General guide to Atomic War in Dota 2 - promo codes, lords, builds, heroes, ranks, custom, rating and other tips for the new mode


General guide to Atomic War in Dota 2 - promo codes, lords, builds, heroes, ranks, custom, rating and other tips for the new mode

Dota 2 is a competitive MOBA game that continually creates new custom games with unique environments. In this guide, we will talk about a mode like Atomic War, sharing tips and tricks that will help you defeat your opponents more often.

Atomic War - what is it and how to play

So, Atomic War is a map created by the fans of the Dota 2 game. Custom games are one of the main entertainments of the project's fan community, in addition to the classic 5v5 mode. At the moment, in this format, the number of simultaneously online players reaches about 10,000. which would allow Atomic War to enter the top 50 most played games on Steam if it were a separate project.

At its core, this custom mode is an "autobattler" - a genre in which your characters howl on their own, and you just have to collect a more profitable combination of champions than your opponent's. Many players compare this custom map to Auto Chess, but it has several important differences:

  1. In Atomic War there is no chessboard, so you can arrange your heroes during the battle as you please;
  2. There are no alliances on which the interaction of characters in the same Auto Chess was built;
  3. The pumping system here is also taken from the original Dota 2, which allows the player to make more unique combinations;
  4. The coins earned during the turn are not accumulated, but are burned out when the round is changed.
Atomic War - what is it and how to play

In total, Atomic War features 73 heroes, conditionally divided into 4 categories:

  • Tanks are characters that can withstand the most damage;
  • Damagers - characters that deal the most physical damage in the allotted time;
  • Mages are champions that deal magic damage;
  • Supports are support heroes that apply buffs (positive effects) to allies.

Some champions can be attributed to several categories at once, but they are best revealed in their main role.

Each player can take a maximum of 5 heroes, each of them has 4 skills. Characters can accumulate 6 artifacts, while things can be freely exchanged between different figures (in total, we have more than a hundred things, divided into 6 ranks). Abilities are also allowed to be traded, so, in fact, you can create a truly unique combat squad, matched to certain situations.

As in other "autobatlers", in Atomic War the main role in the gameplay is played by randomness (that is, randomness). Luck will determine what kind of Lord you get (the main champion, on the basis of which your whole strategy can be built) at the beginning of the match, what skills this or that champion will get, what artifacts will drop out in the tavern, etc.

Builds and strategies for Atomic War

Builds and strategies for Atomic War

An important role in a future victory lies in making the right combination of heroes, as well as a competent choice of the initiator of the battle. Most initiators are located in the support category, there are 13 of them: Ax, Tidehunter, Sand King, Disruptor, Earthshaker, Enigma, Kunkka, Magnus, Phoenix, Silencer, Tiny, Warlock, Winter Wyvern. All of them have extremely useful skills, while some give instant control (do not allow the enemy to perform any actions) over enemy characters, while others continue to control other initiators.

Try to choose the heroes from this category correctly in order to get the maximum advantage at the start. For example, it makes no sense to take Disruptor, Wyvern and Tidehunter in the same lineup, since they all use their ults (the strongest skills) at the same time, which will make them ineffective in battle. On the contrary, the choice of heroes such as Disruptor, Phoenix and Kunkka will be more effective - the skills of two of them work with a certain delay, which will allow them to extend the control of the enemy (by about 6-8 seconds) and make it impossible for him to counterattack.

To summarize the initiators, from the most powerful characters at the start, you can choose the following champions (choose one of the following):

  • Disruptor
  • Winter wyvern
  • Tidehunter
  • Magnus
  • Ax
The following heroes are great for extending the control of enemy heroes (choose a maximum of two):

  • Kunkka
  • Phoenix
  • Silencer
  • Earthshaker
  • Sand king
  • Enigma

Thus, already at the start of the battle, you will be able to inflict maximum damage on enemy characters without using a hero concentrating on physical damage.

General guide to Atomic War in Dota 2

After choosing the initiators, we need to choose the heroes that inflict maximum physical and magical damage. At this point, you need to determine which of the presented magicians and "physicists" (heroes that inflict physical damage) is best combined with the figures you already have. Among the universal options, the following champions can be distinguished, which make up an effective combination with characters that impose control effects:

  • Gyrocopter
  • Medusa
  • Dragon knight
  • Drow ranger
  • Sniper
  • Luna
  • Sven

These heroes are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in the first few seconds of a duel. The most balanced heroes from the presented pool are Drow Ranger, Luna and Gyrocopter - they can be taken in any bundle, while others can be determined by the situation.

After choosing the heroes for the presented positions, we need to occupy the remaining slots (or slot) with champions that can withstand a lot of damage (they are called "tanks"). "Tanks" can be used to distract enemy characters (works best on assassins who jump behind the enemy's back and inflict instant damage), covering teammates in the squad.

In this category of heroes, we would highlight the following:

  • Abaddon
  • Pudge
  • Mars

They will be able not only to absorb a lot of damage from enemy attacks, but also use skills that neutralize the strengths of most "meta" (those who are most often chosen to squads in Atomic War) heroes.

General guide to Atomic War in Dota 2

Now we are left with a category of supports, which are designed to support the rest of the fighters in the group. They must be selected for a specific situation, since most of these warriors work as efficiently as possible only if there is one or a certain champion in your group. For example, Ogre Magi should be taken when you have already chosen Enigma, while the latter is taken into a team only if there is no Silencer in it. Tusk stacks well with Tiny and Disruptoro, giving his teammates the chance to land their strongest attacks against their opponent.

In other words, when choosing a support, compare the effect of his skill and analyze whether the ability will work with the skills of your other champions.

Lords in Atomic War - who should a newbie choose

Lords in Atomic War - who should a newbie choose

Each new player in Atomic War has one reasonable question - which Lord to choose for your squad? The game features a huge number of different characters claiming this role, but the following can be distinguished as the most suitable for a novice commander:

Ax - it has the simplest, in terms of understanding, mechanics. The passive ability means that Ax at the beginning of each round chops off the head of the first enemy character whose health level drops below 45%. Thus, he can easily deal with units that, with the help of their ultimates, working at low health, increase their own effectiveness.

Zeus is also a fairly easy-to-use Lord, whose mechanic consists in activating an ability for 1 unit of gold that deals serious damage to opponents, ignoring protection from magic. Each subsequent activation of the ultimate skill inflicts increased damage - thus, by the late stage of the game, you can turn your Lord into a real killing machine.

Omniknight - this Lord allows you to increase the level of a hero by 12 points once per game (activation cost is 2 units of gold). Thus, from the very beginning you can have a pumped character who is able to deal with the entire enemy squad. Not a bad advantage.

Batrider - the main feature of this Lord is the projectiles he releases, bombarding the places where units are summoned and causing damage in the area to all nearby enemies. In other words, you can not only get an entire army of summoned creatures at your disposal, but also use them even after death.

Nature's Prophet - Furion is also an excellent candidate for the role of Lord, who can get an artifact of any rarity for 4 gold. Of course, no one says that your champion will always get a useful thing, but this skill can easily turn the tide of even a match that is not very successful for you.

Atomic War promo codes - how to get bonus coins and premium

For an easy start and get additional bonuses in Atomic War, it is possible to enter promotional codes. For example, for reaching a peak online of 2,000 people, the developers allowed fans to get double the number of coins for free for a win.

You can view all the current promotional codes in the game itself in the "Game Library" tab. There, for example, you can see codes such as 2000players and 5000players , which contain bonus coins, premium account days, and other nice gifts.

Ranking in Atomic War

As in any competitive game, our custom also has a leaderboard, where all participants with all achievements are listed. By going to this tab in the upper left corner of the screen, you can see the players, their nicknames, their place in the top and their current rank.

By clicking on the name of the user, you can evaluate the detailed statistics, from which you can understand how the player operates in Atomic War. Analyzing your opponent is an integral part of the gameplay, in which you must have as much information about your enemies as possible in advance.

Ranking in Atomic War

To advance in ranks in Atomic War, you need to win. If you lose, being on the 5th place in the match, you will lose 1 star, on the 6th you lose 2 stars, on the 7th - 3, on the 8th, respectively, 4. You can get stars by analogy, taking the leading places in the list, most of all (4 stars) are received by the player who occupies the top 1 in the battle.

General tips for customizing Atomic War

Having figured out the combinations, let's move on to practical recommendations that will allow you to act more effectively on the battlefield in Atomic War.

For example, it is very important to prioritize the leveling of your champions. On the fourth turn, it will be more rational to have a group of five heroes of level 6 than two characters pumped to level 10+. As for pumping the level of the tavern, it can be improved in any situation when you have an extra 4 gold. The 3rd tavern costs 6 gold, you need to move to it on the 7th turn, leaving a reinforcement for one of your champions for the turn.

Try not to chase the level of the tavern, giving preference to pumping heroes and buying effective artifacts. For example, if at the current level you have the opportunity to acquire three strong pieces at once, you should not buy one champion and raise the level of the tavern, it would be much more rational to wait and acquire the remaining two, and leave the structure increase for the next turn.

General tips for customizing Atomic War

To place heroes on the field is as follows: "tanks" and initiators occupy the front positions, magicians and warriors of ranged attack occupy the back rows, and assassins can be placed in the middle or in the vanguard. You only need to work out any original tactics for placing champions closer to the late stage of the game, when there are one or two opponents left. At this stage, you need to think carefully about your strategy and place your heroes so that they neutralize the strengths of the enemy champions.

As a final tip, we also recommend not to accumulate too many artifacts on the field from 1-2 levels of the tavern. You will spend a lot of gold on them, which would be more rational to use for pumping heroes or a tavern. One artifact for each champion at the starting stage is quite enough for you, after which it is better to spend money on more useful things.

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