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The best weapons to get Kills / Kills ratio in COD Warzone


The best weapons to get Kills / Kills ratio in COD Warzone

These are the best weapons if you want to get a good kill / kill ratio in Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone continues to give a lot to talk about with its season 3 Reloaded , which in a few weeks will give way to the fourth season. It will be at E3 2021 when the first details of Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War and COD Warzone are revealed.

Surely you already have the best classes to use weapons like the MP5, the RAM-7 or the AMP63 pistol , but you should know that that is not the only variable to take into account in COD Warzone . It is also very important to know the best weapons that ensure a good kill / kill ratio.

Naturally, the weapons with the best ratio are the most used in COD Warzone, since they help to get more revenue from each game. Thanks to the WZ Ranked tool , we have known which are the best weapons and their corresponding ratios , which will make you sweep the game.

Do you want to know which are the best weapons and their ratios? Then pay attention to the list of the 10 best weapons to get kill / kill ratio in COD Warzone , available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The best weapons to get kill / kill ratio in Call of Duty Warzone

Having the best class is important in COD Warzone , but logically this matters if we take into account the best weapons in the game. From shotguns or pistols to submachine guns or sniper rifles, the Kill / Kill ratio is a vital index for best results.

Thanks to the WZRanked study, we can share a list with the 10 best weapons that you can use in Call of Duty Warzone , which will ensure good kill / kill ratios. Note that the average COD weapon ratio is 0.9 , so all of these weapons are above.

The best weapons to get kill / kill ratio in Call of Duty Warzone

  • XM4 (1.04)
  • RAM-7 (1.05)
  • Swiss K31 (1.05)
  • AK-74U (1.06)
  • VLK Rogue (1.06)
  • PPSH-41 (1.07)
  • MAC-10 (1.08)
  • AK-47 CW (1.13)
  • Streetsweeper (1.20)
  • CR-56 AMAX (1.26)

In parentheses you can see the kill / kill ratio for each weapon in COD Warzone . We are talking about the best weapons you can use, although remember that it is also important to configure a good class for each of them.

For starters, the XM4 is a great option ahead of the other two weapons with a ratio of 1 or higher . You can use it as an SMG, a pistol or even a sniper rifle, and its handling is quite simple. The same goes for the RAM-7, which is versatile, devastating at close range, and a well-balanced recoil.

The best weapons to get kill / kill ratio in Call of Duty Warzone

The Swiss K31 sniper rifle also has a ratio of 1.05 , as does the RAM-7, although in this case it is a weapon that requires a lot of precision. You will have to apply good sights (Axial Arms 3x and Royal & Kross 4x) to get the most out of it. Share that love for headshots with the AK-74u , of which we leave you its best class to sweep Verdansk.

The VLK Rogue shotgun is another great option to achieve the best ratio, and it is the only one next to the Streetsweeper that manages to stand out in this category. Its 1.06 ratio is life insurance, although its small size and setback may set you back. In the case of the PPSH-41, here you can know its best class , since it is a great competitor for the MP5.

The best weapons to get kill / kill ratio in Call of Duty Warzone

Close to the podium we have the MAC-10 submachine gun , which has ousted the MP5 thanks to its ratio of 1.08 , its balance and its high destructive power at close range. On the other hand we have the AK-47 CW, a great secondary weapon with a larger magazine than the AS VAL and an incredible ratio of 1.13 , although its handling is not easy at all.

The two best weapons for getting a good kill / kill ratio are the Streetsweeper shotgun and the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle . The first does not need an introduction, as it is a real nightmare at close range, thanks to its stability, damage index and 1.20 ratio . And finally, the AMAX is easily the best weapon currently in COD Warzone, with an impressive 1.26 ratio.