Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 - how to make a lot with cheats, mods and honest ways


Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 - how to make a lot with cheats, mods and honest ways

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a game that will make you feel like a trucker and become the owner of a transport company. Each of your actions will be aimed at increasing the amount of funds in the account, and in this guide we will tell you in what ways you can multiply your own capital.

It should be said that there are several ways in which you can inflate your bank account in Euro Truck Simulator 2. We'll start with the honest methodology provided by the developers.

Tips for making money with self-transport

Tips for making money with self-transport

From the very beginning, your only way to make money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 will be to independently transport cargo from point "A" to point "B". Here, in general, there are no tricks - load the truck and go to the navigator, having previously planned your route.

A couple of tips - try to follow all the rules so as not to pay fines for traffic violations, and also drive your car carefully. At the end of each race, you will have to pay for repairs in case of collisions, as well as forfeit if the goods were damaged as a result of an accident.

You should also choose the most complex orders, for example, for the delivery of a fragile cargo or for transportation within a certain period of time (urgent order). The more difficult it will be to complete the order, the more funds and experience you will receive in the end. To maximize income in skills, we swing long distances and expensive loads, which will allow us to quickly move on to fulfilling the most lucrative contracts.

By the way, also try to save money as soon as possible to buy your own car in order to stop using trucks from other companies. In the second case, the owners of the company, even if they cover the costs of gasoline and car repairs, but you get much less money for completing the order. In addition, restrictions apply to the route - you simply cannot ride where you want. Accordingly, having your own car solves both issues, removing any restrictions.

Making money by hiring other drivers

Making money by hiring other drivers

When you have accumulated the initial capital and already have the opportunity to spend on something other than improving the car, you should concentrate on hiring other drivers. Having subordinates on the staff, you can simply go about your business, and at this time other truckers will fulfill your orders and bring a stable income. Sometimes drivers may not bring profit for the trip (all sorts of situations happen on the road), but even with this situation, you will still find yourself in the black over time.

So, to hire a driver, you need to find on the map in Euro Truck Simulator 2 "Recruitment agency". Usually the office of the company can be found in any city and, having entered there, you will be presented with a choice of candidates for employment. Of course, you must have a suitable garage for a new employee, as well as a car that can accommodate the right amount of cargo.

When hiring, you need to pay attention not to the photo, but to the rating of a particular trucker - the higher this indicator, the more money it will bring you. Try to hire the most promising workers, as low-rated characters will constantly let you down.

Fulfilling orders, your drivers will gradually improve their driving skills, and therefore you should not immediately fire a person who has made one or two unsuccessful races. Over time, as you cover repair costs and fines, you will watch your staff grow more experienced and your bottom line grows with it.

Making money with a loan

Making money with a loan

Another way to get money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is to take out a bank loan. True, as in real life, you will be given a loan for a time and at interest, so you will have to return more than was originally credited to your account. But, unlike the previous method, the loan funds will be at your disposal instantly.

The opportunity to take out a loan will allow you not to personally earn money for hiring the first drivers and buying a garage, but to make these acquisitions right away. And, accordingly, employees will immediately begin to fulfill your orders, bringing in a stable income, which will first have to be set aside for debt repayment.

The easiest way to recover the debt is by purchasing the Special Transport add-on, which added the ability to deliver special cargo to the game. They are heavy, and therefore, when buying a car for delivery, try to take into account the carrying capacity. We recommend purchasing, for example, Mercedes-Benz New Actors Stream Space, which can easily cope with the task. Do not pay attention to the pop-up warning about the weight of the parcel, it does not affect the final income from the trip in any way.

Now we turn to the description of not entirely honest ways of making money, which are not used by all users. These techniques will be useful to you if you have already played enough in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and just want to try all the cars and all the improvements that are in the game.

How to make money with mods and cheats

How to make money with mods and cheats

How to get a lot of money with the help of mods, the maximum level, a good trailer and turn off damage to the car

Warning: before installing third-party software, we recommend unchecking the box next to "Use the Steam Cloud" when creating a new Euro Truck Simulator 2 profile, so as not to risk the safety of your account.

So, from the modifications we can recommend software for the PRANCHA trailer, designed for the transportation of bulky goods. After installation, a trailer worth 26 620 euros will appear in the game, with only wheels you can change. Having bought it, you can immediately install PRANCHA on your car and, having loaded it with the most expensive product, hit the road.

Also, for an easy start, you can use the Start Money and XP by GTR mod, which will add 1,000,000,000 euros at the very beginning of the game, and also allow you to get the maximum level. To do this, you need to make the first drive to the nearest point, unload the trailer and watch how the strip with experience gives you one level after another.

Another good mod is No Damage, which will allow you to ride for your own pleasure, without worrying about paying for car repairs. This option is suitable for those who do not want to get everything at once, but want to get rid of the risk of losing money by reimbursing repairs after an accident.

How to make money using cheats

Euro Track Simulator 2 has a way to navigate the world in seconds by activating the free camera mode. To do this, you need:

  1. Open folder ะก: / Users / Your_Name / Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2
  2. Find the config.cfg file in it and open it with notepad.
  3. Find the lines uset g_developer 0 and uset g_console 0
  4. Change the value "0" to "1"

Now, by going into the game and pressing "0", you activate the free camera mode. Control is carried out using the keys "8", "4", "5", "6". Having moved to the right place, press F9, and then your truck will appear at this point. But be careful, if you find yourself high in the air, your car will fall to the ground and receive damage that will have to be repaired without installing other mods.

How to make money using cheats

The last way to fund your bank account is through save manipulation. To do this, exit the game through the main menu, go to the "Documents" directory on your computer and find the Euro Track Simulator 2 folder there. Next, go to Profile and follow to your account directory. There may be several separate directories, each of which belongs to its own account, you need to select the one on which you want to replenish the balance.

The next step is to go to the Save folder, and after Autosave and look for the game.sii file there, which contains all the information about your actions in the game under a specific account. Open it with a notepad to see the scary hieroglyphs. To decrypt, you need to download the Sii_Decrypt program and then drag game.sii onto the decryptor shortcut. Run the file again, in which everything will now be in perfectly understandable English.

Find the line money_account, opposite which you can see the numbers - this is the current balance of your account in the game. Now, having written in this line any number up to 1,000,000,000, you will wind up any amount of money on your account in Euro Track Simulator 2. After entering the amount, exit the file with saving for the changes to take effect.

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