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Minecraft: farm and use copper - Here's how


Minecraft: farm and use copper - Here's how

Copper is a new resource in Minecraft 1.17. We'll tell you where you can find copper and what you can do with it.

With the patch 1.7 "Caves & Cliffs" many new objects came into the world of Minecraft. One of them is copper, which is needed for a number of new items and has quite interesting properties in other ways too. We reveal everything you need to know about the new ore.

Where can you find copper? Basically, copper can be found everywhere in the upper world (i.e. not in the Nether and the end). It appears of course between levels 0 and 96, but most often in the middle of this area (i.e. levels 47 and 48). Each chunk (an area of ​​16 × 16 blocks) spawns up to 6 copper ore veins, each consisting of groups of 1 to 16 blocks.

What is the best way to farm copper? Since copper is not difficult to find due to its high distribution, there are also several methods of collecting copper ore.

You can just keep your eyes open because copper can also appear on the surface and on the sides of mountains. It will also be found frequently when exploring caves.

However, this is only worthwhile if you want to collect large amounts of copper and also want to get hold of other resources - such as iron, gold and stone.

In order to mine copper ore, you have to use a pickaxe made of at least stone. Then you will receive raw copper afterwards, which you can melt down in the furnace to make copper bars, which can then be used for further processing.

Minecraft: farm and use copper - Here's how

What can you build out of copper? Copper can be used to build two new items that serve a purpose both in exploring the world and in decorating and protecting your property.

  • Lightning rod: Three copper bars on top of each other make a lightning rod when crafting. This can be set up to intercept lightning in an area of ​​32 × 32 blocks during a thunderstorm. The lightning bolts are automatically diverted to the lightning rod, preventing the lightning from striking elsewhere and setting blocks on fire. At the same time, the lightning rod emits a redstone signal when lightning strikes.

  • Binoculars: Two copper bars on top of each other and an amethyst shard above create binoculars when crafting. This can be used to see things in the distance and focus the camera on a specific point which is then magnified.

Apart from that, 9 copper bars can also be used to create a copper block, which can then be further processed - for example into steps or tiles.

If you want to prevent your copper from oxidizing, you can combine the blocks with a honeycomb to wax in the copper and thus stop the oxidation.

What is the Oxidation? In processed form, copper loses its natural brown color over time the longer it exists in the game world. Gradually, all the copper blocks change color, first get green spots and later turn completely turquoise.

Therefore, buildings made of copper blocks change their color over time. If you want to use copper as decoration, you should have a lot of honeycombs in stock to limit the oxidation of the blocks.