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This is how you start and end the Karazhan prequest in WoW Burning Crusade Classic


This is how you start and end the Karazhan prequest in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

In Burning Crusade Classic , Karazhan, one of the coolest raids, is waiting. But how do you unlock the raid? We'll guide you through the pre-quest for Karazhan.

What is the quest necessary for? In order for characters to enter the 10-player Karazhan raid, a long series of quests must be completed. Access to the raid is not possible without this quest. The quest must be repeated for all characters who want to enter Karazhan.

You should plan a few evenings to complete the quest, as several visits to dungeons are required. Plus, this quest line is pretty tricky. Because although it is a pre-quest series, you already need several other pre-quests for further dungeons. The system is quite nested, so it can be confusing.

By the way, you can start the quest during the level phase, because the first step starts at level 68.

The “Attune” add-on can help: If you want it to be extremely simple, you should download the “Attune” add-on from the Curseforge page . The addon shows you all "Attunement" quests for all known content in both Classic and BC Classic. It lists exactly what step you are currently taking and what you still have to do.

If the whole guild uses the add-on, you even get an overview of all your fellow players and can see which companions are just as advanced as you - this makes it easy to find groups that still need to be unlocked.

Prequest for Karazhan - All steps for the raid

For those who prefer to have “something to read”, we have a step-by-step guide that will guide you through all the tasks of the pre-quest.

Where does the quest start? The quest basically starts right before the raid, i.e. in the Deadwind Pass. As an Alliance player, you simply fly from Stormwind to Dark Grove (Dusk Forest) and ride the last bit east from there. Horde players are probably the fastest to take a zeppelin in Orgrimmar to Stranglethorn Valley and fly from there into the Swamps of Misery to ride west.

Talk to Archmage Alturus and accept the two quests "Arcane Disturbances" and "Restless Activity".

Then you go to the cellar vaults, whose entrances you will find in the ruins of the small village around Karazhan. There you will find the necessary quest items with the spirits as well as the small wells.

The quest begins in the Deadwind Pass, right next to Karazhan.

How does the quest continue? In the following we now have a brief overview of the individual steps that are still to come.

Part 2 - After you have submitted the two missions, you will receive the follow-up quest "Dalaran contacts". Travel with it to Alterac Valley and see Archmage Cedric. It's in the far north at the crater of the magical city of Dalaran.

Part 3 - Archmage Cedric gives you the quest "Khadgar", which leads you to the character of the same name in Shattrath. Khadgar is in the center of the Terrace of Light.

We continue a little bit hidden in the north of the Dalaran crater.

Prequest for the shadow labyrinth: To enter the shadow labyrinth , it is sufficient for someone to open the gate for you. However, if you want to have permanent access to the shadow labyrinth yourself, you should lock the "Sethekkhallen" and defeat the claw king Ikiss (the final boss) there. This leaves the key to the shadow labyrinth, with which you can open the gate yourself again and again.

Part 4 - Khadgar gives you the quest "To Karazhan", for which you have to get the first key fragment. The journey takes you into the shadow labyrinth. Complete the dungeon in the south of Auchindoun (Terokkar Forest). Next to the final boss Murmur you will find an "arcane container". Click on it and an enemy will appear. The “guardian of the first part” leaves behind the necessary key fragment.

Prequest to Arcatraz: In order to enter the Arcatraz for the next step, you need a flight mount and at least one player who has the key. The quest series for the key of Arcatraz begins with Netherstalker Khay'ji in Area 52 (Netherstorm) with the mission "Crystal Collection of the Consortium". The quest series is quite extensive, leads you through the whole Netherstorm and then the dungeons "The Mechanar" and "The Botanica". This series of quests alone can easily take up a whole evening.

To get into the Arcatraz, a flight mount is helpful. A sorcerer can also port you.

Part 5 - After you have submitted the quest to Khadgar, you will receive the mission "The second and the third fragment". You have to travel to two dungeons for this.

In the dungeon "The Steam Chamber" in the Zangarmarschen you fight your way up to the first boss water conjurer Thespia. Next to her you will find an "arcane container" which, when clicked, calls the second guardian who leaves the second key fragment.

The third fragment is in the dungeon "The Arcatraz" in the Netherstorm, with the first boss Zereketh the Independent. Open the arcane container, defeat the guardian and take the third key fragment.

The secrets of Medivh await in Karazhan.

Prequest for the black morass: In order for players to enter the black morass, they must all complete the pre-quest. It starts right at the Caves of Time at the NPC "Time Folder". You have to accompany some NPCs who explain the caves of time to you. You will then be sent to the Caves of Time dungeon from the foothills of the hill country. Follow the dungeon quest line and complete it successfully to return to Andormu at the end. This unlocks the quest "The Black Morass", which also grants access to the dungeon.

Part 6 - For the last relevant step "The Touch of the Master" you have to travel to the Caves of Time in Tanaris and visit the Black Morass there. In the dungeon you protect Medivh from the attacks of a dragonflight who want to change the past. Successfully survive the dungeon and speak to Medivh at the end so that he can add his magic to the key.

With the key you can then return to Khadgar in Shattrath. He will then give you the “Master's key” with which you will gain access to Karazhan.

Congratulation! Now you only need 9 brave comrades-in-arms to make the tower of Medivh unsafe together and to rivet down the numerous bosses. After all, for many, Karazhan is one of the best raids of all time.