Gift promotional codes for Magnum Quest for money (coins), cups and coupons. How to activate a promo code


Gift promotional codes for Magnum Quest for money (coins), cups and coupons. How to activate a promo code

Magnum Quest is a brand new RPG from TUYOO GAME. She recently appeared on Google Play, but has already managed to gain a huge fan base. Developers are trying not only to release new updates and improve previously implemented mechanics to maintain the interest of the community. The game studio consistently provides special gift codes that allow users to receive additional rewards for free. In this guide, we will share all the current promotional codes for June 2021.

List of current promotional codes for Magnum Quest

Some promotional codes are already expired today, so it will not be possible to activate them and pick up free bonuses. Regardless, there are still a few codes that provide gamers with developer-issued rewards. Each codeword will allow you to get a certain amount of resources, so there will be no free heroes in the list presented. Below are all the promotional codes in the game, so be sure to activate them to receive your free promotion.

Actual promo codes:

  • mq61 (available until 06/30/2021): free 610,000 gold units, 61 gold soul cube and 361 silver soul cube;
  • mq999 : free 10 lottery coupons.

Expired (inactive) promotional codes:

  • ilovemom (published on 05/08/2021 and was available until 05/31/2021): 100 friendship points, 300 scales, 500,000 gold and 120 silver soul cubes;
  • woodsburrow (published on 05/01/2021 and was available until 05/31/2021): 300 scales, 300,000 gold, 60 golden soul cubes and 10 acorn cakes;
  • easteregg (published 04/04/2021 and was available until 04/30/2021): 300 scales, 600,000 gold, 10 artisan gold coins and 60 gold soul cubes;
  • foolfriend (published on 04/01/2021 and was available until 04/30/2021): 100 friendship points, 500 artisan silver coins and 120 silver soul cubes;
  • clover (published 03/17/2021 ): 300 scales, 200,000 gold, 120 silver soul cubes
  • womenpower (published 03/08/2021 ): replica of the golden hero Gaia, 380 scales, 38,000 gold and 38 artisan gold coins;
  • 1003 (published 02/26/2021): 300 scales, 10 red envelopes, a frame and several resource units;
  • merryxmas (published 12/24/2020 ): 300 scales, 2,020,000 gold, 1,225 guild pins, 1,224 challenge coins, 2020 beryl, 10 lottery coupons, 10 hero experience scrolls, 120 silver soul cubes;
  • ilovemq (published on 02/14/2021 and was valid until 03/14/2021): 60 gold soul cubes and 100 friendship points;
  • chineseny (published 02/11/2021): a copy of the legendary hero Rikers and 10 red envelopes;
  • 2021jan (published 1/19/2021 ): 10 Craftsman Gold Coins, 60 Gold Soul Cubes, 120 Silver Soul Cubes
  • 2021year (published 01/01/2021): Replica of the legendary hero Ion, 500 scales, 2,021,000 gold and 10 artisan gold coins;

  • 2021 ;
  • summonergift ;
  • summoner2020 ;
  • 1000likes ;
  • Turkeyleg ;
  • halloween ;
  • Demoninmq .

How to redeem promotional codes in Magnum Quest

It is worth considering that not every player will immediately be able to enter promotional codes from the list above. To gain access to enter promotional codes, you must complete Stage 1-12 in the game. This can be done in a short period of time. It is enough to complete the initial training and complete all the remaining levels in a row. Do not forget to pump the characters up to 10-20 levels, otherwise it will be very difficult to complete the stage. After fulfilling the prerequisite, you need to do the following to activate the promo code:

  1. Go to the initial screen with the stage selection.
  2. Click on the player's profile icon.
  3. We use the button "Activation code", located in the center at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the menu that opens, enter the desired promotional code into the text field and click on the checkmark to confirm the action.
  5. We receive the long-awaited free rewards and close the window by clicking on the screen.

Magnum Quest is currently only available on Android. For more information about the project, you need to check the official game page. Developers in most cases post all new promo codes on their Facebook page.

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