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CoD Warzone & Cold War: This is how you secure free cosmetics in the "Crash" event


CoD Warzone & Cold War: This is how you secure free cosmetics in the "Crash" event

The new Season 4 of Call of Duty is online and starts with a small live event for the Battle Royale Warzone and Black Ops Cold War . We shows you the solution with the rewards for the event.

What kind of event is that? With the "Crash" - or "Ground Fall" event, the ongoing background story of Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone should move a little more into focus with the players. The nasty new operator "Jackal" causes two American satellites to crash. One of them crashes over Verdansk.

This creates 4 new locations on the map, but also the basis for the crash event in Warzone. Cold War also has tasks related to the new in-game content. In total, you can get 7 cosmetic rewards if you complete all the tasks. The event is already active and We shows you how to solve the tasks. You can complete the tasks of the event until next Thursday, June 24th at 7:00 p.m.

Crash event in Warzone - solution of the 3 tasks

The 3 tasks are all related to the satellite crash in Warzone and you should use the new mechanics that are now in the game. That's why it's not clear at first glance what you should actually do. But what is certain: You have to solve all the tasks in the normal "Battle Royale" matches - loot money does not work.

Task 1: Secure uplink - Secure 5 uplink stations in Warzone.

You have to find and capture uplink stations. The stations can be found all over Verdansk, but they don't have a guaranteed spawn point. However, according to initial reports, the spawn points are fixed. A station at the small roundabout settlement in the south near Hills always appears at the same point - but not in every match.

Take a close look around your matches and pay attention to the stations. It takes about 15 seconds to take.

This is what the uplink stations look like before they are activated.

Task 2: Secure Firewall - Eliminate 10 enemies in the vicinity of an active uplink station or a recently crashed satellite.

As soon as you have activated the uplink station, a round receiving antenna extends and the station is activated. When the station is in this state, you must take down enemies nearby. This also applies to crashed satellites that fall from the sky after taking the uplink stations. More on this in the paragraph on the next task.

Task 3: Securing the Crash Site - Collect 3 rewards from crashed satellites

When you secure an uplink station, you initiate a satellite crash over Verdansk. Listen carefully and look at the sky to find out where the satellite falls from the sky - or rather where it is going. Then run to the damaged piece of technology and interact with the crashed satellite. That gives loot and helps you advance on the task. Players report that the satellites are fond of spitting out "HARM" killstreaks. These are particularly powerful reconnaissance drones that reveal many enemies on the map for you.

After taking an uplink station, a satellite comes down.

The hardest to solve is task number 2. Killing 10 opponents near such stations can be difficult and tedious.

As soon as there is more information about the locations of the uplink station, we will add the article accordingly. If you want to see the solution to the tasks again in the video, we will include an English guide from YouTuber "Mr Fishy McFish":

Crash event in Cold War - solution of the 3 tasks

You have to solve the other 3 tasks in Cold War multiplayer. Again, it's all about introducing what's new in the game. So you have to collect kills on the new maps or use the new scorestreak "hand cannon".

Task 1: Global network - Achieve 250 eliminations in matches on the Collateral, Collateral Strike, Hijacked or Amsterdam maps.

You should collect very simple kills on the new maps. At the start of the season, the "Hijacked 24/7" mode is online - this should be the fastest. Pack yourselves the new scorestreak "hand cannon" to work on task 3 of Cold War.

Task 2: Uplink Online - Earn 1,000 points from captured uplink stations in "Sat-Link" mode

Sat-Link is a new fire squad mode in which you take satellites as a team of 4 and thus collect points. Every satellite captured gives points and there are items that increase the point output. The maximum of a round is 500 points from the satellites. So you need at least 2 rounds to complete the task.

Task 3: Large Caliber - Get 15 kills with the hand cannon scoring series

Grab the new scorestreak and go hunting. The hand cannon is a nasty pistol that can kill opponents with one shot in normal multiplayer matches. It doesn't matter whether the ball lands in the head or hits the little toe. In addition, the weapon is strong against scorestreaks used on the ground - like the gun. The hand cannon costs 2,800 points, offers 8 shots and has a 90 second cooldown.

Crash Rewards: 6 themed cosmetics and a crazy hand gun

In total you can get 7 free cosmetics by completing all tasks. Every task gives a reward and when you have completed the 3 rewards of a game, there is a colorful blueprint for the Magnum on top. So you don't need to play both games to get the blueprint.

Warzone rewards

  • Task 1: Secure Upinks - Talisman
  • Task 2: Landing kills - business card
  • Task 3: loot satellites - emblem
Cold War rewards

  • Task 1: Landing Kills - Emblem
  • Task 2: Play satellite link - arcade game
  • Task 3: Rock the hand cannon - business card

The first 3 rewards are for Cold War, the 3 on the right are for Warzone.

Call of Duty starts Season 4 again with a small live event related to the story. However, the crash event only runs for just under 7 days and you should tackle the tasks quickly if the rewards suit you.