giblets. In any case, the pass is in your pocket.

Whichever way you get the pass, you can now go to the garage - the security will let you through when you present the access card in the dialogue.

But before you leave, you will have to fight the geth. The chief of security will come running to the noise. Try to get rid of her without saying anything important. Then - go to "Top 15".

The road to "Top 15" resembles the road to the mine on Therum. However, there are more enemies here, and the weather does not allow leaving the armored car for a long time. There will be containers along the way - remember the cold and do not stay outside for a long time.

Continue forward and take out the geth. There will be turrets along the way. Drive over bumps in the road or around the corner of the track and destroy them from afar using optics.

After three tunnels with enemies, you will finally reach the entrance to "Top 15". Do not rush to leave the armored car - destroy the enemies you meet from the street. Only then can you enter.

There will still be enemies inside the hangar. Get rid of the ones above first. Exploding containers will help with this. And if the juggernaut is still alive, then you will also have to deal with him. As with krogan combat, keep Juggernauts out of the way using biotics or freezing.

After the battle, go up the stairs and then take the elevator. On the top floor, you will meet new enemies - huge rahni insects. Small green beetles are especially dangerous: they quickly run up to you and explode with poison, while it is difficult to hit them. Retreat and shoot bugs from afar, blow up containers or try to immobilize them.

Move forward and take the elevator to control the Mira core. Indoors, Rahni will attack you again - follow the tactics described above. After the fight, before going to the core, activate the power supply at the entrance to the room.

When you activate the node, power will be supplied to the systems and you can go down to the core at the end of the corridor. In order to restart the kernel, you will have to solve a puzzle reminiscent of the Hanoi towers:

The solution is as follows:

  • 1 -> 2
  • 1 -> 3
  • 2 -> 3
  • 1 -> 2
  • 3 -> 1
  • 3 -> 2
  • 1 -> 2
  • 1 -> 3
  • 2 -> 3
  • 2 -> 1
  • 3 -> 1
  • 2 -> 3
  • 1 -> 2
  • 1 -> 3
  • 2 -> 3

After solving the puzzle, the systems will work again. The virtual assistant of the World will appear. You can get more information if you say that you are SPECTRUM. Mira will report that the matriarch Benezia left on the monorail, but they still need to be connected, as well as to restore communication.

Return to the main hall. Rahni will attack you again. You may have to retreat and shoot them from around the corner. When done, proceed to the north door and take the elevator down.

There will be a lot of geth downstairs. Do not rush to leave the cockpit and shoot everyone through windows or doors. Then you will need to go to the cockpit on the opposite side and restart the communication system.

Now go up to the roof behind the room where the reactor core was repaired. Rahni will be waiting for you here. Do not forget to shoot or immobilize small green beetles in time, until they put the whole team out of action.

After the scrum, go forward and reload the fuel line system.

Return to the main hall and take the south elevator down to the monorail. It will turn out that the transport station is "dirty" - in the chamber leading to the monorail, there are accumulated ricks.

Go to the security room and decide how to get to the station:

  • The chamber ahead can be cleaned with a plasma charge. But for this you need to have a pumped electronics skill from Shepard or one of the team members.
  • You can convince Mira to open the door to the cell with pumped dialogue skills. But then you will have to destroy the crowd of rahni manually.
  • You can break the door to the cell with sufficient decryption skill from Shepard or fellow party members. You will also have to cope with rahni yourself.

Anyway, when you get to the train, use it to get to the Cleft Station, where Matriarch Benezia is waiting for you.

At the Cleft station, the matriarch is hiding in one of the secret rooms. To get there, you will have to either find the passage on your own and hack it, or first help the inhabitants of the station. In the first case, the inhabitants will take up arms against you and all of them will have to be shot. Consider a longer and more peaceful path.

Most of the doors are still closed, so make your way to the elevator that will lead you to Captain Ventralis. He can issue an admission to risk laboratories, if he offers him assistance. This is an optional side quest. But we'll come back to it at the end of the chapter.

After talking with Ventralis, enemies will attack. Help the guards repel the attack and go further.

According to the plot, you need to get into the secret part of the complex. It can be accessed by Dr. Cohen on the lower level of the main hall. But first, he needs to help with the patients. Go down the stairs ahead around the corner to the left. Dr. Cohen will ask you to go to the quarantine area and prepare the medicine in the laboratory. Agree.

The entrance to the quarantine zone is to the left of the main hall entrance from the side of Captain Ventralis's outpost. However, permission to go there must be obtained from the same captain Ventralis. Return to him and convince him to give a pass.

Return to the main hall and take the west elevator down. In the quarantine zone, you can talk to the volus Khan Olar to find out more information about the history of the complex and their work with rahni. In the far part of the room to the northwest there is a passage to the secret laboratories. But for now it is better not to meddle there, if you do not want scientists and guards to take up arms against you.

There is a guard at the entrance to Cohen's lab. He will let you pass if he says you are from Cohen.

Inside you will find a setup for creating a medicine and a terminal with instructions. This is another puzzle, similar to the selection of pressure from the mission on Feros. Press the button when the line is between the two indicators for the chemical process to proceed correctly.

After successfully creating the medicine, the asari with the geth will attack. Engineering defensive perks can help against asari. But deal with the geth first.

After the fight, leave the laboratory and return to Dr. Cohen. Give him the medicine and ask for access to the closed part of the complex. You can get into it through the quarantine zone on the elevator in the far part of the room in the northwest.

Return to the quarantine area. Now you can go to the elevator in the northwest and go up to the secret laboratories. Rahni will meet along the way. It will be easy to cope with them, if you do not climb on the rampage and use biotic abilities.

Inside the main room of the secret laboratories, you will finally meet the matriarch Benezia. She will tell you that Saren sent her here to find out from the queen of Rahni where the mu relay is. He must lead to the planet Il, one of the Protan worlds.

Benezia is influenced by Saren, which she cannot deal with. Therefore, she will have to be killed. In the fight, she will be assisted by asari paratroopers using biotic abilities. Place barriers, look for cover, use freezing grenades.

After the first battle, Benezia will recover for a while, but soon she will attack again and call the paratroopers. The tactics of fighting them are the same.

When the second wave is defeated, Benezia will weaken and almost get rid of Saren's influence. But he will still die from his wounds.

After Benezia dies, Queen of Rahni will contact you, using the dead Asari paratrooper to translate telepathy into speech. After talking with her, decide what to do: drown her in acid or release her. In the first case, you will destroy an entire race, and in the second, you may expose the Galaxy to the threat of a new invasion of rahni, which multiply very quickly. The queen assures that she will bring up offspring not so bloodthirsty, but to believe her or not is up to you.

There are still some rakhni at the station. Go to the risk lab. You can get there through a room that also leads to the monorail. You were already in it when you just arrived at the "Cleft" station and all doors were closed, except for the elevator to the outpost of Captain Ventralis. If you do not want to finish off the remaining rahni (although even the queen said that it would be more merciful to destroy them), then you can go straight to the train and complete the mission.

In the risk laboratories, you will meet the wounded scientist Yaroslav Tartakovsky. Tell me why you came and he will give you an access card for neutron cleaning. The process can be activated in the far room behind the scientist.

Go to the neutron cannon and activate the Mira terminal. Tell her to start cleaning. If you have not yet received the activation code from Yaroslav, then return to him, and then to Mir.

After starting the neutron cleaning, you will have only 2 minutes to return to the elevator.

Rachni in the next room will get out an incredible amount. Run straight to the elevator and shoot only those who get under your feet.

When you rise, go to the train and the mission will be completed.


The beginning of the mission takes place on an armored car, so if you have learned to dodge missiles and not substitute yourself, you will get to the first checkpoint without any problems. But keep in mind that shields and other defenses are common among enemies in the last hours of the game. Therefore, try to find a team that is balanced in terms of abilities. Also, make sure that everyone has the best equipment (enough money has accumulated) and weapons are pumped.

The first task is to disable enemy air defenses so that the Normandy can land. The terminal for this will meet at the second checkpoint.

When you get to the first checkpoint, shoot most of the geth from the armored car, only then go out and go upstairs to open the gate.

After the first checkpoint, you will meet the Colossus - an enlarged version of a walking tank. It shoots super powerful but slow projectiles. Don't get too close and shoot him from afar. After defeating the Colossus, there will be a fork in the road. Both roads will lead to a second checkpoint. If you go along the northern path, you will bypass some of the enemies. Another Colossus will meet in front of the checkpoint. Destroy it with the same careful tactics.

At the second checkpoint, do the same as at the first. First, shoot the geth, which will stick out, directly from the armored car, and then finish off the rest on foot. Find all the terminals and buttons to not only open the gate, but also disable the geth air defenses. After that, drive on.

Then we will meet one more checkpoint - the last one. Deal with this obstacle in the same way. After that, travel to Captain Kirrahe's camp.

Upon arrival at the camp, talk to Captain Kirrahe. This is a salarian who stands in one of the tents. Kirrahe's story will greatly affect Rex - it turns out that Saren has developed a way to produce krogan and it looks like he was able to get around the problem with the genophage. However, the complex will have to be destroyed, along with all the grown krogan. Rex will go ashore and start firing his shotgun towards the water in a rage.

Go to Rex and be very careful when talking to him. He can only be convinced if Shepard has Persuasion or Intimidation.

The completed side quest with the return of the krogan family armor will also greatly help in persuasion. Otherwise, Rex will get out of control and will have to be shot.

If you still have to shoot the krogan (yourself or ask Ashley), you will receive a lot of Renegade points. Ashley can also react herself if she realizes that the conversation with Rex has taken a threatening turn.

Anyway, after talking with Rex, return to Captain Kirraha, and he will tell you about his plan to destroy Saren's base. His squad will hold back the enemy while you flank and destroy the remaining AA defenses. This will allow the Normandy to land and unload the bomb outside the main building.

Before going, Kirrahe will ask Ashley or Kaidan for help. The choice does not affect much, but it is better to leave the one whom you did not want to take with you to further surgery.

You will be taken to the next location, more branched out than the previous one. And you won't have an armored car. Therefore, proceed with caution.

You can go straight to the base or turn off the road to destroy security posts. The latter option will help Kirraha's squad to survive.

You will have 4 opportunities to help Kirraha. The first is to break the triangulation tower. She will be at the first checkpoint in the northeast on the way to the base. Destroy the guards, go upstairs and use the appropriate terminal.

Next, you need to destroy the satellite communication channel. To do this, shoot the satellite dish on the roof of the next post, which is located on the side of the road to the base. In addition to the geth, he is guarded by a krogan - do not let him get close to you. Also use exploding containers.

Further, again in the east of the path to the base, five drones will meet, guarding the fuel station. If you get close to them, they will surround you. It is better to shoot them from afar with an assault or sniper rifle and do not forget about special abilities.

To help Kirraha's squad in the last way, go to the base through the north entrance. In the first room you will come across a terminal through which you can turn off the alarm. Another option is to redirect the geth to attack Kirrahe. Then you will encounter fewer enemies at the base, but the captain of the Salarians will be killed and you will receive Renegade points.

Inside the building, do not rush to run forward on the assignment and explore all the floors and rooms. You will meet captured Salarians. One of them will ask you to release him from captivity. If you are playing Renegade, then leave him locked up. And if you want to get the points of "Hero", then let it out. But he will attack you and you will have to shoot him. One way or another, you saved him from suffering.

The rest of the Salarians imprisoned will be more peaceful and can be released without fear.

You need to get to the laboratory using the elevator. There will be many enemies in the laboratory: asari paratroopers, huskies and krogan. Do not let the husks come close, and shoot the rest from hiding places.

After the labs, you will find yourself on the bridge. But in order to go further, you will first have to lower the passage. Go back and find the switch.

In the south, you will enter the guard room. Inside will be the asari Rana Tanoptis. She worked for Saren, but asks to let her go in exchange for help. If you need Renegade points, then kill her. And if you let her go, you won’t get the “Hero” points. But you will meet Rana in Mass Effect 2.

Take the elevator that Rana activated. You will be taken to the communication tower. There will be another Prothean lighthouse. Access it through a terminal nearby. After which Shepard will receive a new vision.

Then go upstairs to the communication panel. An unexpected creature will get in touch - the "Lord" ship itself. After his story, you will understand that Saren is not your only enemy. And that there is a much larger threat in the Galaxy. The communication interface will fail after talking.

The Joker will contact you and ask you to hurry. You just have to destroy the last line of the geth air defense.

Return to the laboratory and walk across the lowered bridge. Hurry up to control your AA defenses, pushing your way through geth and krogan. You will need to use the terminal on site.

After disabling the AA defenses, you will be attacked by two Geth squads. Get rid of them and use the nearby elevator to reach the level where krogan capsules are raised. Further there will be a place where the bomb will be brought for laying. There will be more Getae along the way.

By that time, Kirrahe's squad will complete their mission and land the Normandy with a bomb.

Ashley or Kaidan will be left to plant the bomb. You will need to run to help another ally who stayed with Kirrahe earlier.

Go through the west gate and take the elevator.

Soon you will have to make a choice of who to save - Ashley or Kaidan. You will not receive Renegade or Renegade points for any of the choices. But only one then continues the adventure with you, including the next games in the Mass Effect series.

If you choose to rescue the bomb planter, you will have to go back in the elevator and then through the capsule room. Otherwise, you need to advance to the aid of the Kirraha squad.

One way or another, you will meet many geth on the way, and with them there will be Prime - a huge humanoid robot with thick armor and shields. Destroy him with heavy weapons first and then dispose of the rest.

After that, Saren himself will appear. Try to find out more details in a conversation with him in order to understand his motives and try to persuade him. This time it will not be possible to convince him completely, but he will remember your words. In addition, you will be rewarded with bonus morale points.

A fight with him cannot be avoided in any case. Find cover immediately and keep an eye on the condition of your shield. Use all your available talents and squad talents.

After the fight, Saren will retreat. Shepard and the squad will escape on the Normandy and see a huge explosion on the planet's surface. The abandoned ally probably didn’t survive.

On the Normandy, the entire team will be briefing again. Liara will help explore Shepard's new vision. She learns that Saren has headed to the planet Il.

You will then be called by the Council. Tell them everything you have learned. However, they will remain skeptical of the Reapers and Overlord threat.

Next, before heading to the Galactic Map, talk to the team. There will be an opportunity to continue the romance with Liara, Ashley or Kaidan. Also, if you saved the Kirrahe squad, then they will be at the engineering level. Along with them will be a new merchant who will help equip the team and Shepard himself even better.

Return to the Citadel

On the Citadel, you will meet the Council again. They will not only continue to refuse to believe in the impending threat, but they will also hold the Normandy at the dock. You will be banned from departing, but you can still enter the ship itself. Go there.

The subject of your previous romantic interest (Liara, Ashley, or Kaidan) will try to comfort you. An intimate conversation will be interrupted by the Joker and will tell you that Captain Anderson wants to see you at the Supernova bar. Go there.

Exit the Normandy through the airlock and take the elevator down to the CBC Academy. Use the nearby Citadel Express to quickly get to the Supernova.

Captain Anderson will offer to hijack the Normandy. To do this, he will have to disable the lock while you prepare to fly. You will be offered a choice of how Anderson will turn this case, but this will only affect which video you see.

Advice. At the end of the conversation, Anderson will ask you if you are ready to start. If you still have unfinished business on the Citadel, then answer no. You can return to Anderson's table later.

Return to the Normandy and take off after watching the cutscene.

Advice. On Ila, you will mainly encounter Getae. Therefore, prepare your team's equipment for the battle with synthetic creatures. Use the appropriate mods for ammo and allies with the appropriate abilities.

The Joker will land the armored car almost on Saren's head, but he will have time to slip away and close the door behind him. You will have to find another way inside.

Stay in the armored car for now and use its cannons to thin the geth behind the barricade. Only then go out.

The rest of the level will be two-story. Take your time to clear the upper floor - go down below and disable the heavy geth technique to make it easier for yourself to further pass Il. But this will require a pumped-over "Decryption" skill from Shepard or his comrades.

When you get rid of all enemies on both floors, go to the elevator to the security floor. Snipers may meet along the way, hide from them behind cover.

There will be a lot of heavy geth equipment on the guard floor that you can reprogram to your side. Do this by running past the capsules while fighting the geth.

It is also a good idea to then run to the guard post at the end of the hall. From there it will be convenient to shoot from cover.

After the battle, use the terminal at the guard post to open the door blocked by Saren. An ancient Prothean VI will be contacted, but you will not be able to parse its message yet.

Return to the armored car in the elevator, which is under the guard post. Get into the armored car and drive forward along the canals. There will be a few geth along the way, but it won't be difficult to deal with them.

After some time, the further path will be blocked by the force barrier. Exit the armored car and follow the door nearby. Inside, take the elevator and walk forward to the terminal. Another ancient VI will speak to you, but this time you will understand it.

He will tell a lot about the history of the Protheans and about the last years of their civilization. They were destroyed by the Reapers - ancient intelligent machines. The Sovereign is not really a ship, but a Reaper.

Return to the armored car. The barrier will disappear, so keep driving. You will encounter several groups of Geth. Destroy them from a distance and don't forget about jumping to dodge missiles.

The last leg of the journey will lead to a large relay beacon. You will have 30 seconds to reach it. You can ignore the enemies and just rush forward.

The final

After a hard landing, the armored car will fail. You will find yourself in the Presidium and you will need to get to the Council Tower. Get rid of the Husks and go to the elevator.

In the middle of the way, the elevator will stop. We'll have to get out and walk along the walls of the Citadel. You will encounter many geth and a few krogan. Destroy strong enemies first.

Further, force fields will meet. You can destroy them or just run on. Go upstairs.

Try to activate the 3 turrets at the top so that they take down the geth transporter. Then finish off the surviving geth and head southwest.

All the way to the Council Tower, you will meet more and more formidable enemies. There will also be turrets - destroy them first. Hide behind cover and shoot while the turrets cool down after a long burst of shells.

Eventually you will reach the Council Tower. Climb the stairs upstairs. Saren will be near the control panel. Several geth will meet in front of him, but getting rid of them will be easy.

Before the fight with Saren, there will be an opportunity to finally convince him in a conversation. If you succeed, Saren will shoot himself and fall down. If not, then you have to fight with him. The fight will be similar to the one that was with him on Vermire, but a little more difficult.

When you deal with Saren, go to the control panel and interact with it to regain control of the Citadel.

The Joker will contact you and you will have to make a decision: sacrifice a part of the Alliance fleet to save the Council (get “Hero” points) or send the entire fleet to destroy the “Overlord” (“Renegade” points).

After that, it turns out that Saren did not die completely. The "Lord" has penetrated into his synthetic part of the body and now controls it. The behavior of the enemy will resemble geth hunters: jumping from wall to wall and powerful energy projectiles. Use biotic abilities to slow him down and hide behind cover from projectiles. It will not be so difficult to win if you do not substitute and remember the behavior of the enemy.

After the final victory over Saren and "The Lord" will be shown the final video. Its content largely depends on your previous successes and decisions. And at the very end you will be asked to choose a new member of the Council from earthlings. Shepard trusts Anderson as himself, but Udina, for all his shortcomings, has much more experience in politics. Nevertheless, the choice is yours.

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