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Pokémon GO: How to solve the challenge for "a very slow discovery"


Pokémon GO: How to solve the challenge for "a very slow discovery"

In Pokémon GO , the event is “a very slow discovery”. We'll show you how you can get Flegmon and its developments.

What should you do? As in previous events, you can also earn a top collector's medal for Pokémon GO in “a very slow discovery” . To do this, you have to catch or develop the Pokémon required by June 13, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.

The corresponding challenge with an overview of which Pokémon are involved can be found in the Today section of the game. We have taken a closer look at these and give you a few tips below on how you can solve the tasks quickly.

Catch the Flegmon

The first thing you should do to complete the event challenge is to catch a normal Flegmon. This is spawning more and more at the moment due to the ongoing event and can therefore be obtained quickly in the wild.

Alternatively, you also have the option of obtaining this Pokémon by completing the current field research tasks “Catch 8 Water-Type Pokémon”, “Catch 8 Psycho-Type Pokémon” or “Develop a Psycho-Type Pokémon”.

Getting lame through development

The next Pokémon is a lame in the challenges list in the Today section of Pokémon GO. A red symbol is also shown at the bottom left of the image. This indicates that you should develop a Flegmon into a Lahmus.

In this picture you can see Lahmus with the development symbol.

To develop it you need 50 Flegmon candies. Catching lame, for example after the raid, as well as developing from lame to mega lame does not do this task.

Developing slow-queuing with a king stone

In addition to lahmus, Flegmon has another development: lazy-smoking. This can also be seen in the collector's challenge in Pokémon GO. As with Lahmus, the picture is again marked with a red symbol, which indicates that this Pokémon has to be developed to solve the task.

For this development, too, 50 Flegmon candies are necessary again. You also need a King Stone for this. You can get this once via the free event box in the shop. Alternatively, you can get this as a reward for completing the field research “Develop a Pokémon”.

Galar-Flegmon received

The last Pokémon required for the Collector Challenge is Galar Flegmon. This was first introduced in Pokémon GO as part of the current event. In contrast to lame and slow-smoking, this Pokémon must be caught again.

Here you can find Galar-Flegmon: In contrast to the normal Flegmon, you cannot currently catch Galar-Flegmon in the wilds of Pokémon GO. To solve your challenge, you can fight Galar-Flegmon in the 1-star raid at the moment and catch them afterwards.

Another possibility is to do the event-related field research tasks “Develop 3 Flegmon” or “Win ​​a raid in under 60 seconds”. With both tasks you will receive a Galar Flegmon as a reward.

Do you have any further tips on how the event tasks can be solved quickly? Then write them to us in the comments.