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Players want to tame axolotl in Minecraft - so you catch them


Players want to tame axolotl in Minecraft - so you catch them

Axolotl are a new beast in Minecraft Patch 1.17. We'll tell you how to catch the water dwellers and what they are good for.

The new patch 1.17 of Minecraft is live. The "Caves & Cliffs" update did not bring the desired caves , but a lot of different content. One of these are the axolotls. You can now find these cute creatures in the world of Minecraft. We reveal how you can catch the new animals and what use they have.

Where can you find axolotl? Axolotl can basically spawn in any body of water as long as the water is lower than the coordinate Y: 63 - i.e. just below the usual sea surface. However, the highest probability is found in flooded caves. As a rule, axolotl appear in groups of 1 to 4 adult specimens when the world is created, but they can also appear sporadically afterwards.

What do axolotl eat? Axolotls may hunt all sorts of aquatic creatures in the world, but can only be guided by feeding them tropical fish. The tropical fish has to be in a bucket for this. The tropical fish are mainly found in warm ocean biomes and can each be transported in a bucket.

How to grow axolotl: Axolotl are quite strenuous to grow as buckets of tropical fish are not stackable. To start breeding axolotl, you need at least 2 buckets of tropical fish or more if you want to breed several axolotl at the same time.

The axolotl are pretty cute - but they can almost wipe out your other aquatic animals.

Note that each axolotl can only be mated once every 5 minutes. Only after this cooldown can the pairing process be initiated again.

How do you tame axolotl? Axolotls cannot be tamed in the classical sense. Unlike wolves, for example, axolotl can only be lured and guided in this way with food - for example to an aquarium, where the animals are then "locked up" in order to mate them, for example.

You can lead axolotl on a leash. Alternatively, you can lure them with a tropical fish in a bucket, as this is their favorite food that is also used for breeding.

An axolotl plays dead to regenerate life points.

What are the benefits of axolotls? The pure playful benefit for axolotl is generally low. Above all, they serve as a nice decorative element, but should be kept away from most other water creatures, as they will otherwise attack and kill them.

Axolotl can, however, be used for hunting in the water or when cleaning an ocean monument, since after feeding they also help in the fight against drowned people and guards.

What colors are axolotl? There are 5 colors in total for Axolotl, but most of the time you will only see 4 of them. The following colors are represented by almost 25% each:

  • leucistic (lucy)
  • brown (wild)
  • turquoise (cyan)
  • gold (gold)

The last color, blue, is extremely rare. It can occur in nature with a 0.08% chance or when two axolotls are mated together (regardless of the color of the parents).

All 5 colors of the axolotl - on the far left is the blue, rarest color.

This is how axolotls behave: Like most creatures in Minecraft, axolotls have relatively complex behavior and react to different influences. The following key data are particularly important:

  • Axolotl are basically neutral towards the player.
  • If the player helps an axolotl to kill one of its prey, the axolotl heals the "Mining Fatigue" and gives the player "Regeneration I".
  • Axolotls attack all other aquatic creatures (exception: turtles and dolphins). After a creature has been killed, the axolotl pauses for 2 minutes before hunting again.
  • Axolotls can pretend to be dead if attacked. You will then remain motionless for 10 seconds, but thanks to “Regeneration I” you will heal during this time. If an axolotl pretends to be dead, it will be ignored by other creatures.
  • If axolotl are released on land, they try to reach the nearest body of water, as they die on land after exactly 5 minutes. However, they survive if there is a thunderstorm or rain.

How to prevent axolotl from despawning: Like most passive mobs in Minecraft, axolotl can despawn after a while. You can prevent this by collecting axolotl with a bucket and then releasing it into the world. Then the axolotl is considered to be “generated by the player” and remains in the world indefinitely (or until the animal dies).

Alternatively, you can name the Axolotl with a name badge, because this prevents - as with all compatible creatures - the automatic despawn.

Do you still have questions about axolotl? Have you caught some of these weirdly cute creatures yet?