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Minecraft Guide: Finding Diamonds - This is the fastest way to farm


Minecraft Guide: Finding Diamonds - This is the fastest way to farm

Diamonds are the most important raw material in Minecraft . Our guide will tell you the best way to search for diamonds and mine them effectively.

Diamonds are one of the most sought-after and important raw materials in Minecraft. This is no wonder, because they can be used to produce the best equipment - whether as armor to protect the character or in the form of tools that are particularly effective and have a long service life.

But the search for diamonds in Minecraft can take hours and if you work with the wrong method, you will waste a lot of time. So we're going to tell you one of the most effective ways to find diamonds.

At what height do you find diamonds?

Where can you find diamonds? Diamonds are mainly found in the "upper world" of Minecraft, the main world in which you start. Here they appear as a natural occurrence, just like many other ores. It cannot be found in this form in the Nether or in the end.

Diamonds appear at a very low level, from level 16 and below to level 1. Diamonds are most common between levels 12 and 5. So you have to dig very deeply if you want to find diamonds.

The graphic shows the height at which the most diamonds can be found - i.e. between level 5 and 12.

Show your height in Minecraft: You can see the current level (and thus your “height”) in the PC version of Minecraft by pressing the “F3” key. Don't be afraid, your screen will be full of information. Look for the line "XYZ:" and look there at the 2nd number. This is the Y-coordinate and therefore the plane on which you are.

Your coordinates in Minecraft - The Y-coordinate shows your current altitude. You want to be on level 10!

On the consoles PS4, Xbox One and Switch you can simply set the display of the coordinates in the “Options” menu and it will be permanently displayed on the edge of the screen.

What do you need to mine diamonds? To mine diamonds, you need at least an iron pickaxe or better. If you use one made of wood or stone, the process not only takes a long time, the diamond block is simply destroyed without you receiving a diamond! So use iron, gold, diamond or netherite to mine diamonds.

Diamonds in special locations: In addition to this, you can sometimes find diamonds in different boxes throughout the game world. Diamonds can be found in the boxes in all temples, shipwrecks, NPC villages, mine shafts and nether fortresses. However, since these are all very rare and sometimes very dangerous, these methods can be neglected. Keep this in mind, however, if you happen to come across one of these locations.

However, if you want more “action”, you can easily find diamonds by exploring the Nether or plundering shipwrecks. Here a night vision drink is worthwhile, which also ensures clear vision under water (and in the nether), regardless of the lighting conditions.

Tips and tricks for mining diamonds

Use proper enchantments when mining: Once you've found diamonds, don't mine them with a conventional pickaxe. Instead, you should use a pickaxe that was enchanted with "Luck III". Then you can get up to 4 diamonds from a single diamond deposit instead of just one. That is an increase of up to 300%.

For the normal dismantling of blocks you should also use an enchanted pickaxe - here “Efficiency IV” in combination with “Durability III” is ideal. Then you can mine blocks almost immediately and plow through the stone walls. Getting the right combination of enchantments may take a few tries.

Proper enchantment is essential to get the most out of diamonds.

Completely uncovering a diamond block : Another important basis is to completely uncover a diamond block before you dismantle it. Nothing is more frustrating than the disappointment of mining a diamond only to see it fell straight into the lake of lava below and is burning. So when you mine diamonds, make sure that everything is clear “around”.

"Cautiousness" can help: If you do not yet have a pickaxe with "Luck III", then you may have received one with "Cautiousness" (Silk Touch) when enchanting. If you mine the diamonds with this enchantment, then you get the whole block in your inventory. You can then move the diamond block somewhere else later and take it down as soon as you get a pickaxe with luck.

With the right enchantment, you can also take the diamond ores with you and reposition them later in order to mine them “properly”.

So you are perfectly prepared: You will only find diamonds in the depths and this is often associated with further temptations and dangers. So if you come across caves while digging, you should always weigh up whether the exploration is worthwhile or whether you don't want to bring your previously earned loot back to the camp. Often there are only a few seconds between "I'm still exploring this one cave" and an exploding creeper that hurls all your prey into the lava - even if there are of course sometimes nice creepers . And we don't want you to throw away your gamepad in anger .

In addition to a portion of caution, always have the following with you:

  • Lots of food, preferably a stack of roast meat . This way you don't starve to death and you can regenerate yourself during battles in the depths.
  • A furnace in order to be able to melt ore in an emergency and to be able to replicate tools. You can find the coal you need when farming diamonds by the way.
  • A bucket of water to turn lava into obsidian and extinguish yourself.
  • A fire protection potion (preferably in the quick selection) if you do fall into lava.
  • A box : It is always better to secure rare materials in a box beforehand, before daring to venture into a lava cave.
  • A stack of ladders for emergencies. If you get lost, you can use ladders to dig your way up directly out of the rock without wasting a lot of time.
  • A pickaxe as a replacement (at least iron!) To free yourself from every mountain.

The best way to farm diamonds in Minecraft

There is a lot of discussion on the Minecraft forums and on Reddit about the most effective way to farm for diamonds. Some players swear by simply removing all blocks at a low level. You are guaranteed to get every diamond, but it consumes a lot of time - that is not efficient. We focus on a technique called branch mining, which is the digging of shafts with many branches. Behind this is a system that - once impressed - brings the greatest efficiency.

First you should go to level 10. This is your starting level to start with. Most of the diamonds can be found on levels 9, 10, 11 and 12 while avoiding a large part of the lava lakes in the depths.

Construction of the main shaft: Go to level 10 and now create a slightly thicker tunnel - 2-4 blocks wide. This is your "main shaft". The thickness of the tunnel is for guidance only. It is easy to get lost in large dismantling systems. A thicker shaft helps you to see straight away: This is the entrance and exit.

The best way to farm diamonds in Minecraft

Then place torches on both sides of the main shaft on every 12th block (so leave a gap of 11 blocks between the torches).

The blocks marked by torches will be the “entrances” to the smaller shafts that you will dig afterwards.

Dig the first “branches”: Now start digging tunnels into the rock at the points marked by torches - these are the so-called “branches”. The tunnels should only be 1 block wide and 2 blocks high so that your character can fit right through. Every 4 blocks in the new tunnel you place a torch on the ground as a light source and marker.

The small “branches” are thin - anything else would be a waste of time.

Whenever you set a torch in these tunnels, you turn left and right and dig 5 blocks into the rock at your character's head height, creating "peepholes". So you can look deep into the rock and see whether there are valuable ores here.

You build peepholes by the torches so that you can peek deeper into the rock.

An excavated tunnel with branching branches would look like this when viewed from above:

Minecraft Guide: Finding Diamonds - This is the fastest way to farm

To make this clearer, we have colored the different areas in this picture:

  • Your main shaft is purple . Here you place a torch with gaps of 11 blocks each.
  • Your branches are red . Here you place a torch on every 4th block.
  • Your "peepholes" are yellow . Here you only dismantled the blocks at the character's head height.
A single “branch” from your main tunnel viewed from above.

The method is basically suitable for all types of ores, so it can also be used for gold, iron or other rocks. Only with emeralds is the method not quite as effective.

Why is this method so effective? To get maximum mining efficiency, it is necessary to “uncover” as many blocks with as little work as possible. With the presented variant of "Branch Mining" you will uncover an average of 4.11 additional blocks per block. In other words: You mine 1 block and see if there are more than 4 blocks whether they are diamonds.

Since in the vast majority of cases diamonds appear in some form in a 2x2x2 block, branch mining covers all combinations and has the greatest chance of discovering the diamonds.

If you heed these tips and the following method above, you should find what you are looking for very quickly and bag a large amount of diamonds in the shortest possible time.

But always remember: No method is as effective as simply stealing the diamonds from the players' boxes ... but of course we would never recommend that.

Do you have another method to find a lot of diamonds quickly? How do you do it?