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So you tame the coveted Astrodelphis in ARK Genesis Part 2 and dominate the dinosaur empire


So you tame the coveted Astrodelphis in ARK Genesis Part 2 and dominate the dinosaur empire

With the second part of the Genesis expansion in ARK: Survival Evolved there are some new creatures that you can tame and ride. In the Guide we explain how to tame the space dolphin “Astrodelphis” quickly and effectively. You will also learn how to craft the saddle and what preparations are necessary.

Once tamed, the Astrodelphis is very versatile. Thanks to the Starwing saddle, it supports you in combat as well as exploring the space sector and transporting resources. This makes the agile creature a real all-rounder for your adventurers on the new map. 

Find and tame Astrodelphis

The Astrodelphis lives in the space zone and hovers there in space. They pull bluish shimmering stripes behind them as they fly through space. The animals themselves are curious and swim around you. If you get too close to them, they will attack you. 

How to tame the Astrodelphis: stroke the Astrodelphis on the PC with the “E” key (“Y” on Xbox, triangle on PS4) to trigger the taming process. To do this, move sideways along the creature. This only works if the creature is not aggressive. If it attacks you, flies away a little and waits until the movements of the Astrodelphis have slowed down. 

After you have petted the creature, you hover up to the head of the creature from the front and feed it with element. The number of elements can vary. 

This is how it works faster: In tandem, taming is much easier. One player strokes the Astrodelphis while the second player feeds the creature with element. Switching between the head and body of the animal can be a difficult undertaking, especially in weightlessness. 

After each stroke you feed the Astrodelphis again. Depending on the level of the animal, the process can take some time. At the beginning, try to isolate an Astrodelphis on a low level in order to internalize the process and not be attacked by other creatures. 

If you have successfully tamed the Astrodelphis, you can give it your own name as usual and equip it with a saddle.

The English-speaking YouTuber “Cjthecheesedj” explains the taming process in detail in his video:

Taming Astrodelphis - you need that

To tame the Astrodelphis you need the resource “Element”. Before you set out to tame an Astrodelphis, you should prepare well. Taming can take a long time, depending on the creature's level.

Even if the Astrodelphis is a carnivore and feeds on meat, you tame it with "Element", the primary component of Tek-level equipment. And the space dolphins have pretty big appetites.

Farm element quickly and efficiently

Very efficiently collects their element with an ankylosaurus. To do this, go to the middle area on the map in Genesis Part 2. On the meteorites you will find blue crystals, which you can break down with the club of the Ankylosaurus. In addition to element, you get metal, stones and elemental splinters when mining, which you craft in the Tek replicator to operate Tek structures. 

The meteorites will automatically respawn after 24 hours in the game and you can mine the resources again. Element itself is very light and you should collect as many stacks as possible. You can also find them in the same zone as the dinosaur itself.

Craft Astrodelphi's Starwing Saddle

A highlight is the saddle for the Astrodelphis. With it you transform the creature into a fighter jet that can fire plasma projectiles. You unlock the blueprint for 60 Engram points at level 120. 
The saddle is manufactured in the Tek replicator.

For crafting you need the following resources:

  • 140x black pearl
  • 370x crystal or prism crystal
  • 55x element
  • 2500x metal bars or bars made from scrap metal
  • 500x polymer, organic polymer, or damaged nodules

You equip the saddle as usual using the Astrodelphis inventory. Afterwards you sit down in the futuristic cockpit and travel in style through the vacuum.

Special abilities of the saddle: If you add the element to the inventory of the Astrodelphis, activate the jet mode by pressing the left CTRL key on the Starwing saddle and move even faster through the room. With “C” you do a looping and with the space bar you activate an electric charge that stuns opponents in the vicinity. If you tap one of the direction buttons twice, you will do a barrel roll on the Astrodelphis. 

On the Xbox and PlayStation 4 you carry out the actions as follows:

  • Looping Xbox and PlayStation 4: Press the right stick
  • Xbox Electric Charge: A.
  • Electric charge PlayStation 4: X
  • Plasma charge Xbox: Right trigger (RT)
  • Plasma charge PlayStation 4: R2
  • Jet mode Xbox: RB
  • Jet mode PlayStation 4: R1

With the right saddle, the Astrodelphis is a loyal companion that not only cuts a good figure in combat, but is also of great help when exploring. A similarly loyal companion is the Risen tortoise Megachelon, which you can also tame .

How do you find the Astrodelphis and what activities do you use it for? Let us know in the comments!