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Best MP5 Class in COD Warzone


Best MP5 Class in COD Warzone

We show you how to configure the best class for this popular SMG: the glorious MP5, which was once one of the best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone.

Season 3 of COD Warzone continues on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and, as always, it is advisable to know how to make the most of the different weapons that are available in Activision's free to play.

You've probably heard of the MP5, a popular SMG that was once pretty much the best weapon you could use in Call of Duty Warzone . Its success spread to COD Black Ops Cold War with the Cold War model ... but Activision nerfed its parameters with an update.

These changes made the MP5 the second best SMG in the game, behind the MAC-10 . However, this fast SMG is still a great option if you want to take down your enemies at close range, while traversing the map of Verdansk without stopping.

Do you want to have the best MP5 in Activision's free to play? If so, stay tuned and know which is the best class for the MP5 in COD Warzone , thanks to different types of accessories, advantages and equipment.

Best MP5 Class in COD Warzone

As we have already said, the MP5 submachine gun is one of the best weapons if you want to destroy your enemies in short distances, and you tend to move a lot on the COD Warzone map . Of course, you must be clear that in season 3 it has lost a lot of ground against MAC-10.

You already know that COD Warzone and COD Black Ops Cold War have synchronized the progression, so once you unlock this weapon in one of the two games, you can use it in the other. To unlock the Cold War MP5, you have to reach level 4.

Best MP5 Class in COD Warzone

Once you have obtained the MP5 from the Cold War, you should know what are the best accessories to apply to your SMG . Only then will you be able to get the most out of this fast weapon, which is lethal at short distances and can even be very dangerous at medium distances.

  • Cannon : Agency Suppressor
  • Look : Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Grip : Snake Grip
  • Stock : Raider Stock
  • Ammunition : Stanag 50 caliber Rnd drum
With this accessory configuration for the MP5, you will get a much more lethal and faster weapon at short distances. It may not be the best choice if you are looking to kill your enemies from long distances , but at point blank range it is a real nightmare for the opposing team.

The Agency Suppressor allows you to be undetected by other players when shooting , but also reduces the recoil of the MP5. This is vital, because the bursts from this SMG tend to shoot out in different directions, at high speed. You must always set your shots on target.

To increase your ADS and mobility , it is highly recommended to apply the Serpent Grip, the Tiger Team Spotlight sight and the Raider Stock. Thus you will get a stable, fast, easy-to-use MP5 with a shooting speed worthy of you ... and with hardly any recoil, of course.

Finally, the Stanag 50-caliber Drum ammo gives you loads of magazines to take the MP5 through its paces. In addition, as a complement, we recommend applying the Fast Mag advantage , which increases the ADS of this submachine gun even more in COD Warzone.