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WoW BC Classic: This is how you now install add-ons with and without WoWUp


WoW BC Classic: This is how you now install add-ons with and without WoWUp

Since May 19th you can play the pre-patch of WoW BC Classic . Since then, many players have had problems installing or updating add-ons. Here you can find out how to get new add-ons and how to use the add-on manager WoWUp.

Why didn't updates work at the moment? With the pre-patch, Blizzard introduced two separate versions of Classic: WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic. The folders in which the games are located were also changed.

Burning Crusade is now simply "Classic" and the original Classic has been renamed to "Classic_era" in the folders. Your old add-ons are now in the wrong folder and no longer work properly there.

You can still play both versions, but when installing add-ons you have to make sure to use the correct version of the game and the correct folder:

  • Retail-WoW is on version 9.0.5 and the folder is called "_retail_"
  • Burning Crusade is on version 2.5.1 and the folder is called "_classic_"
  • Classic is on version 1.13.7 and the folder is called "_classic_era_"

Some addon authors have not yet adjusted to BC Classic and there are no new versions yet. Addon managers like WoWUp had to change something because of this. However, if you follow our guide, everything should work without any problems.

Install addons for BC Classic with WoWUp

What is WoWUp? The new addon manager came up shortly before Shadowlands and is now very popular. It is an alternative to the established Curse client, but does not work with the Overwolf, which is rather unpopular in the community.

With WoWUp you can install new addons and uninstall or update old ones. The manager receives data from the Curse website as well as from other websites and the authors themselves.

This is how you use WoWUp: On you can find the latest version of the manager, 2.3.0. You absolutely need this so that you can manage your add-ons properly. Install WoWUp and let it search your folders.

Normally, WoWUp should find your WoW installation automatically. You can also search manually via "Settings". For new addons in BC Classic you proceed as follows:

  • selects “Classic” in the dropdown at the top left - that stands for Burning Crusade
  • Look for the add-ons you want in the "Install add-ons" tab
  • installs the add-ons using the corresponding button
  • Under “My Addons” you will find installed addons and the possibility to update them

If you have already played the "old Classic" before BC Classic, you have to look at WoWUp for the versions of your add-ons. If there is still version 1.13.7 for the add-on, you should uninstall it and look for the corresponding version for version 2.5.1.

Install addons for BC Classic without WoWUp

If you prefer to install addons manually, you can do that without a manager. To do this, you have to download the add-ons from their respective source and then unzip them in your add-ons folder. You can find it for BC Classic under the following path:

  • […] \ World of Warcraft \ _classic_ \ Interface \ AddOns

You can get addons from databases or the providers themselves. Many authors upload their works directly to Github or sell them via the Curse website. Just make sure that the version of the add-on is correct. At Curse you can explicitly filter for addons for version 2.5.1 (via ).

Three important addons in BC Classic

Many players are currently looking for addons that they want to install in BC Classic. We have listed the most frequently searched addons for you here.

Auction house addons such as Auctioneer

What do the addons do? With these addons you can improve your handling in the auction house. In Classic and Burning Crusade, many of the quality changes in the auction house that WoW already has in retail these days are missing.

The addons allow you to manage your auctions, set them up and cancel more easily and provide a better overview. You can also scan the databases of all auctions and get an insight into the prices and it is easier to filter.

There are these add-ons: Auctioneer is one of the most popular add-ons for the auction house, but according to our information it does not have a current and properly functioning version for BC Classic. However, there are three alternatives that have received an update or a fix:

Problems can still arise with all add-ons at the moment. Some players report that other auctions put in the auction house at absurd prices that confuse the addons. With TradeSkillMaster we had the fewest problems in the tests.

You can also find Auctionator, AuctionBuddy and TSM on WoWUp. Auctioneer is currently only available through Curse (via ).

Questie - Addon to level up more easily

In BC Classic you will not be shown where to go for a quest. If you accept a task, you have to read from the text where exactly it is. With Questie, however, you can get around that.

Questie basically takes on the task that the map has in WoW today: The addon shows you where you can find quest mobs or accept new quests. This makes leveling easier, especially if you don't want to constantly search for solutions online or if you don't know the quests by heart.

You can find Questie on WoWUp or directly on the website (via ). In the official Questie Discord you can also get help with the addon and talk to other users (via ).

Bagnon for better bags

With Bagnon you can group all your bags together and organize your inventory more easily. In addition, the add-on improves the overview of your bank and allows you to see what is there from anywhere.

The overview is greatly improved, especially with many larger pockets. But even on a new character with few pockets, Bagnon is useful as it highlights important or useless items. This makes it easier to sort items.

There is currently no Burning Crusade version for Bagnon, but the Classic version should work. However, you cannot download them via WoWUp. You can find Bagnon directly on Curse (via ).

You can find tons of other addons at WoWUp and Curse that you can already use. If your favorite add-ons haven't received an update yet, you should keep checking back. Many authors are still working on new versions and until the release of BC Classic there will be a few more addons for sure. BC Classic is out on June 2nd.