Promotional codes in Shadow Fight 3. How to enter promotional codes


Promotional codes in Shadow Fight 3. How to enter promotional codes

Shadow Fight 3 is the third installment in a series of fighting games developed for mobile by the Nekki studio team. The project has surpassed previous releases in terms of graphics and optimization, and therefore it is not surprising that the game has a lot of fans. In this guide, we will tell you all about promotional codes that will help you make a quick start for the most comfortable gameplay.

Additional details about the game

So, in Shadow Fight 3, events will unfold a few years after the end of the previous story. People got used to the existence of dark energy, but acceptance did not lead to peace - society split, as some wanted to study this new matter for them, while others insisted on leaving everything untouched.

You are a brave warrior who has to save the world from the Shadow. The hero of the previous game, for unknown reasons, decided to destroy humanity, and only you can prevent it. To complete the task, you need to constantly fight over the network with other players or bots, pump your fighter, learn destructive skills and get weapons with various effects and characteristics. The game features dozens of types of fantasy weapons that will help you deal with the enemy in a combat session.

Additional details about the game

Among other things, there are not only main, but also side tasks in the game, for the completion of which you are entitled to valuable rewards. Temporary events are periodically triggered, which will also allow you to earn additional experience, gold, rubies, boosters and other in-game values. We advise you to follow the news from the studio that consistently supports its project.

Shadow Fight 3 promo codes

Now let's move on to the promotional codes themselves. By driving them in, you can get various bonuses that will facilitate battles with opponents and allow you to quickly master destructive techniques:

  • A set of special cards (10 pieces) - wo0SJXzWK
  • New weapon for the hero - 1FVzsv5TN
  • 5000 experience - S654HMIm7
  • Free rubies as a gift (up to 100 pieces) - 6XAS7XCPm
  • 1000 gold - kbs5zmHbI

How to enter promo codes

To get the bonus you are entitled to, you first need to download and install the client, then create a character and undergo training. At the first stages, there are always enough resources, and new levels fly one after another, so there should be no problems with pumping. When you start to lack experience or gold, you can use the promo codes published above.

To activate them you need:

  1. Enter the game by logging in under your account.
  2. Go to settings (three bars in the upper left of the screen).
  3. Go to the bookmark of the store where all in-game items are sold.
  4. Go to the "Free" tab and click on "Enter the promo code".

In the window that appears, you need to drive in the desired combination of letters and numbers, after which the game will display a window with a message about receiving bonuses.

Problems at this stage may arise in cases where the number of activations of the promo code has ended or the validity period of the promotion has expired. Every month, the developers publish new promotional codes so that players have the opportunity to develop their characters even at the highest levels. We recommend that you periodically check the material in order to be among the first to receive the most relevant gifts.

Note: we do not recommend installing various hacked versions of Shadow Fight 3 on your smartphone, the authors of which promise you either infinite gold, or instant pumping to the maximum level, or the coolest things on the characters. As a rule, such giveaways contain viruses or simply do not work, not to mention the possibility of receiving gifts from official developers.

Other bonuses of Shadow Fight 3

You can receive nice gifts from the authors of Shadow Fight 3 not only through promotional codes, but also for various types of activity. Below we present a list of all gifts and actions required to accrue bonuses:

  • Gifts for logging into the game every day - check Shadow Fight 3 every day and get nice bonuses (the more often you log in, the better the gift);
  • Subscribe to social networks - every day you are entitled to additional experience, gold and rubies;
  • Buy currency for donation - you are entitled to an additional 50% of the purchased amount of gold;
  • The first purchase of rubies - up to a 100% bonus from the number of purchased stones.

Among other things, in order to get the maximum bonuses and rewards, you definitely need to take part in temporary events and various events organized by the developers from the Banzai studio. Raising the level of your hero and passing levels, you will meet strong and not so opponents with unique combat mechanics. Explore them and check your account often so you don't miss another gift.

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