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Make a spyglass in Minecraft: materials and what it is for


Make a spyglass in Minecraft: materials and what it is for

We tell you the materials you need to create a spyglass in Minecraft, and where to find them.

Thanks to the Caves and Cliffs update , new creatures, areas to explore, animals and even resources have been included that we will need to create essential objects such as a spyglass.

And it is that the new expansion is enough for a lot, and one of the new objects that you are going to want to unlock is the spyglass, totally essential if we want to see much more in the distance, which will not only allow us to explore the environment, but also to be well warned in advance of the enemies that can affect us.

The truth is that making a spyglass is not entirely complicated, but you will need several materials and obviously know where to find them, and we will tell you everything in this guide.

Make a spyglass in Minecraft: materials and what it is for

Why should we make a spyglass

Thanks to the spyglasses we can see in the distance, spy on people, enemies and, ultimately, be able to peek into those unknown areas.

It also evidently helps us to locate the mainland when we are traveling through an ocean.

To use it, it is as simple as aiming at the target and then left clicking to bring the spyglass closer.

How to make a spyglass

How to make a spyglass

The recipe to make a spyglass is very simple since all we need are two copper ingots and a fragment of amethyst.

Copper can be found anywhere during extraction and you will see it under an orange and turquoise mineral pattern.

Note that the extraction of this mineral is raw, and then you will have to melt it into copper ingots.

When it comes to amethyst shards they are a bit more difficult, but you can find them in geodes.

Amethyst geodes are quite large and breed underground, although they could be visible from the surface as well.

We need a fragment for each of the spyglasses and you must place it on a work table next to two copper ingots.

As you can see, it is that simple to make a spyglass in Minecraft telling you where to find each of the materials.