Hobo Tough Life quests walkthrough: tips for completing all the tasks in the game


Hobo Tough Life quests walkthrough: tips for completing all the tasks in the game

IN Hobo: Tough Life you have to meet new characters and complete their tasks. Basically, quests are designed to teach you game mechanics. For completing tasks, you will receive money and various items, as well as increase the trust of the characters. We have prepared a detailed walkthrough of all existing quests in the game.

How to complete quests in Hobo Tough Life

To take any quest, while communicating with the game characters, select the dialogues highlighted in blue. Upon completion of the dialogue, an active task and a description for it will appear in your task log. Most of the quests in the game are not limited in time, so it is not necessary to immediately complete them.

Some tasks can only be completed in a certain area on the game map. To track the location of quest objects or characters, open the map (key "M" ) and select the task on the left side of the screen. A special marker will appear on the map, to which you need to proceed.

How to pass Hobo: Tough Life

Hobo: Tough Life's plot revolves around homeless vagabonds who have been unable to choose the Beggar King for several seasons. Each season consists of 30 in-game days. During this period, you will need to complete the maximum number of tasks for different characters and increase the trust of most of them. If in one season you do not succeed in becoming the king of the homeless, then you can do it in the next season. Win the trust of at least six of the eight group leaders to win the election as King of the Homeless.

Each season starts in spring and ends in winter. The last few days before the choice of the King of the Homeless, the weather is getting worse, all shops and stalls are closed, passers-by disappear from the streets, and quest characters become inaccessible. Try to win over the majority of homeless people by game day 29.

As you progress through quests, you will be faced with moral choices. At some point, you may even have to sacrifice the trust of one group of people in front of another group. Since you only need six votes, this will not be a problem.

Bartender (Meisner)

This task can be taken from the homeless Meisner, who is in his camp, not far from the "shelter in the pit". To activate the quest, ask the bum what he drinks.

You need to search several garbage cans and trash cans to find four units of dubious booze and dubious drink . Return to Meisner and give him the found ingredients.

  • Recipe for "zhizdar";
  • The Meisner Trust (3).

Treasure hunter (Meisner)

Chat with Meisner after completing the "Bartender" quest. You need to search several garbage cans. In almost every garbage dump, you will find useful items, and also come across "mines". If this happens, you can rip your clothes, make them dirty and smelly.

Tell the bum that you have already managed to dig in the trash heaps and master the mechanics of obtaining items and resources.

  • Trust with Meisner (3).

Comfortable rest (Meisner)

Ask Meisner about a bed you can rest on in your home. He will ask you to bring him three sofa springs , which are scattered in different places on the territory of the old industrial zone (you can also find Drax's camp here). A marker appears on the map to mark a large area. Springs can be found in vaults and broken cars.

Do not waste lockpicks and open locked drawers, as there can be no springs here!

  • Cardboard bed (1);
  • Trust with Meisner (3).

Feast (Meisner). How to Learn Your First Recipe in Hobo: Tough Life

This quest will become available when you bring your new friend three sofa springs. Ask Meisner for a recipe for any dish. In exchange for information, you need to bring any scraps (5) and bagels (3) .

  • Scraps can be found by exploring any trash heap ;
  • Bagels are sold at food stalls for 3 CZK apiece.
For completing the task you will receive:

  • Recipe "Grub";
  • Trust with Meisner (3).

Camp (Drax)

The quest will become active when you find "shelter in the pit". Travel to the area marked on the map and talk to Drax. He will give you a homemade table that you need to install in your hideout.

  • Homemade table (1);
  • Trust with Drax (3).

Arsenal (Drax)

To complete this quest, you need to find a merchant named Kashi who lives in Drax's camp. The camp is located in the northwestern part of the city. It is worth noting that the merchant will be offering a different starting weapon for sale every few days.

Four-legged friend (Drax). How to get a pet in Hobo: Tough Life

The task can be taken from Drax, when completing the "Camp" quest . Drax claims that the dog can be purchased from gypsies. Travel to the area marked on the map and find a gypsy named Langos in the slums. The man will agree to find you a watchdog puppy, but for a very considerable sum - 300 kroons. But that's not all. When you return to Langos for the dog, he will ask for the same amount. Therefore, we recommend that you first collect 600 crowns, and only then complete this task.

If you have pumped the skills "Communication" and "Begging", then you can very quickly earn money to buy a four-legged friend. It took us about four in-game days to do this.

The dog needs to be trained and fed on time. A pet can increase some of your character's stats with proper affection and free time points :

  • Hug ( warmth +1 ) - 5 time / 20 affection;
  • Pat ( mood +10 ) - 5 time / 40 affection;
  • Scratching ( confidence +1 ) - 5 time / 60 affection;
  • Fool around ( willpower +3 ) - 80 affection.
You can also purchase a purebred dog from the Helper near the port. For a Rottweiler or Shepherd Dog, you will have to pay 3000 CZK. We marked the location of the Assistant on the map.

Scrap metal (Langos)

Talk to Langos about work. He will kindly share with you information about Mr. Kotler, who accepts scrap metal. Take his metal from the gypsy and take it to the metal dealer. For the delivery of Drax's scrap you will receive 50 CZK. You can keep all the proceeds for yourself.

Owner property - scrap metal (Langos)

Langos will give you a tip on Mr. Kotler, who is buying scrap metal. Also, the homeless person will mark on the map the location of a small batch of scrap. A wagon with scrap metal is located near the Master's trailer.

From now on, you can take new leads to warehouses with scrap metal from Langos. Do not forget to share the proceeds with the homeless. The more you give to Langos, the faster you will build trust with this character.

Blues (Meisner)

Return to Meisner when your mood score is below 20%. Just chat with your Sim to learn the new Roll-Up Blueprint .

One smoked cigarette will add willpower (1) and mood (3) . You can now create homemade cigarettes using the following resources:

  • Trash (2);
  • Cigarette butt (5).

Radio repair (Meisner)

Complete the "Blues" quest to unlock this quest. Meisner will give you the broken radio and ask you to find a certain Monty who can fix the receiver.

When you get to Monty, he will not talk to you until you complete the side quest Good Intentions . To do this, you need to collect 100 kroons and purchase a pack of Merkur cigarettes in any tobacco shop. Return to Monty and give him the cigarettes to boost your confidence a bit with this character. Do not worry, he will return the money for the smoke.

To complete this task, you need to rummage through the trash heaps and find electrical parts (3) . A lot of this stuff can be found in the old industrial zone, not far from your camp. Monty will kindly rewire the part and ask him to say hello to Meisner.

When you return to Meisner, you can choose to say hello from Monty or keep quiet. If you still say hello from an old friend, then Meisner will pour you a mug of tea and give you his recipe.

  • Trust (5);
  • Liquid tea recipe.

Hut renovation - Meisner

This quest is optional, but very important. The fact is that for its completion you can receive a quest item, which must be found to continue the quest "Retired seamstress".

Meisner will complain about the crumbling hut. Examine the only broken spot to see the repair requirements. When you collect all the necessary materials, you have to play the already familiar mini-game, which you constantly encounter while exploring trash cans and when building your home.

When finished, return to Meisner. He will provide you with a reward to choose from:

  • 100 CZK;
  • Strange Cloth (2);
  • Rum (2);
  • Portable plate;
  • Carnation - this item is required to continue the quest "Retired seamstress";
  • Old washing machine.

Meisner's coat (Purulent's coat)

Both of these quests can be taken from Meisner or Purulent. Friends will tell you about a certain Bear who wears a very warm coat. Such a coat would be useful to them for the winter. Well, or you. In any case, go to the place marked on the map, find the Bear's hut and talk to him.

The bear will refuse to talk to you, so it is worth stopping by the bar along the way and grabbing a few cans of beer. From now on, you should regularly visit a new friend and carry out his small errands. One of the main tasks of the Bear will be the quest "Back in the saddle" , at the end of which the character will give you his coat.

Back in the saddle (Bear)

Reach 25 points of trust in the Bear and talk to him again. He will ask you to get him a full set of biker gear. In the game, such things come across quite rarely. All things can be purchased from time to time in Anatoly's thrift shop.

  • Biker jacket;
  • Biker pants;
  • Biker boots;
  • Biker glasses.

Festive Feast (Purulent). How to find a commemorative ring in Hobo: Tough Life

While exploring the homeless camp in the old sugar factory, you will smell the delicious food smell. If you go around the camp from the other side, then you will find another slum. Purulent lives in one of the huts. Talk to him to start the quest.

To continue the quest, go to Drax. He will give a tip to the President Hotel, next to which you can find unusual meat. Find the back door behind the hotel and talk to the chef, Mr. Polrecht.

The chef will ask you to collect all the trash around the hotel. At this moment, an additional task for collecting garbage will appear. Unlike other similar quests, garbage collection will not affect the smell of your hero, but, on the contrary, will bring a little useless junk. Rubbish will be scattered around the front door of the hotel.

The chef's second assignment will be to buy potatoes at a local grocery store. Go for the marker on the map and talk to the greengrocer to get the vegetables and take them to Polrecht.

The chef will pay you 200 kroons for completing orders. After that, you can take the last assignment in search of the memorial ring . There is a locked tank next to the back door. Open it with a lockpick and find the chief's ring. As a thank you, he will give you cool meat.

Return to the Purulent and ask for the steep meat. From now on, the homeless person will be happy to see you in his home. The guy will tell you about food packages (quest "Food Source" ). You can also increase the trust of the Purulent and learn which recipes.

Food Source (Festering)

After successfully completing the previous task, Purulent will tell you about containers for food waste. Three markers will appear on the map with the location of the containers.

All such containers are locked with simple and complex locks, so you will have to stock up on lockpicks. You can get lockpicks from Drax, in Ferenc's camp at the sugar factory.

Secret Recipe (Purulent). Where to find a dead cat in Hobo: Tough Life
Raise your character's trust to 30 to start this quest. Purulent will ask you to take the pot from Meisner and get a dead cat . The last item can be obtained in several ways.

Ask Vanga for a cat

A local gypsy Vanga recently lost a cat. Use your Level 3 Social or Steal skills to get your hands on a cat.

Find the cat in the trash cans

A dead cat is a very rare resource, but sometimes it can be found in trash cans. If you find such an item, do not rush to get rid of it. It can come in handy in some quests.

Obtain a cat using the occult altar

This is the most unproductive way to get such an item in the game. When exploring the city, you will find several occult altars, after which you can construct your own altar and set it up in the camp. For the ritual, you will need to purchase a chicken carcass . During the ritual, every few seconds you will receive some items, but your health indicator will decrease.

Bring the Chicken Bones to Sewer Resident Gaul

You will become acquainted with this character during the completion of the "Final Honors" quest . After that, you can bring him chicken bones in exchange for useful items. One of these items can be a dead cat.

Purulent Problems

This quest will only become available if you told Ferenc that there is a former cook in the neighborhood, a homeless man named Purulent. Bring him the following resources:

  • Leftovers (luxurious) 10 pieces;
  • Food package (5).

Such resources are very easy to find in food containers that are located behind any establishment. After this quest, you will increase trust with the Purulent and you will be able to learn all the available recipes.

Business Monty

Complete several side quests of Meisner and Monty to unlock this story mission. Monty wants to get hold of a broken vacuum cleaner. One such was just lying around with Meisner. The latter will not want to part with the thing for free. Exchange the vacuum cleaner for a pack of wine and take the item to Monty.

When the master repairs the vacuum cleaner, he will offer you to buy it for 50 CZK. Now you can bring broken home appliances to Monty and fix them for a nominal fee.

Monty's apprentice. How to learn the "Engineer" skill in Hobo: Tough Life

Monty can teach you the craft, but for that you need to save 300 kronor and give a bottle of rum. To increase the level of crafting, collect the following items (all things must be broken):

  • Headphones;
  • Teapot;
  • Keyboard;
  • Radio;
  • A vacuum cleaner.

Any of these items can be found in the trash heap, bought from your friends, or stolen from passers-by. After collecting all five items, save 300 crowns, grab a bottle of rum and visit Monty. This will give you the "Engineer" skill .

Tax collection (Shizik). How to collect money from homeless people for Shizik in Hobo: Tough Life

When you reach Monty's camp for the first time, you will also meet Shizik. To increase the confidence of this homeless person, it is enough to complete a small assignment. You need to visit three groups of homeless people and collect taxes from them. All three groups are located in the train station square. The exact location can be seen in the screenshot below.

  • Having met Chikko with a friend, you need to answer "It's time to pay, ladies";
  • Rasken lives next to them (in front of the central entrance to the station). He will refuse to pay the tax;
  • A homeless man named Henry stands out from previous groups. He will tell you that he lost his wallet. This will begin the quest "Money from the Trash".
You can return to Shizik and complete the task only after completing Henry's quest. As a reward, you can take one of the available Shizik items to choose from.

Trash money (Shizik)

Henry will tell you where he lost his wallet with money. An area marked with a marker will appear on the map, where there are four garbage containers and a trash can. Search all containers and find the wallet.

Decide on the fate of your wallet. If you give it to its owner, then in return you will receive an "amulet of a dead bum" , which restores 5 units of maximum health lost after death.

Zero Tolerance (Shizik)

The task will become available after completing Shizik's previous quests to collect taxes. The guy will send you to the bandit Razor so that his gang will calm Rasken forever. Most likely, you have already met this bandit. Even if not, a marked area with its location will appear on the map.

The razor will not be able to help you in any way, so you will have to contact his boss - Bruno. If you previously communicated with Razor, you could have completed the story quest "What else is Bruno?" and get to know this character.

Bruno lives in a hookah bar not far from the hideout behind the mall . He will confirm that Rasken is working for him, but will offer you a deal: to rob three passers-by in the square in front of the station. If you still do not know how to steal from ordinary people, then first you should contact Fin and complete the "Pickpocket professional" quest . Fin's location can be seen in the screenshot below.

When you manage to steal three aliens, talk to Bruno and Razor. Visit Rasken, take the tax from him and return the money to Shizik. The homeless person will offer you one item to choose as a reward.

Cleansing (Shizik). How to calm the Bukhari in Hobo: Tough Life

Bukhari riots on the square in front of the station every day, which attracts the attention of the police. You should calm down the homeless. Note that the Bukhari will not talk to you while you are sober. Drink alcohol to increase the intoxication rate above 75%.

  1. Ferguson : Offer this homeless man a drink and rob him (at least three alcoholic drinks should be stolen);
  2. Rocky : Defeat a bum in an equal fight (unarmed). This task may require training from the trainer Stan Grznar, whose gym is located behind the gas station.
  3. Deson : Talk to this guy and go to the gypsy camp. His mother, Wanga, will ask to beat Deson.

Snot in trouble

At Monty and Shizik's camp, you can chat with a homeless man named Snuff. He doesn't look very good, so you need to ask Snot's comrades about his health. The schizo will advise you to visit the gypsy Wang, in the camp on the territory of the old sugar factory.

The fortune-teller will ask you to bring nitrine (1) and chicken bones (10) to prepare a medicine for Snot. Nitrin can be purchased at the pharmacy or from homeless people in a brothel, and chicken bones will often come across when researching garbage dumps. Return to Vanga and take the medicine to Shizik. He will ask you to choose one of the available items as a reward.

Society orderlies (Shizik). Where to get the poison and how to poison Bukhari

Your efforts to pacify the Bukhari went unnoticed as they filled the station again. The schizo decides to take cruel measures. He wants to poison all Bukhari on the territory of the station. Go to Ferenc, who lives in the Yama, on the territory of the old sugar factory.

Ferenc will give you a list of the materials needed to craft the poison:

  • Rum (3) : Sold in the supermarket;
  • Nitrin (3) : Sold in pharmacies or dealers
  • Thinner (3) : Sold in the supermarket.

When the poison is ready, take it and poison three groups of Bukhari in the station square. All of them will be marked on the map. Before talking with them, you need to drink alcohol (the indicator of intoxication should be at least 75%).

Ultimatum (Shizik)

Return to Shizik after a while. The guy will tell you that someone handed you over to the leader of Bukhari, Zaki. Now Zaki wants to burn Shizik's lair in the middle of the night. This quest repeats the "Preparing for the Ritual" quest , where you had to find the legendary whiskey. Only this time, you have to save up 5,000 kronor and redeem the bottle from Hannah, at the bar next to the gas station.

Forces of evil (Shizik). How to collect money to remove enchant from a wand

The task will become available after completing the "Wand of Dionysus" quest . When you charge the wand with dark energy and hand it over to Zaki, Snot will start to feel worse. You need to find a way to steal the rod from the leader of the Bukhari.

Zaki will refuse to give you the rod, so you should talk to the Cardinal. The latter will give you the key to the Bukhari vault, which is located in the basement.

Go to the church and ask Burian's father to remove the curse from the rod. He will again send you to Vanga, who lives in the slums. For removing the curse, the fortuneteller will ask for 2000 crowns. If you have the required amount, then to save time, you can pay Vanga right away. Otherwise, you will have to solve this issue in a different way.

You need to bypass all the leaders of the homeless and ask for money for the Vanga ritual. Only contact those comrades with whom you have a high level of trust.

  • Tony from Fort Decent People will give you 400 crowns;
  • Meisner will give you 250 crowns (you will need to play a mini-game);
  • The schizo will give you 400 kroons.

Show the wand to Nozzle and take it to the Cardinal. The latter will warn that Zaki found out about your trick. As a reward, you can choose one of the items available from the Cardinal.

Labor exchange

Go to the Business district and find Irene Skrabisova. This woman will register you at the labor exchange, where you can get various one-time jobs. You can knock out a better job if you build trust with Irene. To build trust, meet deadlines.

Holy Work (Father Burian)

The quest can be taken at the Church of St. Mauritius. Ask Burian's father about the job. The man will ask you to spread the word about the church to the people. All you need to do is tell any five passers-by that a new abbot has arrived in the church.

In order for people to communicate with you, be sure to contact them in clean clothes, and there should be no smell from you. During the conversation with passers-by, you have to play a mini-game. A scale with three green compartments will appear in front of you, at which you must stop the arrow.

For completing the task, you will receive +10 to the trust of Burian's father. The rector of the church will also send you to Sister Agnes' charity shelter, who will give you a whole bowl of broth .

Retired seamstress (Father Burian). Where to find a carnation for Mistress Emka

Father Burian will advise you to contact Mrs. Emka, a retired seamstress. This woman will help you keep track of your clothes. But first you need to find one carnation flower . This can be done by completing Meisner 's side quest "Repairing the Hut" . You can also buy cloves at the We Have Everything store, which is located not far from the gas station.

Mistress Emka can teach you how to craft some materials for making clothes, as well as repair your things for a modest fee.

Charitable needs (Father Burian). How to Find a Model Find in Hobo: Tough Life

The rector of the church will tell you that Sister Agnes' private charity shelter is experiencing certain difficulties. Travel to the area marked on the map and talk to Agnes.

The woman will ask you to inspect the camp near the old sugar factory and find out if its inhabitants need help.

Go to the territory of an abandoned industrial area. Right under the stone staircase, you will see a small tent in which three homeless people live. Talk to the first homeless person named Bigas and ask him to learn how to get food. To continue the quest, you must have the skill "Digging in trash heaps" level 3.

At this moment, an area will appear on the map in which you need to inspect several dozen garbage dumps and find an exemplary find.

Such finds may appear in previously inspected containers. It works like this:

  • You looked through all the containers and trash cans in the area marked on the map, but did not find anything;
  • After a while, you again went to investigate the same garbage dumps and found an exemplary find inside.

When you have collected all five resources, return to the tent and make three "grub" for Biggs. Return to Agnes for your reward.

Awards (optional):

  • Camping first aid kit;
  • Branded jacket;
  • Rag bag [Luggage].

Temporary work - dog walking (Sister Agnes)

Ask Sister Agnes about the dog. Agree to take a walk with Bobby. Walk your dog until it does its job three times.

  • Broth (1);
  • Trust +3;
  • Money (60).

Why does the head hurt? Where to buy draft beer

The quest will become available from the very start of the game. To complete it, you need to chat with several characters in different parts of the city. The location of each of them will be displayed on the map:

  • Meisner (homeless person next to your hideout);
  • Furgrim;
  • Teak;
  • Master.

The latter will ask you to bring him a mug of fresh draft beer . This beer can be purchased at a nearby bar for 25 CZK. The master will tell you that you need to find a more or less sane Bukhar and ask him about the ritual of the last booze. A marker with the location of the homeless person will appear on the map.

Travel to this area and talk to a bum named Cardinal. After a short conversation, the task will be completed.

  • Rum (1);
  • Trust of the Cardinal (5).

The best defense is offense (Cardinal)

This quest will appear in your task log after meeting the Cardinal. Travel to the area marked on the map and speak with Trainer Grazhnar. A man can teach you the following skills:

  • Attack (basic, medium, high and master levels): 300/400/600/800 CZK;
  • Boxer : 500 CZK;
  • Bully : 800 CZK and level 3 "willpower".

Terrible stench (Ramsay)

When completing the "Secret Protector" quest , you will visit a brothel in the central part of the city. Here you will also meet a homeless man named Ramsay who will complain about the horrible stench in the brothel. You can help him in this matter if you clean up the drug addicts' den.

Mysterious Package (Ramzi)

The task will become available after completing the previous Ramzi 's quest "A terrible stench" . The guy will give you a strange box and ask you to deliver it to a certain Starkey, who is located near the entrance to the subway. You just have to give the box and go back to Ramsay. Confidence with this homeless person will increase by 5 points.

New needles (Ramsay)

Ramsay will offer a small part-time job, for which you can also increase the level of trust with this character. You need to go to the warehouse of a pharmaceutical company and steal new syringe needles. At the back of the warehouse is a container where boxes are stacked for further transportation. Hack it, take the needles and return to Ramsay.

Awards (optional):

  • Scrap metal (10);
  • Epic Trash (1);
  • Met (3) - This resource may be needed to unleash the language of some addicts. Be careful, it is illegal to carry meth in your backpack!
  • Rag bag (1).

Illegal Courier (Ramzi)

The guy will ask you to give something to a pusher named Dory, who is located near the port. During the quest, beware of the police, as they can arrest you and confiscate the package. Smuggling and illegal items can be bought from the cop on duty at the police station.

Give the package to Dory. From this character you will be able to buy the in-game item "meth". Return to Ramsay to complete the quest and receive 300 crowns. From this moment on, you will achieve the location of Moiser, the leader of the drug den.

Curse of Moiser. Where to Find All Occult Altars in Hobo: Tough Life

The head of the brothel is in the same place as Ramzi. If you complete all the previous quests of Ramsay, then Moiser will give you one more task. You need to find and destroy all occult altars in the city with holy water . Holy water can be taken in the church from Father Burian. Below we have described where all five occult altars are located in Hobo: Tough Life.

The first altar can be found on the grounds of the old sugar factory (not far from the Master's van). Use the screenshots to find it.

The second altar is next to the church, behind the central supermarket. Here you will see the entrance to the basement where the altar is located.

The third altar can be found near the second. Go around the church on the left and go up to the Fort of Decent People. In the alley where Fin is standing, examine the far left corner.

The fourth altar is located in the Zizkov sewer. You can get here only when you complete the quest "In the footsteps of the killer", when the Baron will hand you the key to the sewer.

The fifth altar can be found in the alley where Mistress Emka lives. Here you will find a small corner where Emil the Satanist lives. Opposite his tent is the last altar.

As a reward for completing the quest, Moiser will give you 300 kronor or meth (5) .

Junior Pusher (Ramzi)

Ramsay will offer you to be in the shoes of a dealer, as the main trader is too busy. You need to sell three goods to wealthy passers-by. Tracking such passers-by is easy: they are mostly well-dressed men in a suit and hat. When interacting with them, you will also see the difficulty level. The more difficult the level, the richer the buyer.

If you have the Street Vendor skill, you can make some pretty good money by completing this quest. You will receive 200 CZK more for each item than you should return to Ramzi. This skill can be acquired from Nuggets at 30 trust points. In any case, for completing the task, Ramzi will award you 300 crowns.

In the networks of Satan (Ramzi). How to find and defeat a Satanist

It seems that the desecration of Satanist altars did not help stop the cult. You need to find the main Satanist and deal with him. It's not worth going far, because the main cultist named Marty is at the same station. Exit the brothel and look to the left. There is a small passage here. Enter here and find the hatch that leads to the basement.

To complete this quest, it is enough to find clothes with good protection and purchase weapons (we used a sapper shovel ). After completing the task, Moiser will give you a prototype of the new drug "Kraken".

Kraken (Moiser)

The quest will become available after defeating a cultist named Marty. Moiser will direct you to his assistant Don Kitten. The latter will ask you to get a very rare balm . First, you need to visit a homeless man named Furgrim, whose tent is located behind the shopping center.

The homeless person agrees to give you balm in exchange for charging your laptop. You can buy the charger at Anatoly's commission for 300 CZK.

When you give the charge to Furgrim, go to the post office and pick up the balm. To do this, you will have to pay another 200 CZK. For completing the task, Don Kitten will give you meth.

Moizer's striker (Ramzi). How to deal with bandits on the city streets

The brothel is concerned that Bruno's bandits are attacking clients and taking their money. You need to beat three bandits. Surely you have already met with the types in the hood who ask for a smoke or insolently take money. If you get a good weapon and learn some techniques, then you can fight off hooligans.

The attack can be pumped at Ferenc with a high level of trust. The additional skill "Boxer" can be learned from the trainer, behind the gas station.

When the bandits get what they deserve, Moiser will offer to deal with the strongest bouncer Bronu. He lives in a bar near the Metropole shopping center. At this moment, a marker will appear on the map indicating the location of the character.

Before the fight with Hector, equip clothes with good protection and take weapons with a high chance of critical damage. After defeating the brute, return to Moiser for your reward.

  • Money (300);
  • Trust (5);
  • Met (3).

Goods (Moiser)

Someone stole an unfinished batch of Kraken 2.0 from Moiser's laboratory. If he gets into the streets, then the police will probably be interested in the brothel. Learn the details from the three characters.

  • Don Kitten;
  • Ramzi;
  • Starkey.

Don Kitten will tell you that he probably forgot to lock the laboratory when he was away to buy food. You can share this information with Moiser, but in this case, trust with the Kitten will decrease. You will have to interview three clients. At this moment, placemarks with the location of the characters will appear on the map.

All three will tell you that their doses have been stolen. Moreover, this was done not by a person, but by an animal. You should not go to Moiser now, because he will not believe you, and your confidence will decrease by 5 units.

Instead, visit Purulent and ask about the strange creature. This will start the "Thief from the Pit" quest . When you complete the task, return to Moyzer and tell us about what happened. Your trust with Moiser will increase by 15 points.

Pit Thief (Purulent)

This quest is a direct continuation of the "Goods" quest. Purulent will tell you about an incomprehensible creature that stole his meat. To lure him out, you need to get rat poison. It can be taken from a homeless Brecke who lives under a skyscraper.

Brecke will give you a broken radio and ask you to fix it. You can do it yourself or take it to Monty's repair. You also need to find a piece of raw meat. This can be done by inspecting any food containers (large red containers). When you have collected both items in your inventory, return to the pit and look for a drainpipe near your hideout.

After a while, inspect the drainpipe and look for a dead raccoon who stole not only food, but also prohibited substances.

Important package (Moiser)

Moiser will instruct you to deliver a batch of a new drug to the cache. She doesn't have to get to her destination, as you can use her to build trust with other characters. In particular, Ferenc has been sharpening his grudge against Moiser for a long time. At this point, you need to choose where to deliver it. If you choose to trust Moiser, then take the box to a gas station and leave it in a special container. In this case, Moiser will vote for you in the election of the King of the Beggars.

Espionage (Ramsay)

Talk to Ramsay about work. He will tell you about the place that the inhabitants of the brothel are planning to capture. You need to infiltrate the Fort and learn about its vulnerabilities.

When you reach the place marked on the map, you will see a locked building. Chat with Tony, after which the "Decent People" quest will begin. Only after completing this task will you be able to return to the espionage quest.

When you achieve Tony's complete location, you will be able to complete various tasks in order to gain the trust of the residents of the Fort. Below we have described all the quests of Tony's buddies in the "decent people" camp.

Decent People: How to Become a Fort Member and Get Tony's Favor

In the central part of the city, you may stumble upon a "decent people" camp. When you try to talk to their boss, he will say that he does not know you.

Go to the Bear and ask more about Tony's camp. He will give some tips:

  • Help people;
  • Get a job at a labor exchange and do the job at least once every few days;
  • Help the Holy Father in the church.
To earn the trust of "Decent people", be sure to complete all quests of the abbot of the church. Below we have described all the tasks of Burian's father.

Unhappy Dog (Father Burian). How to find Mrs. Ludova's missing dog

The assignment can be taken at any level of trust with the rector of the church. The Holy Father will ask you to visit Mrs. Ludova and ask about the missing dog. Go to the area marked on the map and find out where the old lady lost her dog. She will give the coordinates of the sugar factory, exactly where the gypsies live.

Follow to one of the gypsies named Langos (you can buy a dog from the same character) and ask to return the pet. He will refuse to return the dog in an amicable way, so you have to choose one of the two available options:

  • Buy a dog from a gypsy for 300 kroons;
  • Beat Langos.

To beat Langos, you need a weapon with average characteristics. We used a shovel, but a gas pipe or wooden bat might also work.

Return to the old lady and tell me what happened to her dog. You can demand money, but even if you don’t, Mrs. Ludova will give you 200 kroons. In the second case, trust with this character will increase by 20 points. Do not forget to visit Burian's father and receive +15 trust points as a reward.

If it is enough to build trust with Mrs. Ludova, then you can turn to her with various requests.

Martyr (Father Burian). How to find the thief from the church and return stolen items

The abbot of the church will share his grief with you. Some gold items were stolen from the church recently. You should start your search with Anatoly's commission. It should be understood that Anatoly will not communicate with you if you have a low level of trust with this character. To get a photo of the criminal, first you need to complete Anatoly's only quest "Competition", and in the "Pickpocket - professional" quest, do not give the stolen letter to Fin, but return it to its owner.

If you did everything correctly, Anatoly will share with you a photo of the intruder and you can continue searching for him.

Even if you have a bad relationship with Anatoly, you can still continue the quest, as we will help you find the robber. His name is Ruda and his lodging house is located near the gas station (in the alley in front of the Master's trailer).

If you promise a homeless person not to hand him over to the rector of the church and the police, then increase the trust by 15 points. You will also receive new information on the location of the gilded items. New information will appear in the description of the task, but without markers on the map. Use our screenshot to find all three items.

  • Bukhari live near the station square. To get to the leader of the gang, Zaki, you need to find the camp and go down the stairs to the basement.
  • Marty (Satanist) is at the station, next to the drug addicts' den.
  • The gypsies settled in a camp on the territory of a sugar factory.


Zaki will confirm that he has the gilded dish. To return the item, you will have to drink Booze. Be sure to craft a few lifebugs and buy any booze (best to use beer, rum and wine from a tetrapak). If you want to get out of the Bukhari's lair on your own two feet, then first look into the pharmacy or supermarket and buy several cans of kombucha.


The leader of the cultists can be found at the station where the drug addict hangout is located. At the station, find a small passage and look for a hatch leading underground. Here you will also meet a guy named Marty.

In exchange for a gilded cross, Emil will demand your blood. You can go back to it and choose one of the options:

  1. Agree to donate your blood : each injection will take 30 health units away from you. You can interrupt the procedure to restore health with bandages, first aid kits or food.
  2. Steal the Cross : Requires the Steal skill level 10.


Vanga will kindly agree to give you a gilded candlestick, but in return he will ask you to bring an ordinary one. You need to craft a "candle" item in your hideout. This will require the following resources:

  • Empty Jar (1) : can be found in trash heaps;
  • Cool Bottle (1) : Can be found in trash heaps or purchased at the Antique Shop for CZK 120, which is to the left of the church.
  • Useful Junk (5) : can be found in garbage cans or crafted from useless junk.

Return to the reverend and return the items. You can of course lie to Father Burian and keep the things for yourself. In the latter case, you will earn less trust from the reverend, and also lose an additional reward from Sister Agnes .

Insidious Scoundrel (Father Burian)

Some strange things happen in the church every now and then. Recently, Burian's father asked a young homeless man to receive a parcel at the post office and deliver it to the abbot. But the guy was gone.

Follow the location marked on the map and just in front of the train station, look for a young man next to a cardboard tent. Ask for the box to be returned, then select one of the available options:

  1. Beat Rasken : If you have at least a primitive weapon, then this opponent will not be a problem for you.
  2. Convince Rasken : in this case, you will need the "Strategist" skill, which can be learned from Shizik (requires 30 trust points).

As a reward, you will receive not only the trust of Father Burian, but also 200 kroons. Upon completion of this quest, another side quest "Replacement" will become available to you.

Substitution (Father Burian). How to fix a boiler in a church

Go to the metal reception of Mr. Kotler and talk to him. Since Kotler became a grandfather, he is unable to walk to the church to fix the boiler.

To complete this task, you will need to complete one of the following points:

  • Learn the skill "Craft level 6";
  • Find an adjustable wrench and a hammer .
The "craft" can be learned from a homeless man named Monty. Complete several additional tasks and assignments of this character to increase the level of trust and increase the level of skill. You can also increase the skill level by reading books.

Additional items, such as a monkey wrench and a hammer , can be purchased from Kashi, who settled on the grounds of the old sugar factory. Each item has its own price (from 200 to 400 CZK).

Drainage Ditches (Father Burian)

If you have completed all the previous tasks of the monk, then this quest will be the final one to get the vote of Burian's father in the election of the King of the Beggars. The task is simple. Walk around the church and find the five marked locations on the road. Dig the drainage channels and return to the abbot of the church.

Pickpocket - professional (Fin). How to learn to steal from passers-by in Hobo: Tough Life

To start this quest, you need to find a pickpocket named Fin. It is located not far from the house of "decent people", in one of the alleys next to the trash cans.

First, Fin will offer you to master a new craft - stealing items from people. Go to the area marked on the map and try to steal an object from your pocket from any passer-by. Be sure to talk to the stranger several times before doing this. During successful conversations, the chance to steal something from the pockets of your interlocutor increases.

Return to the thief and talk about your success. He will give one more task. Go to Anatoly's commission, which is in a nearby alley and take the letter from him.

Talk to Fin again. Now you need to make a choice how to deal with this letter:

  • Give the letter to Fin (+5 trust);
  • Request 300 CZK;
  • Leave a letter for yourself (you can return Anatoly for 200 kroons).

What kind of Bruno? (Razor). How to start working for bandits Bruno and Anton in Hobo: Tough Life

To complete this task, you need to learn the skills of theft from the pickpocket Fin (quest "Pickpocket - professional" ). Continue to steal from passers-by to be noticed by the Razor people. This character is located near the church, next to the Fort of "decent people".

Razor will invite you to chat with your boss, Bruno. This man is in the hookah bar around the corner. Bruno will direct you to his henchman, Anton. Its base is located right behind the hookah bar. After talking with Anton, a new task "Information" will begin .

Acquaintance with these heroes will help you while completing the "Secret Protector" quest.

Information (Bruno)

Anton will ask you to do a little work. While exploring the city, you can find bicycles parked against the walls of houses. They are scattered throughout the city, but you only need to find and tag three bikes. Below we have prepared a map showing the location of three bicycles.

Return to Anton and tell him the information you received. To receive the reward, you will have to wait a little (about 6 hours). As a reward, you will receive 150 crowns and the trust of the bandits.

Bicycles (Anton)

This quest can only be obtained after completing the "Information" quest from thieves. In the previous quest, you only found and marked parked bicycles on the map. Now you need to steal them and bring Anton to the thieves' base. There is one nuance here. To steal some bikes, you will need to upgrade the hacking skill to the expert level.

  • Ordinary bicycles: 200 CZK;
  • Cool bicycles: 400 CZK.

Pest Control (Anton)

After a while, when you turn to Anton again, he will ask you to drop in to Bruno. He will ask you to deal with two thieves who got into the habit of working on this street.

  • Phin : in the alley, in front of the Fort of decent people;
  • Ore : lives in a cardboard tent, next to the Master's van.
The latter will refuse to comply with your request. You can tell Bruno about it or cover up the homeless man. In any case, return to him and complete the task.

Pocket Change (Bruno)

Bruno will ask you to complete an important assignment. You need to steal a new drug from a local dealer at the corner of Wenceslav and Meisnerowa. If you have not previously explored this area, then a mark will appear on the map. You need to find a guy named Dory.

Take the syringe with an unknown substance from his pocket and take it to Bruno. From this moment on, the leader of the bandits will give you a job for quick earnings.

Profitable business (Anton)

After completing Bruno's last quest, return to Anton and take this task. He will ask you to visit the Bond cracker who needs help. The burglar is located near the bar where Bruno lives.

Follow the marker on the map and inspect the basement. Here you will find the entrance door highlighted in yellow.

At the entrance you will find the only cabinet, which is locked with a lock of medium difficulty. Return to Bond and collect your quest reward.

  • Trust (10);
  • Money (250);
  • Lock pick (5).

Lock and key (Anton)

Take the task from Anton and go to the police station. Talk to Officer Kvapil, who will not help you get the murder weapon. Upon learning of this, Anton will give you the officer's home address and ask you to steal a spare key from his house in order to intimidate the guy. A marker with the place of residence of Kvapil will appear on the map.

Take the spare key to the officer and return to him a day later. Take the bag, take it to Anton and take 400 crowns as a reward.

Car radio (Anton). How to Learn to Open Cars in Hobo: Tough Life

To complete this task, the "Hacking" skill must be pumped to level 6!

Complete additional tasks to steal bicycles until the level of trust with Anton rises to 60 points. As soon as this happens, the guy will give you a new assignment.

Talk to Bond and tell him that you know how to pick ordinary locks. From this moment you will learn how to break into cars and steal various items. Now you need to hack a certain car marked on the map. Later, you can hack any parked car in the city. Watch out for the cops! If during the break-in you hear the screams of a policeman, then just move away from the car and wait for the patrolman to leave.

The car you need is located not far from the brothel on Wenceslas.

Competition (Anatoly). Where to find a dead rat in Hobo: Tough Life

Your new acquaintance, the owner of a thrift store, wants to ruin the reputation of the store next door. For sabotage, you need to find an unusual bum named Brecke, who lives in a makeshift cardboard tent behind a skyscraper.

There is no point in communicating with Brecke, so immediately switch to his neighbor, Nuggets. Ask him to get one dead bird. In return, he will ask for an inflatable doll, but you can bargain with him and redeem the bird for 100 crowns. Here you can also take the first side quest "Gnome for Nuggets".

In addition to talking with Brecke and Nuggets, while exploring the city, you can also find several items that are suitable for the task (a dead rat or a dead cat ). A marker with the location of the We Have Everything store will appear on the map.

During the sabotage, the store owner will notice you, so you have to get out. Also, the lady will offer you to earn extra money by distributing flyers. You can distribute 15 leaflets to passers-by, or take them to Anatoly. In any case, you will receive 100 CZK as a reward for the task from Anatoly.

If you want to receive a reward from Mrs. Spurna for distributing leaflets, then you need to have the "Strategist" skill, or stop the cursor in time in a mini-game (high difficulty). If you fail, then Spruna will chase you away.

From now on, you can return to Anatoly for a bonus. Every few days he will kindly give you 3 rum or 5 skikers (you need to accumulate 40 merchant time). Time can also be replenished by selling various items to Anatoly, such as "jewelry", "jewelry" and "computer hardware".

Gnome for Nuggets (Nuggets). Where to find the gnome in Hobo: Tough Life

The homeless man will instruct you to find the garden gnome (equipment). It can be purchased from some of your homeless friends in the "exchange" section. Also, the gnome often appears on sale at Anatoly's thrift store, which is not far from the gas station. When the gnome is with you, return to the Nuggets, give or sell the gnome for 150 crowns.

Secret Protector

The task can be taken in the camp of the homeless, from a boozer named Cardinal. He will tell you about a certain "secret protector" who walks around the city at night and attacks bandits. You need to collect as much information as possible on this character. Five markers will appear on the map where you need to go and interview people.

  • Police : interrogate any police officer on the city street;
  • Drug addicts : live in a brothel in the north-east of Zizkov;
  • Trainer : located in the gym, behind the gas station;
  • Shpana (in fact, former convicts): settled on the territory of an old sugar factory;
  • Criminals (thieves): in order to find out information from criminals, you first need to complete the quest "Who else is Bruno?"

When all the groups of people on your list have been interviewed, complete the task "The Right People" and continue to carry out the instructions of the residents of the Fort. At some point, Masha will turn to you, who will complain about the poor condition of the head of the Fort, Tony. This is how the quest "Big Responsibility" begins .

A lot of responsibility (Tony). How to find the Secret Protector in Hobo: Tough Life

Complete a few of Masha's small quests at Fort "decent people" to unlock this quest. You need to talk to Tony and visit Dr. Handsome. It is worth going to the latter only in one of two cases:

  • You have mastered the "Strategist" skill in order to deceive the doctor and get help (you can acquire the skill from Shizik if you have 30 trust points);
  • You have pumped the "attack" skill up to 50 units.

Regardless of the path chosen, during the dialogue you will have to play a mini-game and get the cursor into the green area within the allotted time. If you did everything right, the doctor will tell you about Tony's broken ribs and bruises. This will lead you to believe that Tony is a "secret protector." Search nearby containers to find Tony's clothes (most often appear in a large brown container).

When you have done this, return to Tony and tell him all the facts that you have on hand. The guy confesses, but asks not to tell Masha the truth. To complete the quest, you have to lie to her or tell the truth. The first option will bring 20 trust points with Tony.

  1. Tell the truth about Tony.
  2. Lie ( "Strategist" and "Communication lvl.5" ).
  3. Lie ( "Nahal" ).
  4. Lie ( "Funny" and "Communication lvl.5" ).

If you do not have the necessary skills, then you will have to tell Masha the truth about the "secret protector", since during the dialogue there is no "back" or "cancel" button. You can close the game with the key combination "ALT + F4" and return to Masha when you learn the necessary abilities.

Clothes paint a man (Johnny)

Inspect the Fort of Decent People and talk to Johnny. The guy will ask you to find formal clothes. You need to find:

  • Jacket (1) : Can be purchased at a clothing store for 400 CZK.
  • Suit Pants (1) : Available from a clothing store for CZK 600.
  • Dress Shoes (1) : This piece of clothing can be purchased from Sister Agnes for CZK 200.

All purchased clothes will be returned to you after completing the task.

Finding Sartre (Johnny)

Johnny will give you many side quests. Basically, when completing such quests, you need to find some kind of object or book. But this time Johnny will tell you that his best friend, a dog named Sartre, has disappeared.

You need to start your search for the dog from the Purulent hideout, which is located on the territory of the old sugar factory.

Opposite Purulent's hideout, two homeless people live. Talk to Donut, who recently brought home a dog. He will refuse to show the dog, so you should search several garbage cans near his home.

Return to Donut and decide how to take the dog away from the homeless:

  • Pay 500 CZK for Sartre (400 CZK, if you have the skill "Trade" level 3/200 CZK, if you have the skill "Street Vendor");
  • Beat the homeless;
  • Deceive homeless people (if you have the "Funny" skill);
  • Leave the dog homeless (if you have the "Strategist" skill).

Recipes for Masha. How to Learn All Food Recipes in Hobo: Tough Life

This quest is optional, but without it you will not be able to increase the trust of the Fort members. Masha will ask you to share food recipes with her. The first recipe for "grub" can be obtained by completing Meisner's quest "Feast". The rest of the recipes will become available after completing all the quests of the character named Purulent. This homeless man has dug in in the Pit, on the grounds of an old sugar factory.

To get all the recipes you should complete the quests:

  1. A festive feast .
  2. Food source .
  3. Secret recipe .
  4. Purulent problems.

Stove for Masha. How to quickly get a slab for Masha in Hobo: Tough Life

In one of the orders of Masha, a resident of the Fort of decent people, you will need to find a brand new gas stove . It is possible to find such an object in the trash heap only in a broken state, but even here it appears quite rarely. If you found the slab before starting this quest, then you are very lucky. But if you have been rummaging through the trash heaps for a whole hour, trying in vain to find this item, then use our advice.

Sometimes a broken gas stove can be bought back from Meisner. But the easiest way is to use a little trick. From time to time, in a conversation with Meisner, a homeless person will give you an assignment to repair household appliances. These can be washing machines, printers, or gas stoves. You need to take the items to his comrade Monty, who lives near the train station, and fix them. Try to beg Meisner for a broken gas stove, but don't refer it to Monty. Fix it in your hideout and give it to Masha.

Equality (Zaki). How to heal before the procedure

The quest will become available if you pass the test of the Bukhari. Also, the task can be activated at the first alcohol addiction. To do this, it is enough to drink a lot of alcohol. Be careful, as it is very difficult to get rid of the addiction!

The head of Bukhari is located next to the station square. Use our map to find it.

After talking with Zaki, a mark with a camp occupied by drug addicts will appear on the map. Go to them and find out that they were sent by Moiser - the head of all drug addicts in the city. If before that you completed Moiser's quests, then you know where he is. Either way, you need to visit the hangout at Wenceslas Station.

Moiser will send you to his friend Don Kitten to test a new drug. To take part in the challenge, you need to fully restore your health. If you've died before, your maximum health will be reduced by 5% or more. In this case, to complete the quest, you will have to spend money and buy an amulet that restores maximum health!

Before agreeing to an injection, prepare everything you need:

  • Buy several first aid kits or stock up on food that will restore your health;
  • Buy kombucha to relieve symptoms of poisoning immediately after the procedure;
  • Bring a few cups of coffee with you to recharge your batteries.

When Kitten has completed all three procedures, return to Zaki to increase trust with this character.

Bukhar (Cardinal)

The quest can be taken by talking to the Cardinal, in the den next to the train station square. Three markers will appear on the map with the location of Bukhari. It is necessary to talk to them only in a state of alcoholic intoxication (at least 75%). Be sure to replenish your alcohol supply before the dialogue, as you will have to drink a lot.

Be sure to bring the zhiznadar with you , as you will need to use it after every drink offered.

Who and why? (Cardinal)

The cardinal will ask you to find a reporter who may be related to the mass poisoning of Bukhari. A marker will appear on the map with the approximate location of the reporter. You need to find a bar near the port.

Reporter Suchek will give you a new task "Investigative Journalism" . You will have to inform him of all the strange incidents that could happen in the near future with the homeless.

Bad Blood (Cardinal)

Since the Bukhari do not know how to behave appropriately in public places, the police patrols became interested in the Cardinal. He will ask you to improve the reputation of the homeless by doing good deeds. You need help in three places.

Public toilet

Before heading to the public toilet, visit Kashi in Ferenc's camp and purchase a plunger and a wrench from him . This way you can avoid unpleasant odors and contamination of your clothes while cleaning the toilet.


Waitress Hanna will ask you to deal with a customer who does not want to pay the bills. Choose one of the available actions and make Ivan pay for his order.


Mr. Spurni will ask him to do a dirty trick on his competitor, Mr. Tsikh. His laundry is located near the gas station, next to the store of Mr. Spurni's ex-wife.

You will be given several options to choose from. Choose the most suitable one for yourself and arrange a sabotage. For this, Mr. Spurni can give you some money, or make a big discount for using his laundry (washing clothes will cost you 30 CZK).

For completing the task, you will receive a Kombucha (4) and increase your trust with the Cardinal by 10 points.

Return to Service (Cardinal)

Take the task from the Cardinal and go down to the basement of the Bukhari camp. Here you will find Jenkins' tent. You can only talk to him while intoxicated.

Ask the other Boozer in the den about Jenkins. They will advise you to find all of its reserves. They are hidden in locked boxes throughout the lair.

Give the supplies of honey to the Corporal and return later for a reward.

Dear Bukhar (Cardinal)

When Jenkins comes to his senses, walk with him around the station and teach him how to get food from trash cans. To do this, simply search all the tanks in the marked area and return to the Cardinal. He will give a new task - to be in a state of alcoholic intoxication for 25 minutes. The index of intoxication should not fall below 75%. In this case, the task will fail and you will have to start over.

Legendary Boozer (Zaki)

Talk to Zaki after completing the previous quest. He will offer you to become a legendary Bukhara. To do this, you will have to be in a state of alcoholic intoxication for 50 minutes. Also, as in the Cardinal's assignment, the intoxication rate should not fall below 75%.

Preparing for the ritual (Zaki)

Zaki will ask you to go to the bar and get the most expensive drink. For a bottle of whiskey, the bartender will ask for 5000 CZK. He will also advise you to contact the rector of the church for help in finding a similar drink. You need to complete several quests of Burian's father to get a bottle of whiskey for free:

  • Martyr;
  • Insidious scoundrel.

Investigate these two thefts and return to Father Burian for your reward.

Rod of Dionysus (Zaki)

For the Bukhari ritual, you will need to charge a special wand with magical power. This can be done at the Gypsy Vanga, in the slums near the sugar factory.

To complete this task you need to find dead animals ( rat , bird and cat ). All of them can come across to you when examining garbage cans. You can also ask homeless Brecke for help. He lives under a skyscraper in the same tent with Chikko.

For the ritual, you will also need to find or buy a dark shard (10). This item is sold by an antique dealer whose shop is located to the right of the church. The cost of the shard is 666 CZK per piece. Such items can also be obtained from trash heaps and locked boxes.

Return to Zaki with a charged wand and take the reward. After that, the task of Shizik "The Forces of Evil" will become available to you .

Atonement (Cardinal)

You can take this quest only after completing the "Forces of Evil" quest . Your trust with Zaki has decreased by 50 points. To restore friendship with the leader of Bukhari, it is necessary to get a very expensive Irish whiskey. The problem is, Cardinal won't tell you from which collector you can buy such alcohol.

If you have completed Zaki 's story quest "Preparing for the Ritual" , then you should remember that the Reverend Burian is engaged in collecting Irish whiskey. You can steal a bottle of whiskey from the abbot of the church with the Steal skill level 6.

Investigative Journalism (Martin Suchek)

When exploring a city, you can come across many homeless people who can tell you about incidents in the city:

  • Drask will tell you that unknown types were chasing him;
  • Tony from Fort of Decent People will say that his people are locked from the inside in a residential building;
  • Sister Agnes will tell you about a certain Mrazek, who was a regular at the orphanage, but has recently stopped appearing;
  • Minser will talk about a new gang that has settled on the territory of an old sugar factory;
  • An officer at the police station will provide information on the last body of a homeless person found;
  • Tick will give a tip to the car of the killers who recently stabbed one of the homeless.

When the reporter learns about all six leads, two additional missions "Conspiracy" will become active .

Conspiracy - car number (Martin Suchek)

Camp Teak can be found in the heart of the Business District. After talking with the guy, inspect the tents in the camp and find a homeless man named Frix.

Frix will say that he sold a phone with a photo of the car to Anatoly's thrift store. The merchant, in turn, threw the flash drive from the phone into one of the trash cans in front of the store.

For completing the task, you will receive 200 kroons and increase your trust with Martin.

Conspiracy - the search for Mrazek (Martin Suchek)

Ask Sister Agnes about Mrazek. She will advise you to contact the fire victims who live in a tent in front of the charity center.

If you have a low level of trust with fire victims, then they will not talk about the missing homeless person. You can push them or pay for information. In any case, you will learn that Mrazek often walked through the Pit. Five marks will appear on the map with the characters you need to visit.

  1. Langos;
  2. Bear;
  3. Ore;
  4. Meisner;
  5. Drax.

After interrogation, a marked area will appear on the map where Mrazek's remains can be found. You need to inspect the southern part of the bridge and dig up the remains with a shovel or a sapper's shovel.

First, go to the police and report it to the officer on duty. Then head to Martin and collect 200 CZK.

Conspiracy - Private Investigator (Martin Suchek). How to find homeless killers in Hobo: Tough Life

Martin will ask you to find the missing private detective Strecker. He occasionally appears at Mrs. Emka's house. Find out from Mrs. Emka that Strecker is dating the waitress Hannah.

When talking to Hannah, you need to choose which way to get the Strecker's bag:

  • Steal a bag (skill "Theft" level 5);
  • Change the bag ( stylish briefcase (1) and skill "Theft" level 2);
  • Pick up the bag (skill "Nahal" and skill "Communication" level 4);
  • Deceive Hannah (skill "Strategist" and skill "Communication" level 4).

Open the bag and read Strecker's notes. They say that he left all the evidence in a locker at the post office. When the post office asks you for a five-digit code, select 47152 . Return to Martin at the bar to complete the quest.

Conspiracy is revenge. How to Get Rid of Homeless Killers in Hobo: Tough Life

This quest will become active after completing the "Conspiracy - Private Investigator" quest . The reporter will throw you and say that he does not want to interfere in this matter. From Strecker's notes, you learn that the killers live in three different homeless camps.

  1. The bazooka lives in the Bukhari camp. Show the Strecker's notes to the Cardinal so that Bukhari will deal with the murderer on their own.
  2. Bucks lives in the Teak camp in the Business District. He is an undercover police officer. Don't give him Strecker's notes until the mission is complete!
  3. We couldn't find the Jackal on our own, so we ordered his murder.

You can order the Jackal from Ferenc or Bruno . The first will ask for 2000 kroons for his work, and the second can be persuaded with the help of high trust or the skills "Nahal" and "Strategist".

Home sweet home (Ferenc)

Investigate Drax's camp and speak with a group of bandits who recently settled here. After talking with all the gang members, you will have three additional tasks.

It should be warned that you can report the bandits to the police. To do this, go to the police station. Tell the officer on duty that some types of dubious appearance have appeared at the old factory near the station. In this case, you will receive a reward from the police and the trust of Lieutenant Gaek (with an increase in trust, you can complete additional tasks, cooperating with the cops). In this case, you will lose one vote when choosing the king of the homeless.

Supplies (Ferenc)

To complete this quest, you will need to craft three units of "grub". The recipe for the dish can be obtained after completing Meisner's quest "The Feast". To prepare one unit of "grub" you will need:

  • Scraps (20);
  • Bagel (1).

Variety (Ferenc)

Bodom asks you to send four lovely ladies to him. Girls of easy virtue can be found on the streets of the city. We marked the places where these girls appeared on the map.

If you hire boys, prepare one condom for each beforehand. In the case of a girl's order, just a few cigarettes with good tobacco will be enough.

Architect (Ferenc)

Leosu wants to set up his lair. For this he will need building materials (3) . This resource cannot be obtained from trash heaps or stolen from lockers. It can be purchased from the merchant Baron, who lives in a bar in the north of Zizkov.

You will need to pay 300 kroons for three units of building materials. When you have the goods, return to Leos and return the promised materials. Select one of the following items as a reward:

  • Vape mod;
  • Excellent fabric (2);
  • Fashionable jacket;
  • Travel first aid kit (2);
  • Old printer (2).

Territory (Ferenc)

This quest will become available after completing Ferenc's previous quests. The leader of the former prisoners will ask you to tell the rest of the homeless about his camp (five marks will appear on the map). To do this, you should talk to the following characters:

  • Tony : The guy is the leader of the community in the western part of Zizkov.
  • Teak : Teak camp is located in the central part of the Business district.
  • Shizik : Located in the camp behind the train station square.
  • Zaki : the head of Bukhari lives in a den to the left of the station. To get to him, find the lair with the Cardinal and go down the stairs.
  • Baron : Leads the Homeless Burrow in Zizkov. You can find the Baron in the bar directly above the burrow.

Roof money - Pit (Ferenc)

Prove to Ferenc that you are capable of charging your neighbors. To do this, you need to claim tax from three buddies:

  • Meisner;
  • Drax;
  • Langos.

When talking with homeless people, you can choose one of three options:

  1. To persuade friends with the skill of "strategist" .
  2. Intimidate homeless people with the "attack" skill (60) ;
  3. Beat your comrades (in this case, trust with these heroes will not be reduced, but if you want to continue communication, you will have to apologize to each hero separately).

Roof Money - Expansion (Ferenc)

After a while, Ferenc's henchman named Langos will give you an assignment to expand the gang's influence. Now you need to talk to the following heroes:

  • Bear;
  • Payor;
  • Rasken;
  • Fin.

If you are not familiar with these homeless people, then use the markers on the map.

Proceed in the same way as with other homeless people. Persuade them with skills, or just beat them. Do not forget that the latter method will reduce the trust of the beaten characters. In addition, you then have to apologize for your act (cost 500 CZK). If this is not done, then the hero simply will not communicate with you.

Ferenc's spy

When the whole city learns about the existence of a gang of former prisoners, Ferenc will ask you to deal with one more case. A local dealer named Moiser is rumored to be selling not only meth, but also working on some secret project. At this moment, a mark with the dealer's location will appear on the map.

To complete the task, you will need to complete several quests of Ramsay and Moiser:

  1. Terrible stench.
  2. Mysterious package.
  3. New needles.
  4. Illegal courier.
  5. Curse of Moiser.
  6. In the networks of Satan.

When you have the Kraken 2.0 recipe, return to Ferenc. You will receive 200 CZK and increase your confidence with this homeless person by 5 units.

Greetings from an old friend (Ferenc)

In this quest you need to visit Moyzer and say hello to him from your old friend Ferenc. No further action is required.

Narcological laboratory (Ferenc)

Even if by this moment you have completed all of Moiser's quests and the task "We need a Kraken" appeared in your task log , then it is not necessary for Ferenc to confess what he had done. Just keep on completing his quests and building trust with this character. Thus, you can earn another useful vote during the election of the King of the Beggars.

Ferenc will ask you to build the same laboratory that Moiser's people use. Go to the den, find the door to the laboratory and in a dialogue with Don Kitten select [Remember the location of the laboratory] . If you do everything correctly, you will receive a blueprint for the laboratory and you can create it on any workbench.

To build a laboratory, you will need the following resources:

  • Epic trash (3) : can be found in trash heaps or crafted from useful trash (by yourself or from Monty);
  • Propane Tank (1) : Buy this item from Meisner or Drax;
  • Rusty Pot (1) : A fairly common item that can be purchased from any homeless person.

The assembled laboratory should be taken to Mikey, Ferenc's henchman. It is located near the Master's van.

We need a "Kraken!" Who to send a package with prohibited substances to Hobo: Tough Life

Completing this assignment will directly affect your relationship with the two homeless camps.

  1. If you take the package to Ferenc, you will earn his trust and after completing several quests, you will receive his vote in the election of the King of Beggars.
  2. If you deliver the package to the place designated by Moizer, you will earn the trust of the brothel leader and get his vote in the elections.
  3. If you turn in the package to the police, then you will fail both tasks and you will most likely lose the votes of both factions. But in this case, trust with the police will increase significantly.

Panic (Struck)

This quest can be taken in the lair of the homeless behind the "decent people" Fort, next to the house of Dr. Handsome. In front of the multi-storey buildings, you will see the entrance to the basement, in which several water cannons are installed. Talk to Struok and find out what happened in their camp. He will ask to talk to their leader named Baron.

The Baron is in a bar nearby. Leave the Burrow of the Homeless, climb the stone stairs to the left and look for the bar.

The Baron will ask you to go to the sewers and get rid of the body of the deceased Frederick. This will start the "Final Honors" quest.

On the trail of the killer (Struk)

Return to the Homeless Burrow and ask Struk about Mahoney. Struk will say that the man is bleeding. If you have any bandages, give them now. Otherwise, you will have to craft them or purchase them at the pharmacy.

In any case, you should wait a few hours for Mahoney to recover. You can spend this time completing other quests. When the character comes to his senses, bring the guy an antibiotic (can be purchased at the pharmacy for 70 CZK) and make him some liquid tea . This will require the following ingredients:

  • Herbs (3) : can be found when inspecting garbage dumps or purchased from the gypsy woman Vanga, in the camp near an abandoned sugar factory at a price of 20 CZK apiece;
  • Lemon (1) : Can be found in the pockets of passers-by or purchased at the supermarket for 10 CZK.
When you have done this, return to Struck and select one of the offered items as a reward. After that, the task "Professional medical care" will become available to you , but the quest itself will not end.

According to the victim, the killer ran down the main street towards the Fort. To the right of the entrance to the Fort is the Bear's Den. Ask him about the knife dropped by the man running by.

To get a knife, you need to choose one of the available options:

  1. Increase the level of trust with the Bear by 80 points.
  2. Raise Communication Level to Level 8.
  3. Beat the Bear.
  4. Pay 1000 CZK to the Bear for a dagger.

When you have the knife, return to Struk, then take the murder weapon to the police. Tell the duty officer what happened. The task will be updated.

Now you need to find out how the investigation is progressing. This can be done by officer Kvapil in two ways:

  • Learn the "strategist" skill (available from Shizik at 30 trust points) and pay the officer 1000 kroons.
  • Cooperate with the police until the trust in you reaches 50 units.

Having done this, the officer will tell you that the tracks lead to the mafia. You will also receive a self-defense machete item .

Professional medical aid (Struk)

Mahoney's wound turned out to be much more serious, so the guy will need the help of a real specialist. Behind the Nora of the Homeless is an apartment building where Dock Handsome lives (you might have met him while doing other assignments). If you have never found it, then use our map.

The doctor will refuse to help you, but if you have the skill of "strategist", you can easily persuade him. Return to Mahoney for your reward:

  • Absinthe (1);
  • White rum (1);
  • Trust (30).

Last honors (Baron). How to find the entrance to the sewer

In a conversation with Struok, tell him that the Baron asked you to remove the corpse from the sewer. The man will give you the key. It remains only to find the entrance to the sewer.

In fact, it's easier to get here from the bar where the Baron lives. Climb the stone stairs and go to the bar with the Baron. Just behind the bar you will see a parapet, behind which there is a small descent. Jump down, look to the right. Here you will see a metal grate. This is the entrance to the sewer.

If you are moving along the main street, then you need to get to the church. Go around the building on the left side and go up the hill. At the Fort, turn right and run forward to the very end. On the left you will see a hookah bar, to the right of which there is a small bridge and a dead-end passage. Get to the dead end, jump onto the trash cans and open the metal grate.

If you do not have the "Communication level 4" skill, then before completing the task, we recommend that you take a first-aid kit and a kombucha with you, as they will come in handy in dialogue with Gaul.

Go down to the lower level of the sewers and find a homeless man named Gaul. You will see a large cauldron of soup. Depending on your skill, choose:

  • Taste the soup : You will get poisoned and your health will gradually decline. In this case, it would be nice to have a kombucha and a first aid kit.
  • Distract Gaul (Requires Communication Skill Level 4): You stir the contents of the pot with a scoop and you will notice Frederich's ring.

In any case, you will have to search the nearby garbage heaps to find the clothes of the deceased. Return to the Baron and take the deserved 300 crowns. Now you can return to the sewers to Gaul at any time and exchange chicken bones for useful items.

Ideal solution (Struk)

The task will become available after talking with the Baron about the loss of Ferenc. Struk will ask you to get some materials to strengthen the Burrow of the Homeless. Find the following items:

  • Padlock (1) : can be purchased at Anatoly's thrift store for an immodest 100 kroons;
  • Useful junk (5) : find it in the trash heaps or exchange it for useless junk at Monty;
  • Scrap Metal (10) : can be found in trash heaps.

Beer and relax (Struk)

To complete this task, you need to build a home bar in your hideout. The Bar Blueprint will be added to your inventory. Find the following items:

  • Rum (5);
  • Vodka (3);
  • A can of beer (20);
  • Useful trash (10);
  • Epic Trash (1).

For completing the task, you will receive 10 credibility points with Struok.

Fire victims (Baron)

After completing the Baron's previous quest, you can talk to him again and ask about work. The Baron will appoint you as his right hand and instruct you to help five fire victims who remained on the street after the fire. At this moment, two markers with the location of the fire victims will appear on the map (a total of five people in two tents).

The task is a simple search for items that those in need will order for you. Bring all the necessary items to each group of fire victims to complete the quest. Below we have described the items that are difficult to find while completing the side quests associated with this task.

Where to find sleeping bags for fire victims

Sleeping bags can be crafted with a blueprint (training from Meisner), or bought in a brothel for 300 kronor per bag.

My Kingdom for a bicycle (Where to find a Sparta bicycle for fire victims)

To begin with, you should visit Anatoly's commission. The guy will give a tip to one of the barns in Zizkov. A mark will appear on the map, you just have to open the lock and take the bike.

My kingdom for a bicycle. Where to find teddy bears for fire victims

Torn toys are often found in common trash cans. Collect three toys and repair them in your hideout. For this you will need:

  • Ragged Teddy Bear (1);
  • Strange Cloth (5);
  • Insulating tape (5).

Until the death separates us. Where to find a gold plated wedding ring for fire victims

A gilded wedding ring can be purchased at Anatoly's commission for 1000 CZK, or taken away for free if you have the “Psychic” skill. This skill can be pumped from the Bear (you need 30 units of trust and 2 bottles of rum).

Until the death separates us. How to marry homeless fire victims

During the execution of additional tasks of the victims of the fire, one of the homeless will ask to find a person who could marry them. Father Burian will ask for 10,000 crowns for the ceremony, so you will have to look for someone cheaper.

Go to the Baron and invite him to marry the newlyweds. To do this, you need the "Strategist" skill, otherwise the Baron will refuse this venture.

Severe trauma. Where to find an overnight stay for fire victims

One of the homeless people suffers from insomnia and cannot sleep in the tent. You need to find a place for him to sleep. First, you should contact Sister Agnes, whose charitable house is located in the east of Zizkov.

The next day, visit the fire victim and ask about his health. Since he is not getting better, you should look for another place to sleep. Talk to Bear, a homeless man who lives near the Fort of Decent People. He will tell you about the utility room where you can sleep. She is nearby.

Whirlwind (Fire victims)

After completing the tasks "Trauma" and "Severe trauma", return to the homeless victim and ask about his health. In addition to the fact that he did not get better, his neighbors also began to use some kind of rubbish called "whirlwind".

Go to the nearby slums and talk to a gypsy named Wanga. She will give you her companion for a while and ask you to bring her an oysteroid (3) . Follow the railway bridge. As soon as your companion stops and starts sniffing the ground, start harvesting the plant.

Give an antidote to the homeless. After some time, return to Vanga and ask for several roll-ups with a "whirlwind". Give them to the fire victims to complete the quest.

Favorite of the public

When you complete the orders of all the victims of the fire, you can return to the Baron and please him. The Baron will ask again to visit the homeless in the Burrow and in the tents, in order to offer to vote for him. Do this and return to the Baron. Since all homeless people want to vote for you in the election of the King of Beggars, you can take the vote of the fire victims for yourself.

We advise you to pick up the vote only after you have raised the "Trading" skill to the "Master" level. Otherwise, the Baron will simply refuse to talk to you.

Proslav legends (Professor Müller). How to Find a Stone Golem and Make Money Fast in Hobo: Tough Life

Professor Müller can be found in the east of Zizkov, not far from the Rabbi's dwelling. This character will immediately give you 150 crowns , no matter what time you contact him. This is a good way to earn extra money, given that it is completely optional to complete the task itself.

To complete this quest, you need to break the medium-hard castle in the clock tower, which is located on the same street. Check the four corners in the clock tower room and return to the professor. He will give you another 100 crowns and offer you to complete one small assignment.

Behind Müller's dwelling, you will find an inconspicuous passage with a single door. Talk to a man named Zbyshek here. Return to the professor and get another 100 crowns .

Müller's third assignment will be to expose the legend of the golem. You should start your search with a rabbi named Ek. He lives opposite the professor. In a conversation with him, steal an unusual key . Return to Müller, take another 100 crowns.

The professor will be so upset that he will forget to take the key and camera from you. Now you need to find the door to which this key will fit. If you are facing the professor's house, turn around and find the arch on the right. Find a small passage between the walls, behind which is a gray door.

Inside you will find a stone golem. Take a picture of him and bring evidence to Müller. The professor will be so happy that he will give you another 300 crowns.

Beggar king

The task will appear on the 30th game day, after the weather deteriorates. You need to find the "throne room" and talk to Herald. The throne room is located in the city center, at the intersection of Trainstation st. And Bridge st.

If you have achieved six votes, then interact with the "throne" and end the season. You will become the King of the Beggars and will have to maintain a balance between the groups of the homeless. Additional tasks for "royal affairs" can be taken from the old man Herald in the throne room.

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