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All about the "Vigilance" perk in Call of Duty: Mobile - what it gives and how to open it


All about the "Vigilance" perk in Call of Duty: Mobile - what it gives and how to open it

In a smartphone shooter Call of Duty: Mobile players control characters with a set of unique skills and perks that have different effects. Access to them opens gradually, they allow you to create a unique build, sharpened for your fighting style. In this guide, we will tell you what bonus the perk called "Vigilance" gives and how to unlock it.

The High Alert perk originally appeared in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and inCall of Duty: Warzone as a skill that, when triggered, notifies the player that the enemy has noticed him. At this time, the screen began to pulsate red, prompting the soldier that it was time to find cover. Call of Duty: Mobile also has a similar perk, but now it's called "On the Lookout."

The participants of the mobile shooter were able to use it after the start of the ninth season, while the perk was replenished with an additional effect. If you open it, your character, taking aim, will be able to mark opponents, as well as their equipment and series of points.

How to open "Vigilance" or "Alert"

This perk can be accessed in the game for free, but you will need to complete several tasks.

First you need to kill five opponents with the "Composure" perk activated (the effect - the player becomes invisible to thermal imagers), as a reward for completing you will receive 2000 battle pass experience points, as well as a Thermal Marksman card. After that, you need to kill five more opponents with a sniper rifle, for which you also get 2,000 Battle Pass points and the long-awaited Vigilance perk (or, again, Alert).

By the way, after that you can also complete the following two tasks, adding good guns to the list of rewards. After activating the Vigilance perk, destroy ten opponents to get the DL Q33 rifle (as well as 4000 battle pass experience) and, picking it up and continuing to use the skill, kill a dozen more enemies, opening access to the M21 EBR rifle (plus 6000 experience battle pass).

How to open "Vigilance" or "Alert"

DL Q33 is a sniper rifle with a good damage indicator (90 units) and a low rate of fire (1.8 sec when the magazine is not empty and 4.1 sec when completely empty). The M21 EBR is also a weapon for fans of long-range combat, but its performance is the opposite - the amount of damage it deals is less than that of the previous model, but the reload lasts only 1.5 seconds (with a completely empty magazine 3.5 seconds).

Recall that Call of Duty: Mobile is a fairly popular first-person shooter developed by TiMi Studios for mobile platforms running iOS and Android. The game is distributed on a shareware model with the ability to receive loot boxes and upgrade a battle pass, receiving unique cosmetic rewards, weapons and other bonuses for this.

Season 9 has added the Weapon Workshop, a new 10v10 Team Rivalry mode, Seasonal Challenges, Shop Items, and more.