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Best class of the AMP63 in COD Warzone


Best class of the AMP63 in COD Warzone

This is the best class for dual AMP63 pistols in Call of Duty Warzone, using different types of accessories, perks, and gear.

The Season 3 Reloaded for Call of Duty Warzone continues to ravage among players around the world, who do not hesitate to plunge into the battle of Verdansk in their PS4, Xbox One or PC. But, of course, you have to be prepared with the best classes for each type of weapon.

We have already told you on other occasions about the best classes for assault rifles, submachine guns and sniper rifles, but we cannot forget about pistols either. The latest to be added to COD Warzone is the AMP63, a dual pistol model that allows you to move at high speed across the map.

The mid-season update brought important new features for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, such as the Action Heroes of the 80s event, nerfs and weapon changes ... but also a new pistol . The AMP63 pistol is a great choice for fans of frenetics and skirmishes in the open.

Do you want to have the best AMP63s to sweep Verdansk? Then find out which is the best class for the AMP63 in Call of Duty Warzone , applying different types of accessories, perks and equipment for it.

Best class of the AMP63 in COD Warzone

The dual AMP63 pistols are one of the great novelties for Call of Duty Warzone , ensuring lethality and speed in equal measure. But, of course, to use them first you will have to unlock them in the free to play.

Once you have the dual AMP63s in your possession, you will have to know that they are not up to the SMGs, neither in offensive parameters nor in ADS or reload speed. However, they have become one of the best pistols in the game (similar to the Sykov or Renetti) , and their damage rating can be increased.

Best class of the AMP63 in COD Warzone

We are going to explain to you what are the best accessories, advantages and equipment to have the best AMP63 in all of Verdansk, although as we always say, this will depend on your style of play. You should know that these duals are weapons planned to go head-on, not to fight strategically.

  • Cannon : Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel : 7.2 ”Task Force 
  • Look : SWAT 5mw Laser Sight 
  • Grip : Dual Wield 
  • Ammunition : STANAG caliber 25 Rnd
  • Advantage 1 : EOD
  • Advantage 2 : Ghost
  • Advantage 3 : Amped
  • Secondary : CR-56 AMAX
  • Lethal : Semtex
  • Tactical : Heartbeat Sensor

The agency suppressor is an indispensable accessory for the AMP63, as a good Cold War weapon, as it increases the effective damage range of the weapon, the speed of the bullet, the vertical recoil control and the rate of fire. This makes the dual AMP63s a deadly weapon, but also ideal for short and medium ranges.

Best class of the AMP63 in COD Warzone

On the other hand, the Barrel Task Force 7.2 '' increases the damage rate of these pistols and also the range of distance, at the same time that it increases your displacement speed . As for the SWAT scope , it offers you great visibility to be able to attack enemies at short and medium distances, so it will be your best ally.

You have a double choice when it comes to grip: if you fit the Dual Wield you will get more stability from the AMP63 , but you may prefer more precision. In this case, we recommend using the Serpent Wrap, which will make these pistols much more accurate ... although less stable and with greater recoil, of course. STANAG 25-gauge magazines are ideal for no shortage of bullets.

Best class of the AMP63 in COD Warzone

As usual, the EOD and Amped perks seem absolutely necessary to be able to carry more weapons, and also to be able to quickly switch between them. As a secondary school, we recommend taking the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle , one of the best weapons in COD Warzone.

The Ghost advantage allows you to be undetected by vehicle radars and heartbeat sensors , which makes you a steamroller given your great speed of movement ... at the same time that you can detect them with the sensor , and destroy them quickly with the Semtex . Easy and simple.