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How to learn to win in Chivalry 2


How to learn to win in Chivalry 2

Guide for beginner knights

It is very difficult for beginners to survive in the massive medieval notches of the fresh Chivalry 2 . Enemies take in numbers and constantly kill from behind. And if you face someone one-on-one, then due to inexperience it is difficult to adjust to the blows and even more so to seize the initiative. In this guide, we convey to aspiring knights the main thing to know in order to emerge victorious more often by crossing swords with the enemy.

Stay away from the edges of the arena

This applies specifically to arena modes: team deathmatch or every man for himself. Fighters constantly revive around the perimeter of the arena, who can unexpectedly attack from behind if you stay somewhere near the border of the map.

Don't forget about protection

Unlike the first game in the series (and Mordhau), in Chivalry 2 you can keep blocking until you run out of stamina . At the same time, endurance is spent rather slowly. Therefore, you should always move to the block when you have killed the enemy or are trying to break out of the encirclement.

But protection is not only a block. Remember that after each successful combination of attacks, it is imperative to switch to defense in order to avoid a possible strike out of sight (from behind or from the side), assess the situation and plan the next attack. Defense can be either a block or a parry (block at the last moment before a strike), or a rebound or even a squat.

It is especially important not to forget about defense after each successful attack when fighting against a superior number of opponents.

Learn to be unpredictable in combat

To get started, go through the tutorial, and then try to master all the basic maneuvers in real network battles. At first, you will not understand why you are quickly killed, but gradually you will learn to read different movements and techniques. Some players prefer to fight aggressively, while others defend and deliver strikes “rarely but well”. But the best way to win is to become unpredictable.

Try to use unexpected techniques , and not just try to strike as quickly as possible or exchange ripostes (counterattack from the block):

  • Dodge the attack from above at the last moment with a sideways bounce and kick the enemy (key F ), and then immediately hit (you get a great bunch of tricks with saving time).
  • Do jabs ( R key ) when the enemy comes too close, especially if you have a shield in your left hand.
  • If you are attacking from the flank and the enemy has not noticed you yet, then be sure to sit down before the strike so that he has less chance of blocking the attack or hitting you with his weapon.
  • Last-minute squats also help when you're attacking a crowd of enemies.

Use a jab more often than a kick

The kick helps against shields or immediately after the enemy misses. However, he does not interrupt the attacks. Therefore, in most cases it is better to use a jab. He will interrupt the attack of the enemy and stun him for a second, which will allow him to seize the initiative.

Don't run ahead of your allies

This applies to any online games with massive battles (even shooters). At the beginning of the match or when attacking in formation, you do not need to get ahead and run first. This makes you too easy a target for enemies. And if you run a little behind the allies, you will be able to assess the situation and attack one of the opponents bound by the battle from behind or from the flank.

Explore the benefits of each weapon

  • One-handed weapons show themselves well in duels due to their speed.
  • Two-handed is used against the crowd (swords and axes), or when playing defensively (hammers).
  • Swords are faster than axes, and they, in turn, are faster than polearms (various hammers and maces). But the faster the weapon, the less damage it does in one hit.
  • Bows do a lot of damage only to the head, and crossbows penetrate any armor well, but take a long time to reload.
  • Throwing weapons are best thrown into the crowd until you learn to hit exactly in the head.

If the brag runs away, throw a weapon at him

In Chivalry 2, you can throw anything you want, not just the corresponding types of weapons. If you chased an archer and can't catch up, throw your sword at him by pressing the G button. Or you can pick up the nearest stone.

We hope that our recommendations will help you survive Chivalry 2 and emerge victorious from battles more often. Let us know in the comments how you like the new game from Torn Banner Studios and share your advice on fighting.