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Decrypted the strange Battlefield 6 message that EA released two days ago


Decrypted the strange Battlefield 6 message that EA released two days ago

Direct messages from various influencers featured a curious and strange message, which has now been decrypted.

The new Battlefield 2021 continued with its strange and curious viral marketing campaign, promoting the game in various and strange ways. One of these ways has been through direct messages (DM) to various influencers and personalities of the video game , but it could not be read because the message was very cryptic and unreadable.

But as is always the case in these kinds of situations , it seems the players came together to figure it out. The official Battlefield account sent these messages on Twitter, hiding several words, although the hidden words kept changing in the messages sent . Now that entire message has been deciphered after combining different images .

The messages began to be reported by personalities like Jack Frags and Lirik on Twitter, seeing how these messages were encrypted and he says the following: " Some of you want to return to your home, the most human instinct. With great regret, I must tell you the True, you have no home to return to. Now you must ask yourself: Do we accept our destiny? Or do we dare to fight for a better world .

" No one can force you to fight, but I tell everyone who can hear my voice: if you can fire a weapon, if you can heal a wound, if you can create havoc ... Those who can, we need you. We need you. war is the only way back home . " As you can see, war never changes again .

Take this message as you want, but it has already been seen by leaks that the new game will be set in a modern era , unlike previous games in the saga.

What do you have to say about the decrypted message ? It is clear that, at least, EA's campaign regarding Battlefield 6 is being very curious.