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ESO: New Mythic Item Is Strong As A Bear - How To Get The "Watkilt Of A Harpooner"


ESO: New Mythic Item Is Strong As A Bear - How To Get The "Watkilt Of A Harpooner"

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online received the Blackwood expansion on June 1st, 2021. With the new chapter, new Mythic Items have been added. We introduces you to a particularly strong one and reveals how you can get it.

Similar to the previous chapter on Greymoor, there is a particularly interesting piece of armor for DDs (Damage Dealer) to dig out: a harpooner's wading kilt.

However, the item is extremely popular and generates a large number of people at the farm spots . This can mean you have to farm for hours or even days. Because even if you have fought for one of the farm spots (or rather expected), this is no guarantee that you will get the track quickly.

This is why the item “Harpooner's wading kilt” is so popular

What kind of item is that? The Mythic Item is called “Harpooner's Watkilt”. These are leg guards (medium). Here you can see the effect of the item:

Why is the item so strong? The item gives you up to 10 accumulations of 125 critical hits and 1% critical damage each. With 10 stacks, that's 10% critical damage. You get stacks whenever you deal direct damage. 

The accumulation will then be granted to you for 1 minute. But since you actually consistently do direct damage, you can mostly keep the 10 accumulations. However, you lose 5 stacks if you take direct damage.

The set is only suitable if you as a DD are in a situation in which you get almost no damage. Still, the bonuses are strong as the critical damage is generally seen as too strong at the moment.

And you get a lot of stats from just one piece of the set. For example, you can do without part of the monster set. Depending on the game situation, the watkilt is the best item that you can wear in the equipment slot.

How to get the item "Harpooner's wading kilt"

You can get the item “Watkilt of a harpooner” from the excavation. So you need the Greymoor chapter for the skill lines. You also need the new Blackwood chapter and the Murkmire DLC, as you can only get some tracks in these areas.

In total you have to have 5 different tracks in order to dig up the necessary parts for the item.

How does the excavation work?

First you have to unlock the skill lines “Scouting” and “Digging”. To do this, travel to the western Skyrim for Solitude. Move from the shrine towards the antiquarian circle.

Enter the building and speak to Verita Numida. With this NPC you get a quest. You have to accept and conclude this. You will get a kind of tutorial on how peeking and excavation work.

What level of skill line do I need?

To get the so-called Mythic Items, you have to get 5 tracks and dig them out. You don't need a special level to get the track. But spying requires the antiquarian's passive insight (5/5) in the spying skill line.

For the excavation it is very advisable to have the passive skills. They really make this a lot easier. In principle, there is no minimum level for this, but the skill line levels parallel to the scouting skill line. So you will inevitably have a similar level there.

Unfortunately, in order to reach the level, you have to spy on and dig up things again and again, which is relatively time-consuming. You always have the opportunity to spot a green item. Most of the time you will find a trail for a blue item when excavating it. 

Depending on the rarity, there are of course different rewards and experience points. That's also the positive thing about farming for the skill line: There's a little gold from the dig on the side.

Which tracks do I need and where are they available?

First of all: The known information may be imprecise. It is entirely possible that you can get the traces from other sources. All information is based on the experience of some players. 

Lane 1 (Kothringi leather cut): For this lane you have to go to the new area of ​​dark forest . So you absolutely need the chapter Blackwood . The world bosses of the open world have a chance to drop this trail.

Track 2 (swamp blue jasper fetish): You can get this track from the final boss (tree shepherd Na-Kesh) of the group dungeon Ruins of Mazzatun . It doesn't matter which level of difficulty you choose.

Track 3 (tide glass beads): This is probably the most unpleasant track of all 5 tracks. Because you get this trace from only aquatic plants (Nirnwurz, water hyacinth) or water sources (drinking tubes or water on bodies of water).

But since the spots are comparatively scarce, you will quickly notice: Almost every spot is literally besieged by a player.

Occasionally you can expect less likeable players who try to defend their spot with rather unfriendly words. This is absolutely unnecessary. There is a trick how you can both use the same spot:

  • Important for this: Switch off the “Always collect everything” function. To do this, go to the settings under “Game play” and scroll down to the “Objects” heading.
  • If you now select a resource with E, you can see what exactly is in it before you loot it. If you don't see a trace there, cancel the process with “Alt” or by removing yourself from the resource.
  • The next player can select the resource after you and also has a chance to find the track in it. So the competition that can be observed is absolutely unnecessary ...

The best thing to do is to look for a group with whom you can place yourself at resource spots. Then you can always alternately select the resource and thus increase your overall chances.

Track 4 (wolf's tail sash): For this track you have to fish in the Trübmoor area. So you need the DLC Murkmire . The difficult thing is choosing the water. Because only in murky waters do you have a chance to get the track.

If you are a PC player, you can use the following add-ons to help you fish. However, these are not absolutely necessary for farming the trail, but in some cases also for fishing fans:

  • Map Pins by Hoft
  • Votan's Fisherman by votan
  • Votan's Fish Fillet by votan
  • Rare Fish Tracker by katkat42

You can download the add-ons manually and put them in the appropriate folder. The more convenient variant is the Minion add-on manager . With it you can see, browse and download almost all add-ons.

This track 5 (silver cloth rope): You can find this track in the small area of ​​Bal Foyen. For this you have to defeat enemy NPCs of the Daggerfall Alliance. With a little luck you can get the trail of the defeated opponents.

There are also some helpful add-ons for PC gamers for the various tracks. With this you can get an overview of the things that you can see:

  • Display Leads - with Location Info by remosito
  • Lead Overview by ownedbynico
  • BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel) by @DeadSoon

Are there any add-ons in your list that make your life in Tamriel a lot easier? For some ESO players, these useful helpers have become indispensable.