Sea of ​​Thieves: how to get Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl


Sea of ​​Thieves: how to get Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl

The Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow's ship, appears in the Sea of ​​Thieves expansion, albeit under another name: Eternal Freedom. We tell you how to get these skins for the boat.

Sea of ​​Thieves , Rare's multiplayer pirate game for Xbox and PC (on Game Pass and Steam) has just received an interesting novelty: a free expansion called A Pirate's Life , based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. We meet Jack Sparrow himself and live adventures inspired, above all, by the second film: the confrontation with Davy Jones .

One of the attractions of the expansion, without a doubt, is to see the recreation of the elements that we already know from the film ... and there are few things more iconic than the Black Pearl, Sparrow's ship (which beat Captain Barbossa).

Sea of ​​Thieves: how to get Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl

In Sea of ​​Thieves we can turn our ship into the Black Pearl ... although here it has the name of Eternal Freedom . Unfortunately, although the expansion and all playable content is free, the ship skins (and also the crew) are paid.

From the Emporio Pirata store we can buy the Eternal Freedom Ship Lot , with all its objects, for 2,499 old coins , which is equivalent to 22.99 euros. However, we can also buy your individual pieces:

  • Helmet of Eternal Freedom
  • Cannons of Eternal Freedom
  • Winch of Eternal Freedom
  • Mask of Eternal Freedom
  • Eternal Freedom Flag
  • Eternal Freedom Candles
  • Helm of Eternal Freedom
  • Firestorm of Eternal Freedom

We can also buy two alternative skins for the figurehead and the candles , at a higher price: 799 old coins or 8.19 euros.

How to get old coins?

Ancient coins is a type of currency that is obtained in exchange for real money, although there is also a way to get it in the game. In addition to being rewards in the seasons, you will get them by defeating Ancient Skeletons , which appear randomly anywhere, but you must defeat very quickly before they disappear: you will hear them arrive by a music and the tinkling of the coins.

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